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There’s an online pharmacy which seems to be oriented in selling a single type of medication which is Clomid, or at least that’s the conclusion I’ve made as soon as I have read the pharmacy’s name which is as soon as I have accessed the website I have seen a well arranged website, I have seen sites with more user friendly interface but the fact that information is well arranged and everything seem to be easy to understand on site that’s very good. I’ve checked their site and they claim that people can order Clomid and save money as they are offering low prices for this product. The pharmacy is also offering world wide shipping as much they claim on the site. For those people wondering what’s clomid and what it is being used for, there is a lot of information right on the main page of the pharmacy about this product. You can check its side effects, uses and many other things. According to the copyright information, has been operating since 2006 which means they have 12 years of experience and if that’s true – it is very good since having trust in an old pharmacy is much easier than a new one. It is also easier to have trust in a pharmacy which shared their exact address (so people could check their headquarters if they wish to), however there is no information suggesting this on the site which means that the pharmacy’s location remains undisclosed. The pharmacy claims that there are 5 different things that makes them different from other pharmacies: their customers service is available 24/7/365 and reply never takes longer than 24 hours, they sell only quality medicines with no cheap and low quality meds, they claim that what you buy is what you actually get, they are mostly having brand drugs but they claim that even generics are best quality and lastly they offer quick dispatch. Selection of medications and prices

Although the site is named there are chances that they are offering multiple types of drugs so I tried to check it out and find what are the drugs sold there. I have seen that they are only offering generic clomid (Klomen) 50 mg and that’s strange as they claimed that they should have had brand Clomid either but there is none. They just claim that their generic clomid (Klomen) is a high quality European standard generics. They offer Klomen 50 mg 30 tablets, 40 tablets or 50 tablets (with prices for: 69 USD, 89 USD and 99 USD consecutively) but the pharmacy claims that the prices used to be 89 USD, 165 USD and 185 USD. I am not very sure if these are indeed good prices or not as I am not familiar with this product. As much as I could find, this is all you can purchase from the site. According to the information on site, you need to have a prescription for ordering that product from this site. Shipping and payment methods

With no FAQ page or shipping information page I have tried to get all the information about shipping from checkout page. The pharmacy claims to offer shipping world wide all around the globe and upon checking out there are 2 shipping options to choose from, however one of them is unavailable. The only available shipping option is Air Mail (usually takes 8 to 12 business days for delivery but it may take up to 28 business days) and it costs 9 USD. Usually has not tracking. The second shipping option (which at the moment is unavailable) is EMS which has a fee of 50 USD and delivery time is 5 to 12 business days and usually has tracking. The pharmacy is only accepting a credit card: VISA. Customer Support Service

As it was earlier mentioned, you are able to get in touch with this pharmacy 24/7/365 and that’s good, however you can do it only via their contact form available on the site or via their email. Other than these non-live methods to get in touch with the pharmacy – there are none. I really appreciate those sites sharing methods that can offer live assist.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Upon checking out on this pharmacy people are able to enter a discount code. However I couldn’t find a discount code anywhere on the site which means that, as much as it seems, you need to write them to get it or to order once as you might get it at re ordering. Except for the coupon code, as I said earlier, the pharmacy claims that there used to be other/ higher prices for the product, as they seem to have a sale. I couldn’t find anything else being offered at this online pharmacy. Reviews

The customer reviews are essential when it comes to judge a pharmacy when you never had a personal experience with the pharmacy. And although I was hoping to find some customer reviews online so I could make a conclusion about the pharmacy based on the reviews – I haven’t found any. No customer reviews is a sign that the pharmacy has no customers at all, or at least I personally doubt that it has any since there’s nobody who wanted to leave a review. I have then checked in order to see what it can help me with and it seems the reason it has no customers is because the pharmacy has no trust. 0% trust rate, the owner of this site is using a service to hide their identity, a malware report has been detected for the site and it does not seem to be a legit pharmacy as it is considered rogue by


I doubt that anything good can happen sending money to an online pharmacy which has 0% trust rate offered by and it is not an legitimate internet pharmacy with no customer reviews online. Because of this I obviously recommend against ordering here as you most likely would get scammed. I therefore rate with 1 out of 5.

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