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When I’m searching for online pharmacies I’m getting along a lot of different sites, different pharmacies and so on and so forth and among those pharmacies I’m finding those that sell medications in general but there are also pharmacies being oriented in a single type of medications. However, today, I have found an online pharmacy which seems to sell a single type of medication, or at least that’s what it seems by checking its name which is As many people here, I was also wondering what’s Dostinex? But as soon as I have entered their website (which is a user friendly interfaced website) there is the answer: it is the sex drug which is helping those people having issues with it. there is a lot of information about Dostinex on their website so I can assume that any question that you might have about this drug should be answered there. on their site, Dostinex is being compared to other drugs, you can see its medical uses, side effects, and a lot of other information including how it is also known (as Cabaser or Cabergoline). According to the information on their website that I managed to find, they are offering the product cheap, US and worldwide delivery, discreet and genuine. There’s also information on their site with the pharmacy sharing what are the differences between them and other pharmacies including: customer service available 24/7/365, quality medicines (no medications made in India), they claim that what you buy is what you are going to get, mostly brands but even the generics are top quality as they claim and lastly, they are offering quick dispatch. No information on their website suggesting where the pharmacy is being located or for how long it has been operating, unfortunately. Selection of medications and prices for them

I got interested in finding out whether this pharmacy is indeed selling only Dostinex or there are also other products being sold here, especially after I read information saying that they should also have generics. Then I found out that they are offering 3 different dostinex options (all of which are the same but different quantities – 8 tablets, 16 tablets or 24 tablets. And there’s Cabaser with a different dosage (1 mg while Dostinex comes in dosage of 0.5 mg) and different quantity – 20 tablets. Therefore it means that they are only offering cabergoline 0.5 mg and cabergoline 1 mg. other than these they do not offer anything at all. As in terms of prices: 8 tablets – 109 USD, 16 tablets – 199 USD and 24 tablets – 279 USD. Instead of a price for 20 tablets of Cabaser they said – LOW but you need to contact them to find it out. Either are those good prices or not I am not able to comment as I am not familiar with such products and especially their prices. They claim that both these medications require a prescription so you won’t be able to order here unless you have a prescription first as much as it seems. They claim that Dostinex and Cabaser (the only products on site) are trademarks and property of Pharmacia and Upjohn. Shipping and payment methods

I was trying to check if there’s a shipping informational page or a Frequently Asked Questions page but I couldn’t find none of these pages. I have only found information suggesting that they are offering fast US and worldwide delivery as well as 100% secured and guaranteed. Then I tried to go on checkout page and there I found that there are 2 shipping options. However I have noticed their claim suggesting that EMS is currently unavailable so they ask to choose Airmail. EMS costs 50 USD and delivery time is 5 to 12 business days (if it ever going to be available again) and airmail costs 9 USD with delivery times of 8 to 12 business days but it may take up to 28 business days. They are only accepting Visa credit card. Customer Support Service

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be much harder than other online pharmacies and that’s because it has a single option and it is not an option through which you could get live assist: contact form. Other than the contact form, there are no other options available to talk with them. Coupon Codes

Before I clicked on *click here to complete your order* there was a special space left for *discount code* which I could have entered if I had one. Problem is that there’s nowhere the discount code so I am not very sure where to get it. Except for this discount code, as we saw, the more pills you choose to buy – the more the savings. But other than these the pharmacy does not seem to be offering anything else. Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important to take in consideration when we’re going to judge a pharmacy and that’s because the reviews are written by people who already had experience with the pharmacy so without having an personal experience with the pharmacy, we should listen to those who do. The big problem is that there’s nobody, as much as it seems, who does have an experience with the pharmacy. that’s because there is not a single customer review anywhere online. With no customer reviews I decided to check its legitimacy on which said that this site is rogue internet pharmacy. Lastly, said that there is risk purchasing from the pharmacy as it found different problems such as: a malware report has been detected for this website and the owner of the site is trying to hide their identity using a service.


This is a pharmacy selling a single type of medication so you might want to use the pharmacy only if you need that medication. The problem is that even if you do need that medication I still wouldn’t recommend shopping here. There are no customer reviews to confirm that the site is worth using and thinks that it is not worth using due to some problems found. I will rate with 2 out of 5.

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