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Bi Lo is the name of the supermarket company I will review now and obviously the reason why I will review a supermarket company is because they are also having pharmacy department. BI-LO is a supermarket chain that it is owned by Southeastern Grocers and as of 2015 (October) the company is operating 164 supermarkets under the BI-LO brand in South Carolina, North Carolina as well as Georgia! The company is being headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, United States and it has been founded back in 1961. It has a number of employees of about 13,000 and it is obvious that such a big company can be found on social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest as well as Facebook. is the official domain address of this company and that’s what I have accessed in order to find out more about this company. you can search for locations of their stores, you can sign up for an account and log in. Also you could read a lot of information on their website if you wish to. The website, as expected, is really well made, user friendly where everything is easily accessible and understandable. As soon as I have entered their website I saw the *pharmacy* section where you can choose the following options: pharmacy services; vaccines and immunizations; manage account; refill from account; express refill; transfer prescription; medicare plan finder; drug interactions; low price generics; wellness as well as medication therapy management counseling.

Overview BI LO

Although, as much as you can see, there are different options available for customers on their website, there is no information about what’s really of my interest which is: what is the selection of drugs and prices for them including the payment and shipping methods that are available here are BI LO. But then again, although there’s no such information, I am still able to assume the fact that: the selection of drugs here should be really really high/ wide for all needs and all types of drugs. But also the prices are high/ expensive as well and that’s since such companies do not have prices as low as at online pharmacies. Because of such prices people go searching for online pharmacies (including myself). I can also assume the fact that shipping is not done outside the USA and I am not sure if they can ship medications throughout all the US territory or only some limited number of states. And lastly, I can assume that this company accepts credit cards both online or by going to their stores yourself or if you decide to go yourself then they also accept cash, I assume. Whatever the case, in the end, all of these questions should be precisely answered by the customer support service if someone wishes to find out exact answers to those or other questions. That’s why customer support should be of a top quality service.

Customer Support Service

So, in case people really want to find out some answers to their questions whichever they might be in regards to the BI LO company then they need to access their customer support. According to the information that I could find online, BI LO can be reached by the phone number, by the contact form online on their website or by mail address where you can write an mail. Going to one of their store or writing them on social media page, I can assume, would also get your questions answered.

Is BI LO a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is BI LO a scam or legit online pharmacy?

BI LO Coupon Codes

Usually, big supermarket companies does offer and have coupon codes and BI LO is not an exception as they do have the coupon codes either. But the problem is that none of them are offering these coupon codes for getting prescription medications at discounted prices. those are coupon codes offered for grocery products and food products but none of those coupon codes are making you save some money by purchasing prescription drugs. In fact, there’s, as much as I could find, nothing that can make you save some money by purchasing prescription drugs at this pharmacy. That’s really sad because I really love saving money when purchasing medications and coupon codes are a great way of doing that. Reviews

Although this is such a big company in the USA, it does not seem to have very much customer reviews, or at least not as much as I expected that I would find by searching for them. I have obviously found some employee reviews with people describing what it is like to work for BI LO company, but unless you plan to work here, those employee reviews are not very helpful. Customer reviews, on the other hand, are really helpful in order to determine whether it is a good idea or not purchasing medications at this pharmacy. I have found yelp reviews but the problem is that each store has been reviewed separately and there’s not an average yelp rate about BI LO as a whole. I was also searching for BI LO pharmaceutical reviews as a most and not about their groceries. Sad thing is that the reviews on all yelp stores separately were mixed were people said this is a good place to shop for medications while others said not to come even close. Problem is that I also found it on where out of 100 reviews, there were 0 issues resolved. People said that they are having a horrible customer service experience, pharmacy staff is very rude, the people complaining on pregnancy discrimination, they have got out of date products and others. Although there are some good customer reviews, it seems that negative ones are more.


In the end, I can guess that there are much better options to choose for getting your medications at than BI LO and that’s considering the customer reviews and the fact that prices here are much higher compared to online pharmacies (with no coupon codes or anything in this matter). Although BI LO is such a big US company 100% legal, I still cannot rate it with more than 3 out of 5 because of customer reviews and prices.

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