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Purchasing medications from online pharmacies often means that you’re playing a game named *Russian roulette* or at least the rules are quite the same – you pull the trigger until it fires and here you’re ordering until you’re getting scammed. In order to diminish the chances of getting scammed or using a gun that’s full of bullets (ordering from online pharmacies that most likely are scams) I’m writing these pharmacies reviews hoping that it would help other people in staying away from the scammers and finding a medication that they actually need at a good price. By doing my vast research for these online pharmacies I have come along which I am going to be reviewing today. As soon as I entered the website I have analyzing the website for a little bit and here’s what I could conclude: this is a Canadian pharmacy, or at least that’s what their mailing address suggests since they mentioned an exact address in Toronto, ON, Canada. In addition to that, the copyright information suggests: 2012 and therefore I assume the pharmacy has 5 years of online pharmacy business. Plus to that, I have also noticed an interesting sign: CIPA member suggesting that the pharmacy is an accredited member of CIPA. I went on and tried to find out if that’s true and there I found out that is indeed an active CIPA member. That’s very good, although it doesn’t mean that it is perfect. With this being said, I wanted to check what this pharmacy has to offer.

Selection of medications and prices

Unlike many other online pharmacies, this online pharmacy doesn’t feature any categories of medications which means that you can find the medications that you need only by the first letter of the drug’s name or by entering the drugs name in the search box and search for what you need. With this being said, I am not sure what kind or how much medications they have in their drugstore, but I’ve clicked a few letters (like A, E, D) and there seems to be pretty much medications in each of those *letters* so I can assume the pharmacy should have some meds. I searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and the pharmacy had all of them in both brand name and generic version. Simply to get an example of prices – generic sildenafil (Viagra) 50 mg would cost 118 USD for 88 tablets or 14 USD for 4 tablets with prices between depending on the quantity. To be honest, this is a pretty big price and I’ve checked the price for Levitra and Cialis which are the same *quite high* although I’ve seen even bigger prices. This pharmacy requires their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering medications that needs one (meds that are not OTC). The pharmacy has a page with *pet medications* as well so you could get the meds for you little (or maybe big) buddy here too. Customer Support

As I have said it earlier, a method of getting in touch with the pharmacy is the first ever method of people contacting each other at distance: via mail. You can send your mail at the address which you can see on the website. But if you don’t want to wait as long for getting a response then you can contact them via filling up the form and wait for the response in your email. The last and the fastest method of talking with this pharmacy’s customer care department is by calling by their singlet toll free phone number which they claim is available 24/7. Unfortunately there’s no live chat function or something that you could chat with them in *real time*. shipping and payment details

Although this online pharmacy is accepting international orders (I guess world wide to all countries) the shipping fees are different even though they do not have express shipping and there’s a single shipping option: regular. The fee for Canadian and US orders is 10 USD, however it is offered for free if order exceeds 99 USD. The international orders are 20 USD and seemingly are not offered for free. Delivery time, as they claim, usually is anywhere between 7 to 10 business days, however it can be up to 21 business days. as in regards to the payment methods there seems to be some more than shipping options as they are accepting credit cards (VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Discover card) as well as they are accepting automatic bank withdrawals, checks and lastly – money orders.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

When an online pharmacy offers coupon codes or discounts or anything that saves the customers a little bit of money that’s a sign of respect and that it truly cares about their customers. Unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be one of those pharmacies and that’s due to the fact that it doesn’t offer anything. As I said, it only offers free shipping only to its Canadian and US customers who orders more than 100 USD which saves them 10 USD. Other than that, there are no discounts, coupon codes or special offers. Reviews

I’ve tried to see what other people would say about this online pharmacy because customer reviews are the real judges of an pharmacy since those are people who had experience with the pharmacy and they can help us all understand if the pharmacy is worth it or not. By searching for customer reviews online I have found an article on that has been issued a warning letter by FDA for offering unapproved drugs to Americans. Well those are definitely not the best news. Plus, I did have found some customer reviews, one of them being positive with a person saying that orders from this online pharmacy for the last 3 years and everything went smoothly, but all the rest customer reviews aren’t as good.


In the end we have few customer reviews which means that the pharmacy isn’t actually very popular and having trust in an unpopular online pharmacy is hard, exactly as it is hard having trust in it due to more negative than positive customer reviews. The pharmacy is a CIPA member but in the same time it has been issues a warning by FDA (truth is that this happened back in 2012 so maybe they sorted it all out). But in the end – the prices are quite high with no special offers and discounts. For all of these reasons I rate it with 3 out of 5!

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