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There’s an online pharmacy that seem to operate from Europe and its domain address is BrandMedicines  and as the name of this website suggests, they are only selling brand medications. They do not sell medication manufactured in anywhere in Africa or Asia and by saying this, they are suggesting that all their medications poses no risk and they are of the best quality. They guarantee that they have the lowest prices and that each customer’s satisfaction is their main goal. Whether is all of this true or not I am about to find out and share what I’ve got in this review. The website itself seem to be easy to use, its speed seem to be normal but on moments it seems to work quite slow which is a problem. You can also create an account and log in (which you must do, otherwise you won’t be able to shop here). Their website doesn’t support any other languages than English but they do have other currencies you can choose from besides USD.

BrandMedicines drug selection

As I said it earlier and plus the information on their site makes it clear that they are delivering ONLY exclusively brand medication. For someone looking to save some money by purchasing generics – they would need to search for another online pharmacy. Their drugs are being categorized by health condition and they have medications which can treat allergies, cancer, glaucoma, headaches, anti depressants, pain relief, birth control and many, many other conditions are being listed. With each category of drugs there’s a number which shows the number of drugs they have for each category of drugs. Since I’m interested in men’s health (ED medications) that’s what I’ve been searching for (there are 30 medications as the number next to men’s health drug category suggests). They do have Cialis, Viagra and Levitra as well as some other medications that can treat ED. To my opinion, drug selection is vast and is enough and with that being said, I checked their prices.

BrandMedicines Drug prices

I was a little bit disappointed by their drug prices and that’s because they are quite higher than I expected. That’s because the price for 4 tablets of Viagra 100 mg, per pill is 17.15 USD. If you purchase more tablets (24 tablets) in lowest dosage 25 mg – you won’t pay much less per pill – 12.78 USD. These are prices for Viagra by Pfizer but they also have Viagra by Teva manufacturer and the prices are lower. But I am comparing the prices for Viagra by Pfizer with other online pharmacies and the prices are quite expensive. Same situation is with Levitra and Cialis because per example Cialis 20 mg by Eli Lilly 4 tablets that’s 21.58 USD per tablet. I did have come along online pharmacies having higher prices, but these are still quite expensive prices so I was a bit disappointed.

BrandMedicines Customer support service

This is an online pharmacy that doesn’t seem to care too much about their customers and that’s because the only way to contact them is to write an email by contact form or by email which is literally the same. There is no online live chat function which for me is the best customer support service and there’s no phone number listed. Plus they mentioned that you should allow them up to 48 hours for getting a reply. So if you need an urgent response to whatever the question you might have – that’s not their problem. Contacting them can be a real struggle and generally their customer support service seem to be very poor

BrandMedicines Payment options

At very least they don’t have only one payment option as they are accepting Pay Pal, Money Gram, Visa, Master Card as well as American Express. It seems that they accept everything just to make you pay.

BrandMedicines Shipping policy

They have only one shipping option which is for free. All their shipping, regardless of the order amount is for free. That’s Registered Priority Mail and you are also getting a facility of tracking meaning that you can keep track of your parcel. The delivery time is anywhere between 7 to 10 business days, however in case you won’t get your parcel within 20 days then they promise to give you a full refund or a reshipment. Also they have 14 days money back guarantee option in which you need to resend back the products within 14 days.

BrandMedicines Prescription requirements

They do require a valid prescription from a licensed doctor for some of their products, mostly depending on what product you’re willing to purchase and what’s your country’s laws.

BrandMedicines Bonuses, special offers, or coupon codes?

When a site won’t give you the opportunity to contact them and when a site has big prices, there are low expectations that it would have any special offers for you. And I was right. Besides free shipping (which I think that it is free because of those expensive prices) there are no bonuses, no special offers and no need to mention about coupon codes. Their marketing strategy seems to be very poor, pretty much as their customer support service and that’s sad because these 2 are essential when it comes to new customers and to keep the old ones.

Is BrandMedicines a Legit or Scam Pharmacy?

According to BrandMedicines is a rogue pharmacy:

BrandMedicines Reviews

What surprised me about this website is that around 70% or so of all the customer feedback was positive. It wasn’t a shock for me to see those negative reviews, however it was a pretty good shock for me to see that most of them were positive. Like for example there’s a reviewer saying that he had already 4 experiences (4 orders) and all of them were without any issues. But even this person said that they might not be the best prices (which they surely are not) however he is still a happy customer that will continue to use them. But the trustworthiness in regards to this site is pretty low as other scam-advisor websites suggests.

What’s the conclusion?

I say that this online pharmacy deserves a 4 out of 5 and that’s only because of the positive reviews. It lacks marketing strategies, it has big prices and it lacks a customer support service. Nevertheless most people seem to be happy with the pharmacy and that’s why I can’t say that this online pharmacy is not worth anything. I can’t recommend to order here, and I think there are better options.

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