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A certified Canadian online pharmacy is Big Mountain Drugs and it claims to be the leading online Canadian pharmacy. According to the information on this website – they are sourcing the medications globally from the best pharmaceutical companies and therefore it provides top quality medications and all of them are at affordable prices. Also according to the information on this website they are dispensing medications for more than 15 years and the reason why I called it a ‘certified Canadian online pharmacy’ is because they are a member of Canadian International pharmacy association (CIPA) and claim to have your health and wellbeing their number one priority and since they claim to be a trusted online pharmacy they can do it by providing worldwide a big variety of top quality drugs at discounted prices – savings of 50% to 90% compared to the usual US or Canadian sources. Obviously, since this is a Canadian pharmacy, their headquarters are located there, however they have fulfillment centers around the world.

Big Mountain Drugs drug selection

There is a page Drug Categories which displays a big number of health conditions under which you can find their drugs. From A to Z they have medications of all types – acne medication, ADHD medication, allergy, kidney disorders, insomnia, men’s health and so on and so forth. I went further searching for *men’s health* condition as those are drugs of my interest and the only drug I found there is Yohimbine. However through their search box I could find drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Each one of them were coming in generic and branded name version indicating the country from where its being manufactured, dosage, quantity and the prices. As long as there is a big variety of drugs and most importantly for me, when they have all sorts of ED medications – that’s fair enough so I went further checking more closely for drug prices.

What is the drug prices compared to other online pharmacies?

Lowest prices for Levitra brand by Bayer was 349 USD if purchasing 36 pills of 20 mg which means that price per pill is 9.69 USD while the lowest price for Levitra generic was 125 USD if purchasing 90 pills of 10 mg and that’s 1.38 USD per pill. Lowest price for Viagra generic 25 mg was 105 USD if purchasing 88 pills meaning that the price for pill is 1.19 USD while the price for Brand Viagra by Pfizer of 25 mg was 149 USD for 8 pills meaning that the price per pill is 18.62 USD. Compared to other online pharmacies, to be honest, there are pretty much big prices. I did have found other online pharmacies having even higher prices for these types of medications, however still seem to be in the list of online pharmacies with the highest prices to be honest. I’m not sure if all prices for all medications are this high, but prices for ED drugs are pretty much more expensive than I expected.

Big Mountain Drugs Prescription requirements

All of the prescription medications on this site are marked by an “RX” sign meaning that if you do not have a valid prescription for those items the pharmacy is not going to process and ship your order. so yes, Big Mountain Drugs is requiring all of their customers to show a valid prescription that is written by a licensed physician by sending it via mail, email or by showing it to their fax number. if you don’t have prescription then you can only by those medications that are signed with *OTC* meaning they are over the counter products that do not require prescription.

Big Mountain Drugs Customer support service

You’re able to get in touch with them by writing the old fashioned way by mail at their given address, by writing to their email at [email protected] or also by calling them at the following phone numbers: Toll Free Tel: 1.877.223.9977; Toll Free Fax: 1.877.253.9977. Take note that their specialists are available at only given hours. there’s, sadly, no online chat function, however you should be able to get in touch with them by calling them in the given hours or by writing an email (which most likely you will get a response next day if you write them outside their working hours).

Big Mountain Drugs Payment options

This online pharmacy is accepting such payment methods as: VISA, Master Card, Personal Checks as well as International Money Orders. However if you wish to pay via Personal Checks or International Money Orders then you need to write them firstly. Unfortunately there’s no bitcoin since this is my favorite method of paying, but payment options still seem to be fine.

Big Mountain Drugs Shipping options

You won’t be able to go to check out without having an account and that’s why all the information I could get is only that they have shared. They seem to have only one single shipping option which is regular and having a fee of 10 USD. With this shipping option they can delivery nearly anywhere in the world, or at least as they said *in most countries world wide* and a delivery time is anywhere between 10 to 18 business days. 25 USD is the fee that other countries than USA and Canada will need to pay for. There’s no EMS or overnight shipment. There is no return policy for any reason and there’s not a single word about reshipment or refund.

Big Mountain Drugs Discounts, free pills, bonuses and coupon codes?

They do have coupon codes which you can apply prior to check out and that’s really nice because this is my favorite way of getting medications at discounted prices since it is the easiest way. They are also having 5 % discount on rewards program which means that you get 5 % discount on your entire order on your next purchase. There are no discounts for larger quantities, no free pills or any other bonuses (like free shipping). That’s not a lot if you ask me, however this is still fine because you can still save some money by the reward program and coupon codes and that’s good.

Is Big Mountain Drugs a Legit or Scam Pharmacy?

According to Big Mountain Drugs is a rogue pharmacy:

Big Mountain Drugs Reviews

Unfortunately, even though seem to be certified and so on and so forth, it still failed to become popular and have a ‘trustable’ name across the internet. This is what I thought when I saw that there are absolutely no reviews available for and when there’s an online pharmacy which claims to be in the business for over 15 years, when it is certified etc. but there is not a single person who wrote a customer review that’s really sad. I do think that it is much more safer to purchase from an online pharmacy where you have proof of that pharmacy’s efficiency by those reviews. When there’s no reviews that’s a problem! I have then checked its trust rating on the internet and scam adviser had a trust of only 46% which means, as the information shows, *might be unsafe*.

What’s the conclusion?

The fact that this pharmacy is CIPA approved and approved that’s very good. this does means that this online pharmacy might send you indeed top quality medications. however there are still a lot of *but* and that’s, obviously, the fact that there are no customer reviews which is, to my opinion, biggest problem this online pharmacy has. But that’s not the only one as it has high prices for those drugs and plus to that, there is no EMS shipping. Another problem is that they do not offer refund, reshipment or return and that’s quite a problem. And lastly, low trust by scam adviser sites with no customer reviews. All of this makes me say that is a 2 out of 5 rate meaning that people definitely can find better places to shop from.

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