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There’s a pharmacy which seem to be quite popular but I haven’t reviewed it as of yet, the domain address you can find it is BM Pharmacy and claimable it is a global online pharmacy that has had its birth 15 years ago back in 2002. BM Pharmacy claims to sell the best generic and brand name drugs to absolutely everybody all around the world at the best prices that you can find. The pharmacy seem to be best known for its erectile dysfunction mediations and I got this conclusion but its front page where I’ve been given a list of ED medications such as Viagra, Cialis etc. This Pharmacy claims to be providing the best online pharmacy experience to their global client base. Whether is that true or not I’m going to try to find it out in this review.

What’s the drug selection?

As I just mentioned, this BM pharmacy seem to be best known for its ED drugs selection, however there’s a categories list of drugs on the left of their page which suggests that they are selling drugs for all sorts and types of health problems. Starting with mental disorders, HIV, Diabetes, Skin care, Obesity and a lot others. Their drug selection suggests that they have drugs for whatever health condition you have so regardless of what you’re suffering from – this online pharmacy promises to find a drug for it. But to my attention got the erectile dysfunction drugs and searching for the keywords: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra I come to the conclusion that they surely doesn’t lack any medication as they have lots of types of pills for each of them, brand generic, sublingual, packs etc. etc. No questions at all in regards to their drug selection – is very vast and good.

BM Pharmacy Drug prices

As I said, my to my attention got ED drugs and those are drugs that I am going to comment about in regards to the prices either. No questions in regards to the drug prices either to be honest as I was satisfied. Like for example the lowest price for generic Cialis 10 mg per pill is 1.31 USD. Compared to the lowest price that I have ever purchase Cialis 10 mg per pill of 1.28 USD, that’s a really good price. but these are the prices if you’re purchasing big packs of medications. They won’t sell you Cialis at 1.31 USD if you purchase only a few pills. But the same applies to all online pharmacies. Generic Viagra isn’t as good because the lowest price for 25 mg of generic Viagra I have ever purchased was 0.65 USD, here the prices for 25 mg of generic Viagra is 0.81 USD. But that’s still a very good price if you ask me. So the drug prices are really good, there’s nothing to complain about IMO. At least this applies to erectile dysfunction drugs.

Does the BM Pharmacy require a prescription?

Yes it does. On the FAQ page you can see them saying that there are some products available in their drugstore that does require their customers to have a valid prescription. It depends on where you are living and on the certain drug you are interested in. Like for example, Cialis and Viagra does require a prescription in USA. The pharmacy says that the valid prescription should be submitted by email or fax.

BM Pharmacy Customer support has a live chat support option and that’s amazing because that’s my favorite function of contacting their support personnel. Plus to that you can still contact them by submitting a form which they promise to contact you back by email as soon as possible. They claim that their support works 24/7/365 and promising that their customers would always get a prompt reply. If you want a quicker reply you can call also call them: Phone:+1 (646) 205 29 37; UK Phone: +44 (203) 011 02 98 or Toll free (for US only): +1 (866) 417 5821. Haven’t contacted them myself since I didn’t had any questions, but they seem to have enough ways of reaching them if you have questions or something.

BM Pharmacy Payment options

There are 2 payment options: cryptocurrency by bitcoin and bank card. since there hasn’t been specified which bank card my guess would be that they are accepting any given bank card where you just need to fill the card details. Since you can pay with ANY bank card and also bitcoin (my preferred way of paying) it seems to me that their payment options doesn’t lack anything either!

BM Pharmacy Shipping details is having 2 shipping method as their site implies: standard airmail service which the online pharmacy claims that the delivery time is anywhere between 14 and 21 days and it doesn’t have a tracking number. The best part is that this standard airmail service doesn’t require any fees regardless of your order amount. This is amazing because if you don’t hurry you are getting your medications without paying for shipment. They also are saying that they would make reshipments in case you do not get your order in 21 – 28 days (saying that delivery times are varying a lot based on the countries). However in case you are in a hurry then you can pay out of pocket for trackable service. Their second shipping option. Besides the fact that you are getting a tracking, they claim that you will get your order in 5 to 9 days. However this option is really expensive. On my random order of 230 USD, they charge 60 USD more for trackable service. I wonder if trackable service fees depends on the order USD amount.

BM Pharmacy Discounts and coupons

Besides the fact that offers free shipping to absolutely everybody regardless of where you live or how big or small your order is, they also have discounts for loyal customers. 5 % from your second order and the discount raises by 1% until you reach your fifth order. From the fifth order on their site forward you get 8% discounts on all their products. Unfortunately they do not have coupons policy which I personally would miss being a loyal customer. Not sure if that’s something only at the moment or they would never have the coupons.

BM Pharmacy reviews

This seem to be quite popular as I have already said it earlier. There are quite a lot of customer reviews but the problem is that all those reviews are just so different. Lots of positive feedback saying that they are loyal to this online pharmacy and that they are using this pharmacy for some years now. but I’ve also seen people saying that they have got charged out of their cards more than they should be. others were complaining on their medications quality and some other were complaining on the delivery times. In short, the bm pharmacy seem to have happy customers, but they have also disappointed some people either.

Is BM Pharmacy scam or legit?

My vote would be that this is not a scam site, it should be legit, that’s based on the number of positive feedback this site had. A scam site wouldn’t have such a number of positive feedback, however this doesn’t mean that you’re 100% safe with it. maybe on occasions, BM pharmacy gets greedier and some people end being disappointed. That’s why I would say that it is legit, but it is not risk free.

So my final conclusion seem to have good prices, a big variety of drugs, it doesn’t seem to lack in customer support, good shipping world wide, has discounts and offers to attract customers and has loyal customers. These are all good signs. But there are still some flaws and one big minus is that lots of people were unhappy with it. that’s why in my opinion is worth 4 out of 5.

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