| Blink Health Reviews & Coupons / Blink Health Reviews & CouponsSearching for a reliable online pharmacy with good prices for quality medications, as I usually say, can be very hard and by trying to for a good while now to search for them does seems to be like a hard task. The main reason why it is worth searching for online pharmacies is because, generally, they are offering medications at much affordable prices than those in your local pharmacy. And by doing my research I found a website with domain address, a website which claims to be a new way for all Americans to save on their prescriptions – saving money on prescription medications is always a good idea. They claim that with their proprietary technology, everyone now has access to one, low negotiated price on over 15,000 medications. They claim that you can simply pay online before you pick up at your pharmacy to save up to 95%. Plus to that, they claim that it doesn’t matter if you are insured, uninsured or something in between they still are offering some of the lowest prices on all the medications. They claim to work with over 40,000 pharmacies nationwide meaning that you can find medications at low prices nearly everywhere. The website suggests they customers to register and to login to their account as that is free to do – no membership fees, it is free to use. This company claims that it is very easy to use their services in 3 easy steps – you can search for your prescription, you pay for it online or in the app (they are also offering mobile application) and then you just go and pick it up at your pharmacy and this way you save money. The company claims to have social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, there is no information for how long this company has been in business or where their headquarters is located. In terms of their website it seems to be a user friendly designed website where everything is easy to use and navigate through it.

Selection of medications and prices for them

As much as it seems, there isn’t any kind of drug categories where you can find the medication that you need. Instead they are offering, as I mentioned earlier, to find the medication that you need by search box viasearch function. As I said, the selection of medications seems to be really wide with their claim to have over 15,000 of medications. By using search function I searched for Viagra and I’ve seen that the price for generic Viagra is 39.98 USD for 1 tablet of 50 mg. although this company claims to find the lowest prices possible, this is an extremely high price for medication. You cannot get the prescription medications even by using this company’s services if you don’t have a prescription available.

Shipping and payment methods

This company doesn’t seem to have a pharmacy but a *prescription medication price finder* and for this reason they do not have shipping options as you need to pick up your medications at your pharmacy, as I mentioned earlier. If they offer shipping – I couldn’t find such information. As I also said, you need to pay via but they have not mentioned what kind of payment methods they accept.

Customer Support Department

It is very important to have a good customer support department as I think that there might be lots of people having lots of different questions. Blink Health does offer their customers different methods of getting in touch with them and they include: talking with them via phone
number which you can call, you can also use their email support where you can submit a form and they claim to respond you back as soon as possible back in your email and lastly, they also seem to have online live chat function available where you talk with them online on their website. Coupon Codes

I was searching for anything which can make you save some money but since this company promises to find you the best prices for medications that can be lower up to 95% than those you find this company doesn’t offer anything. I think this is because of this claim. All I can mention here that this company claims to be offering is: no membership fees, one low price at over 40,000 pharmacies, and $ 5 off your first purchase. These seems to be all the offers I could find. Reviews

Whether is this company offering such good prices and services as they claim or not – customer reviews would help us determine. In fact, I was already able to determine that they do not actually offer such great prices for medications, or at least not for Viagra where the price is extremely high compared to online pharmacies. And so I searching for customer reviews reading what do they think about this company I did have found some good customer reviews with people claiming that they did have found medications at indeed discounted prices with the help of Blink Health, however there are other kind of reviews with people saying that they used to pay a price for a medication and when checked that medication at Blink Health it was more than 10 times more expensive. People calling Blink Health a scam. However there’s an even bigger problem, on rip off report website there’s a person who wrote a review saying that they can rip you off by the following way as he did: he paid with blink health, went to the pharmacy and the pharmacists told him that they are not affiliated with blink health and told him that he has been rip off. Now there’s no way for him to get his money back and no medications.


There does seems to be some people who said that they have saved big money by using this company, however as we can see, there are also people who said that they have lost money by using this company. And while it might indeed offer you discounts for medications, some meds are having extremely high prices here. Because of all of this, I rate with 3 out of 5 saying that it can be only of a very little help and only for a limited number of people.

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