| Buy Drugs 365 Reviews & Coupons is the domain address of an online drugstore where, of course, you can buy drugs and analyzing the front page of this online pharmacy I would say that they are mostly oriented in selling drugs treating erectile dysfunction condition as they mostly advertise drugs like Viagra and Cialis offering them at discounted prices. The reason for that, I guess, is the fact that the demand for such kind of drugs is elevated, at least more elevated, I guess, compared to other drugs treating other conditions, especially in online pharmacy business. So well, the pharmacy claims to be a Canadian pharmacy which is claiming to have 24/7 customer support service as well as claimable they are in this pharmaceutical business for the last 7 years. The pharmacy offers discounts and highest quality generic drugs with money back guaranteed policy and free pills as a bonus. This all sounds amazing but whether are all of these claims true or not is something I’m going to try to find out later. As until then, I’ve got to analyze more carefully what the pharmacy has to offer  in order to find out if the pharmacy’s services are suitable for each of us or not. If you’re a customer from other country than USA then you can change the language and the currency so it’s going to be much easier to understand it.

The selection of drugs you can find on and what are the prices for them

It is obvious that being interested in an online pharmacy service, most likely it means that you’re interested in discounted prices and that’s why the price is playing an essential role in choosing the pharmacy of choice. Since Viagra generic has a price of $ 0.35 per pill, Cialis generic has a price of $ 0.77 per pill and Levitra generic has a price of $ 1.15 per pill I would say that the pharmacy is worth using. However besides prices there are a lot of things to take in consideration and that’s why it is still too early to make a final conclusion. Besides generics, the pharmacy is also offering brands like: Viagra by Pfizer that is priced with $ 3.92 per pill, Levitra by Bayer that is priced with $ 3.01 per pill and Cialis by Lilly that is priced with $ 4.03 per pill which again, are good prices. This pharmacy seems to sell all sorts of medications (generics and brands) and medications treating other conditions than just erectile dysfunction and to give an example I can say that they have medications treating: pain relief, weight loss, quit smoking, sleep aid, arthritis, allergies and many other human health conditions. I would say that the pharmacy has a very good selection of medications with good prices for them (at least analyzing the prices for erectile dysfunction medications). There’s no need to show this pharmacy that you have a valid prescription from your doctor, just place the order, pay and wait for it to arrive.

Payment method and shipping method Buy Drugs 365

As soon as you enter their website you can see the following: we accept and 3 images suggesting they are accepting visa, master card and bitcoin as a reliable payment method. So you can pay via credit card and bitcoin. However while on the checkout page, you can see that they are also accepting a third credit card which is American express. So there’s a combination of credit cards and bitcoin as a payment method which is good because lots other online pharmacies do not accept anything else than just credit cards. Shipping methods don’t have anything new compared to other online pharmacies: 2 methods including regular and express. Regular has a fee of 15 USD, delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks, and cannot be tracked. Using this option the pharmacy delivers everywhere on the globe. But the second option is faster: 5 to 8 business days to arrive and it can be tracked, however not all countries have this option and plus, it costs more – 25 USD. An extra fee is added for delivery insurance, as an option customers can choose.

Getting in touch with customer support

When an online pharmacy customer has some questions I think that customer support should promptly respond back otherwise I would say that the pharmacy doesn’t really care about the customers and when there’s absolutely any company, pharmacy or anything else offering any types of services who is not caring about the customers – that’s not worth using., as I said in the beginning, claims to have a 24/7 customer support which I truly hope this is true and therefore you’re able to call them whenever you want by the 2 phone numbers provided by the pharmacy: US: +1 800 490 06 18 and EU: +4420 4901 4906. The location of this pharmacy seems to be in Europe in Czech Republic, more exactly in Praha, or at least that’s the location shared on the contact page. If you don’t like talking then email them. You fill the form indicating the email you want to be responded back to and they aim to respond to emails within 48 hours of receipt. You can reach them only by these methods as there is no live chat function or something in this matter.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? discounts, special offers and coupon codes is an online pharmacy that seems to care about their customers’ money by offering them a number of ways to do so. Even though this online pharmacy doesn’t have the coupon codes policy, unfortunately, as I haven’t been able to find it anywhere and nothing that would indicate they have coupon codes – they have other things, like for example, as I said, free pills. They are offering 2 erectile dysfunction pills of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis at your choice and they are offering these 2 free bonus pills regardless of what kind of medications you are ordering and how much of them. Besides 2 free pills, they offer free delivery. Like for example, the regular shipping would be free of charge if order sum is 200 USD or more. The express shipping can be free of charge too but only if the order sum is 300 USD or more. Except for free delivery and free pills they are offering discounts to the pills that you decide to order. However these discounts are only available to people who decide to come back to the pharmacy and order again. People get 5% discount on their second order and they get 7% discount on their third order and further orders. Reviews

I guess everyone already knows how important are customer reviews when we’re talking about an unknown pharmacy that we see it on the first time. That’s why I’ve tried to search to see what do other people say about this pharmacy, however there doesn’t seem to be anyone to say anything about this online pharmacy. Being unable to find a single customer review, I went further searching for what do scam warning websites are going to suggest and the verdict was that this site may not be safe to use. None of those websites had trust in the pharmacy with suggesting that The Real Location of the website is Being Hidden. Not a good combination of things going around this online pharmacy I would say. No customer reviews to prove that this online pharmacy is worth using and actually had pleasant customers but instead it has hidden is real location and because of a number of other things, has no trust from any scam warning engines. I doubt that we, as potential customers, should have trust instead and risk with our hard earned money. Checking the reviews and the scam analyzing sites I’m ready to make my conclusion.


The prices on this online pharmacy might seem tempting exactly as it is the discounts and free bonuses they are offering in case you’re going to be ordering from the pharmacy. However this is all not worth anything if the pharmacy is a fake pharmacy that is not going to send you anything unless how little or how much you try to spend here. And in my opinion it indeed is a fake pharmacy, or at least it seems so by analyzing the independent customer reviews and scam warning sites. And plus to that, the pharmacy has hidden its location. Why would they do it is something that makes me think about it and here’s the answer: So they can disappear any minute if they want to after they would steal enough money from people. Another thing which makes me think this way is that there are no customer reviews, therefore I can’t believe an online pharmacy that seemingly nobody ordered from them. With all of this being mentioned, I say that the pharmacy is worth 2 out of 5 because it is too risky to shop your medications here and I haven’t given it 1 simply because nobody confirmed the fact that they are scammers.

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