/ Blue Sky Drugs Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which is going to be reviewed today in hopes that I would find a reliable online pharmacy. So well, checking the front page of this online pharmacy I have found such accreditations as CIPA, IPABC and this makes me think that this is a Canadian online pharmacy. Then later, I have found out their exact address and yes, it is in Canada, British Columbia. Also, according to their copyright information which says: *2008-2017 Blue Sky Drugs. All Right Reserved* this makes me think that the pharmacy has 9 years on the market. So this is a Canadian pharmacy which has started to operate in 2008. Except for CIPA and IPABC accreditations the pharmacy also claims to have 5 stars on I have then went on to see if the information that is an active CIPA member and indeed, says that it is their member. That’s really good but this doesn’t mean that the pharmacy is perfect. The pharmacy claims to provide to their customers low cost options for medications they require to manage their health. The website is featuring user friendly design and options. With this being said, I had to go further checking more about the pharmacy but here I had a little bit of problems due to the fact that the website’s speed seems to be really low.

Selection of drugs and prices on

Unlike many other online pharmacies, their drugs are not being categorized by health condition those drugs can treat and generally there’s nowhere a list of drugs. The only way you can search for your drugs is by using the search function. Well, I searched for the drugs that I’m interested in: erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. But then later, on the bottom of their website, I have managed to find a page *generic prescription drugs* and there you can see a list of top 100 generic drugs. Checking their Viagra medications, there seems to be a lot of forms, strengths, and types of it. They have Viagra brand, Viagra generic, different doses and Viagra from different countries. The generic Indian Viagra of 50 mg per tablet, 88 tablets, would cost you 125 USD and to be honest that’s a pretty big price. It is obvious that the prices for Viagra by Pfizer are even higher and if purchasing Viagra products from other countries than India or smaller quantities, price gets even higher. This online pharmacy won’t send you any medications that require a prescription without their customers to show a valid prescription for those medications.

Shipping and payment options on

Going to the checkout page is impossible without creating an account and logging in, so I searched for information on FAQ page where I found the following: shipping charge is a single flat rate of 10 USD with delivery time of anywhere between 10 to 18 business days. They are also accepting international orders, but the shipping rate would be 25 USD. They are offering a single shipping option: regular ground shipping. As for the payment methods, it is strange they do not accept any credit cards, as a viable payment method they accept: Personal Checks and International Money Orders only.

Customer Support

If you want to talk with their customer support then you’re able to do so by calling on their toll free number which you can see as soon as you enter the website. However make sure that you call them in their working hours. Except calling them you can also use their fax number or their mailing address which, as I said, is in British Columbia Canada. Except for all of these, one last method that you can talk with them is by email: [email protected]

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes

I have been trying to find for coupon codes that might make you save some money if you decide to make an order with this online pharmacy, however I didn’t found absolutely any coupon codes but besides coupon codes, I haven’t found absolutely anything that might make you save some money. There were no discounts, no free pills or free shipping offered to big orders, in short, there wasn’t anything that might help you in saving money from this pharmacy. I honestly think that such pharmacies don’t really care about their customers, and that’s especially taking in consideration they have pretty high prices. Customer Reviews

I have found some customer reviews on foreign websites and although they were not very much, most of them seemed to be mostly positive. However, there were negative reviews as well. There are people saying that they are using this pharmacy for some years to get their prescription medicines and in their opinion, those medications are authentic and worth using. However there are people who said that the prices are really high and when they asked for price match, they didn’t honor it. on trust pilot, although it has only a single review and although it is 5 out of 5 rating (of that review), the overall rating is still not perfect meaning there were unhappy people as well with its services. Then I checked its legitimacy on and they said it is a ROGUE internet pharmacy. scamner gave it a trust rate of 5% only with giving it 51% which is still low, but the problem was: *The Real Location Is Being Hidden* so the pharmacy don’t want anyone to know their real location. In addition to this: *A Malware report has been detected for this website* so this is all not very good.


This online pharmacy has its good sides such as good customer reviews, an active member of CIPA and IPABC but it is easily seen that it has more negative sides like: malware report form the website, hidden real location, high prices compared to other online pharmacies, no discounts or free pills or coupon codes and lastly, some customers who were unhappy with their services. Because of all I just mentioned I rate with 2 out of 5.

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