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Online pharmacies can be hard to find sometimes and it is even harder to find reliable online pharmacies, that’s why I keep on doing my research for pharmacies and by using different keywords, pages etc. etc. I have found another pharmacy named The name is Bio Plus and they claim to be a Specialty Pharmacy where they are offering different services for prescribers, patients, physicians and so on. Bio Plus Specialty Pharmacy claims that they have started to work 25 years ago and it is based in the USA. According to the information I found on their user friendly designed website, they are offering specialty medication and medical supplies all across the USA (offering home delivery) and they claim to do it all in the affordable and economically-friendly way. According to the information on their website, they are following different things and just to give example I can mention a few being: financial and co-pay assistance, comprehensive benefit investigations, educations and training, timely updates on patient status, an easy referral and reimbursement experience and other things either. On their website you can find a lot of different information and they claim that Bio Plus is the place *where healing begins in just 2 hours*! Other extremely important things to mention here is that this pharmacy claims to have different accreditations which includes: SPARQ certified, VIPPS certified, URAC accredited, ACHC accredited and lastly having an accreditation from NASP too! All of this sounds really good and in case this is all true it means that the pharmacy is 100% reliable and legitimate as scam pharmacies cannot get such accreditations. The pharmacy’s headquarters exact address has been listed on their website being located in Altamonte Springs, FL. This all sounds very good but as I earlier said, you can check a lot much more information on their site for those who are interested or following them on the social media pages to check the pharmacy’s activity and updates. Selection of medications and prices

According to the information on the site, the pharmacy is selling a lot of different prescription drugs but they are mostly focused on specialty for rare and chronic conditions, therefore selling medical products and supplies for health conditions such as: dermatology, Hemophilia, Hepatitis C, HIV, Oncology, Psoriasis and many others as well. Sad news is that there is not a list of medications or a price list being mentioned on the website so I doubt I can comment on any of these points. All I can be sure is that to order medications on this online pharmacy you can do on their site, by email or by toll free phone number where professional people would process your order. Ordering here can be done only showing a valid prescription as they would send the needed products according to the prescription you would show and I guess that’s why there is not a list of medications or prices on the site. Shipping and payment methods

I have found out information on the website suggesting that the pharmacy is covering the home delivery costs but I doubt that they are also covering the costs for express delivery which I only assume is available as there’s no information confirming this. in fact, I can only be sure that they do not ship medications outside the USA (not even sure if they ship products to all addresses in USA). No other information is being offered like what is the shipping fee, what are the payment methods and so on and so forth. I just assume, again, that they are accepting payment via credit and debit cards and there’s information suggesting that they are accepting insurance plans as well. Customer Support Service

No information about shipping methods or what are the drugs’ availability is a concern that needs to be addressed to customer support time. Therefore the pharmacy claims: they know that patients have questions and that’s why their experts are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is very good. you can talk with them via their phone number by calling and getting live assist, fax number (I can assume for prescriptions), email available or contact form on their contact page. You can also write them at their address or even paying them a visit as well. they have social media pages too.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I am not very sure what’s the reason why this pharmacy does not offer their customers any coupon codes or special offers but one thing is for sure – they do not have any being mentioned on the site and this makes me think that they indeed do not have any. With no coupon codes I do understand those people passing by this pharmacy as saving money while purchasing medications is essential for everyone as much as I know. Reviews

There seem to be only very few reviews being available about this online pharmacy and that’s not a very good sign. I have found out a customer review which claimed that *this place is horrible* and that’s because according to him, they have a bad customer service and they *rip you off*. According to the information on scam warning websites and other engines, I have determined that this pharmacy is indeed reliable and legitimate which means that there are few chances this pharmacy would intentionally try to rip you off, nevertheless, there seem to be people saying that they still got ripped off. Plus to this, there are generally very few reviews and the site generally does not seem to be very popular.


This online pharmacy is offering specialty pharmacy services to people living in USA and dealing with rare and long term conditions. Which is very good. However they do not have a medications list, a price list, they are not offering coupon codes or special offers and there are no customer reviews and generally, the feedback about this website on internet is nearly none with is being considered an un popular pharmacy. I rate this pharmacy with 2 stars since it is reliable, but everything else doesn’t look so good.

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