/ Briova RX Reviews & Coupons is the site of the company that I am about to review today. This website is a part of OptumRx group and this is a leading healthcare company that it is currently serving more than 65 million US customers. BriovaRx it is a patient centric specialty pharmacy. They claim to give patients the opportunity to have a real time, face to face video consult with an expert BriovaRx clinician. Also according to the information I found on their website, with the website of BriovaRx, their pateints are easily able to access their personalized information as well as self service engagement tools they need to help keep them on track with their medications and on the road to better health. According to the accreditation seals that I have found on their website, this pharmacy is ACHC accredited, URAC accredited as well as VIPPS accredited either. The services of this pharmacy are available in 12 different states of US and generally, they are a pharmacy specialty for chronic and complex health condition having different medications for Hepatitis C, Organ Transplant, Cancer, Asthma and some other health conditions. The patients of this pharmacy are able to order the medications that they need through their online website or via phone call. This pharmacy claims to be operating for the last 15 years and they claim that they made it sure that every patient is getting expert and personalized support need.

Selection of medications and prices on

As I have said it earlier, this pharmacy is oriented in helping long term sufferers meaning that there are no medications for erectile dysfunction or such conditions. They have medications for cancer, cystic fibrosis, growth hormone, allergic asthma, Crohn’s disease, infertility, Hepatitis C, HIV and such. You need to choose the condition that you need but by choosing the condition you’re not given the list of medications but you’re give more information about that condition in particular and you’re being given the phone number that you need to call if you want more information. So, due to the fact that there is no list of medications on the website, there are no prices either so I can’t comment on them. One sure thing is that this online pharmacy requires a prescription which you can get at your doctor or you can start a video consultation online, as I said it earlier, with a Briovarx physician and they might write your prescription.

Shipping and payment methods

According to the information that I could find on their FAQ page, they are shipping medications with overnight carriers such as UPS but I am not sure if they are shipping medications to all states of USA. They do not ship abroad USA and according to FAQ information, there is no cost for shipping or handling. They would make sure that refrigerated medications would be packed and shipped accordingly. No information about tracking but usually, overnight shipping doesn’t require tracking. In regards to the payment options, the information on the same page suggests that they are accepting: check by phone, money orders as well as the most major credit cards such as VISA, Master card, American Express and Discover.

Customer Care Department

Each location of BriovaRx has their own customer service hours and you can find that information on their FAQ page either. Each location has their own phone number either and if you want to get in touch with them then you can give them a phone number according to what you need as there are different phone numbers. In addition to that, there are also different emails too for different needs. Except for emails and phone numbers you cannot get in touch with them in any other methods as there is no live chat function, unfortunately.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

I doubt that if a pharmacy would have coupon codes or discount they wouldn’t make sure that everyone sees it and that’s why I doubt that BriovaRx pharmacy is currently offering coupon codes or discounts to their patients since I haven’t seen any. You might use their phone numbers to confirm this if you’re interested but registration and signing in to the account on their website is for free exactly as it is the shipping – the only thing that saves you some money. Reviews is run by OptumRx as I have already mentioned earlier and by searching for customer reviews about I haven’t found many of them as there were only a few, however there were a lot of customer reviews about its parent organization OptumRx. Nevertheless, I still focused on BriovaRx pharmacy mostly. I found 2 customer reviews on (Better Business Bureau) and both of them, unfortunately, were negative. And also according to BBB they are not an accredited business. What’s worse is that I found 18 more reviews about Briovarx on and it had a rate of 1 out of 5 according to all 18 reviews meaning that every single patient rated it with 1. To be honest, I even got a little bit disappointed to see that there is not a single positive customer review about online and there are 20 negative customer reviews. I still wanted to see what would and would tell me and I found that both of them were having full trust in this pharmacy with saying that it is approved. Domain age is more than 5 years and seemingly it has lots of visitors.


BriovaRx is a pharmacy which is dealing with chronic conditions and they are providing free shipping of medications to people who need them and plus to that this is a big pharmacy with many locations all across the USA. The website of this pharmacy has good features and good design, they are having accreditations and it is a fully licensed and approved pharmacy in USA. All of this seems perfect but when analyzing the pharmacy a bit more we found that the customers weren’t as happy meaning that BriovaRx fails to make their patients happy and for this reason I am going to rate BriovaRx with 2 out of 5 despite it being a fully approved and licensed pharmacy.

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