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Been researching information about reliable online pharmacies when I have come along, the website of the non profit healthcare organization named Bryan Health. According to the information that I have been able to find, this organization has its headquarters located in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States and it has been founded back in 1971, currently it has an approximate number of 3500 employees according to Wikipedia and also there you can find a little bit more information about this company including its history. This company is operating as an acute care hospital, some outpatient clinics as well as a college of Health Sciences and also a physician network and a heart institute. Their hospital is believed to have 672 beds which means that this company can take care of many people simultaneously. I have then checked their site and especially their main page which seemed to have a user friendly interface where you could easily access everything that you need and easily navigate through the site which is very important. With the help of their website, you can find a doctor online, you are also able to get locations and directions, you can check information about patients and visitors like *visiting hours*, *dining and amenities*, *hotel discounts*, *patient portal*, etc. and you can also check on their website: classes and events as well. You also can choose what you want to do on the website such as *take an online health screening*, *make a donation*, *pay my bill*, *find a job* and others. You can also check information for providers and for employees either. Generally, there’s a lot of information that you could access on their website to read such as newsletter, for your health, journeys magazine and others. Bryan Health is about Health in general and there is information that their health system of services and care includes: Bryan medical center, Crete Area Medical Center, Bryan Heart, Bryan Telemedicine, Bryan LifePointe and a lot others. They claim that their award winning network of doctors, hospitals and medical providers are ensuring the highest quality of care and the most advanced and effective treatments for those that they are serving throughout the region. There’s a special page on their website named *awards and recognition* and by going there you’re going to see their claims of what awards they have got. Like for example they shared to have the following: Accredited by the Joint Commission of Health Care Organizations, Gold Seal of Approval; Accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP); Business of the Year Award to Bryan Heart, Lincoln Firefighters Benefit Association and according to the information there, there are a lot much more awards and recognitions. People who are really interested in getting some services from this company they are able to *stay connected* with them by following on the social media platforms as the company has pages on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. So far, this all sounds really really good but there’s still some more information that I would like to check.

Bryan Health Overview

Since this is not a pharmacy but a medical center company I am not able to talk about selection of medications and prices for them exactly as I am not able to talk about shipping methods and payment methods, especially since I doubt that they are offering any kind of shipping at all. Also I doubt they are offering any kind of medications without a supervisor of a professional doctor so I won’t be able to talk about this either. You can only find *care and treatment* page and you can search the according health condition as there seem to be many of them including: heart and vascular, orthopedics, mental health, maternity and many others. However searching for erectile dysfunction you’re not going to be given anything. I can guess that people suffering from this condition need to search for some other companies as this one doesn’t offer any services and I doubt it offers any medications. By choosing any of those health conditions you’re not going to be given a price list but more information. With this being said, I was not able to find a single price mentioned so I obviously cannot comment here. Customer Support Service

People may want to ask many questions before actually purchasing something or resorting to the company’s services so customer support is important. Getting in touch with them via social media pages I guess is something that you can do, pretty much as you may go to their exact address in person in Lincoln, NE or writing a mail to that address. But people are also able to use the contact form online or to give them a phone call to talk with the customer support. Coupon Codes

Something that was not a strange thing for me to see is the fact that this company does not offer any coupon codes and in fact, it seems they are not offering anything at all. That is not a strange thing taking in consideration they are not having any prices listed on the site. Reviews

This company does seem to have some customer reviews online on independent websites but most of them are on facebook. It seems that there are a lot of people who are happy with this hospital’s services and that’s very important. According to all customer reviews’ rate, the average rate is anywhere like 4 out of 5 and with this being said, most people are happy with the company while there are still who are not complaining on some things such as: delays, rude staff, incompetent doctors and others, but it still seems that most people are happy. Another sad news is that according to yelp, the average ER wait time is 40 minutes which is too much and doctor communication is worse than average.


As much as it seems, this is a fairly good medical center but it is not perfect and that’s why I would still recommend people to keep on searching further for something better. In the end, my rate would be 4 out of 5 because that’s the average rate of customer reviews and because of the negative information I found on yelp.

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