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Searching for reliable online pharmacies I’m mostly searching for erectile dysfunction medications, nevertheless, I’m finding a lot of pharmacies focused in selling different medications for different needs and health conditions. Like for example, the pharmacy that I have found today is and as much as we can see from its name, that’s a pharmacy oriented in selling birth control products and I will check if this pharmacy is selling other types of medications as well or not. I have accessed main page and I noticed a well done website, user friendly and generally a site that looks good, with well arranged information on the site. People are able to register an account and access their accounts on the site. According to the information on the site, the pharmacy is offering great birth control prices and there are a few points in *what do we have to offer?* and there are: excellent brand name birth control prices; your health profile is reviewed by their nurses and pharmacy technicians; informative, up to date, birth control statistics; they guarantee quality and safety on all birth control that people would order, all prescriptions are being dispensed by licensed pharmacists and lastly, a wide range of effective and reliable birth control types. The pharmacy claims that their site is GeoTrust verified and McAfee secured meaning that it is safe to purchase drugs here. But what’s more important is that the pharmacy claims to be approved, IPABC approved and CIPA approved pharmacy. I checked if that’s true on official website where I found out that indeed, birthcontrolbuzz is an active CIPA member which is very good, although that doesn’t make it perfect. I was not able to find information suggesting for how long they were online, but I did found information suggesting that this pharmacy is located in Canada, Surrey, BC with an exact address offered. Selection of medications and prices

As I said earlier, this pharmacy is oriented in selling birth control products which is obvious by their name. But I have checked if they are offering other types of products as well or not. According to the information on their website, they do not have categories of medications as they have shared the products they are offering directly meaning that there are no other types of products than products for birth control. And there are the following products: birth control pills (including many forms), depo-provera; implanon, nuvaring; ortho evra; mirena IUD; IUD; Plan B. These seems to be all the drugs you can find here. the pharmacy claimed to offer a wide selection of drugs and maybe, if talking only about birth control products, that’s indeed a wide product range, not sure, if taking in consideration their many forms of birth control pills. can’t comment on prices, however I can give example of a birth control pills named Alesse 21 days (20/100 mcg) 3 packs would cost 58 USD. Not sure if that’s indeed a good price or not. The pharmacy makes it clear that the prescription is required to order medications here, without a valid prescription you cannot order here. Shipping and payment methods

There’s a FAQ page on their website suggesting that this online pharmacy is not shipping internationally, they do not ship anywhere outside the USA meaning that although they are a Canadian Pharmacy, only people in USA can order here. I couldn’t find information suggesting that they offer multiple shipping options meaning that people can order only via registered airmail which has a price of 10 USD. Cold pack items are 16 USD. Unfortunately, there’s no information about tracking so not sure if they offer it and there’s no information about shipping times either. According to the information on the site, accepts Personal Checks, E-checks, International money orders, and bank certified cheques. Customer Support Service

There seem to be several ways available to customers who want to get in touch with this online pharmacy and according to the information on their website they include: via mailing address, via fax or phone numbers, via their contact form on the site or also they are offering emails. Sadly, they do not seem to offer live chat function but there are social media pages which I am not sure if they can be used as such. All in all, that’s fairly good.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything in this matter on their website. I mean, I couldn’t find coupon codes being offered on their website, I couldn’t find free shipping being offered, free bonus pills or anything in this matter. They just claim that the prices are very good on the site (something I can’t agree or disagree with) so maybe they think this is enough. Reviews

There’s a very limited number of customer reviews about this online pharmacy, unfortunately, and even worse is the fact that most of those little customer reviews available about this pharmacy are negative. Although this online pharmacy does seem to be a IPABC, CIPA and approved pharmacy, they are having mostly negative customer reviews which is really sad and plus to that, according to, using this pharmacy would most likely end up being a negative experience. It has 0% trust rate so they claim that this site may not be safe to use. They claim that the site has been reported as being untrustworthy and has been given a low reliability rating by other websites. Even the owner of the pharmacy tries to hide their identity. Plus, the site has been listed as a unapproved pharmacy by meaning that it has not met all the requires criteria to become an legit internet pharmacy.

Conclusion might be a CIPA and IPABC approved pharmacy but as I said it earlier in my review, this doesn’t make this pharmacy perfect. There are many other things to take in consideration: like for example the fact they do not offer any coupon codes, they have few and negative customer reviews and it has not trust from and not legitimate pharmacy according to I rate it with 2 stars out of maximum 5 stars.

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