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By continuing to do my research for an reliable online pharmacy which might offer good prices for medications I have come along and online pharmacy which claims to be Canadian or at least that’s the first words you would see when you’re going to enter the main page of this online pharmacy: Canadian Drug Store. If you’re going to look around their main page you’re going to find few other things such as the fact they claim to have great sale as they have best price for pills. In addition to that they claim to accept as payment methods visa and master card. They claim to have 24/7 customer support service and by analyzing the website more you can see they are offering different languages and currency changes meaning that the website can support multiple languages and currencies making it much easier to navigate and understand the website’s offers for foreign customers. This is all very good. The website itself is very well made, user friendly interface and everything is understandable. Going on the about us page I could find out their claim that they are in the business for more than 3 years and so they are one of the leading internet drugstores. Unfortunately, I often met online pharmacies which only claim to be leading pharmacies and nothing more but we would check this out. I couldn’t find out the exact address, so I can only assume that it is anywhere in Canada. They claim that customer satisfaction is their main goal and they are working hard to achieve it. Hopefully that’s true.

Selection of medications and prices for them

There are 3 different methods that you can use in order to search for the medications needed. You can use the first letter of the drug in order to find the one that you need, you can also use the search function in order to find the drugs that you need by entering the keyword of the drug and lastly, searching via health condition as their drugs are categorized in the health conditions which their drugs can treat. Checking the big number of categories of different types I can assume that selection of drugs is really wide with lots of medications such as: migraines, men’s health, thyroid, weight loss, HIV, eye care and many many other types. So assumingly there shouldn’t be any problems with selection of drugs. Checking erectile dysfunction drugs there are also a lot of them with both brands and generic. There are Cialis, Levitra and Viagra as well as other less known such as avana, caverta, eriacta and others. To give example of prices I checked Viagra generic 50 mg and I can say that 90 quantity of these pills would cost you 137 USD and that’s 1.52 USD per pill, honestly talking that’s not such a good price compared to other online pharmacies. This online pharmacy does require a valid prescription from people who are ordering prescription medications.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims to offer world wide shipping to all countries and plus to that, they are offering 2 shipping methods: airmail and EMS. The standard airmail has a delivery time of 14 to 21 days of delivery while EMS 5 to 9 days delivery time. The online tracking is not available for Airmail but it is available for EMS. 10 USD is the fee for airmail shipping option and 30 USD is the fee for EMS shipping option. As I said in the beginning of my post, they claim to accept VISA and Master Card and unfortunately that’s it, there are no other payment methods.

Customer Support Department

I have also mentioned in the beginning of my review the fact that this online pharmacy claims to have 24/7 customer support service so you can contact them by using the phone numbers: there’s an US phone number and an UK phone number which you can dial and get in touch with them. On contact page there’s only contact form which you can use so it seems that these are pretty much the only methods. No live chat function or anything in this matter.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Upon checking out there’s a space left for *coupon code* which you can apply and get discounts, I assume. However there’s nowhere on their website or online a coupon code, or at least I couldn’t find one. On their main page there’s the claim of a special offer: -10 % from any other online pharmacy price. There’s another claim they offer free bonus erectile pills. One last claim is that they are offering free delivery for every order with regular delivery method, nevertheless, on my checkout cart, I had the regular delivery method fee: 10 USD and I had to pay 5 extra USD for shipping insurance. Seemingly there are mostly only claims and nothing more. Reviews

Except for the testimonials on their website I couldn’t find absolutely any customer reviews anywhere online about this pharmacy, in fact, I couldn’t find anything at all about this pharmacy, not even a single mention. I checked the reviews on their own website and they seem very familiar and that’s why, there’s like a 95% probability they are fake/ copied and posted on the website. I checked what does scam adviser says and I found lots of alarming things: it has 0% trust rate because their email address is a free one, a high number of suspicious websites on the server, website may be related to a number of high risk sites, the website is involved in a high risk country: Russia and what alarmed me even more, the domain age is less than 2 months! That’s a brand new pharmacy and it is hard for me having trust in such pharmacy.


It seems this online pharmacy is claiming something but they don’t keep their promise (like free shipping), they are operating from high risk country, website is less than 2 months and there are a big number of other risks including no customer reviews. As much as we can see, there’s nothing to have trust in it but there are lots of reasons to avoid it. Due to high risk of being a scam – 1 out of 5 is my rate.

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