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Searching for medications online I have come along the *best* medications, or at least that’s what the pharmacy’s name suggest since you can find the pharmacy that I’m talking about at: I hope that, indeed, the pharmacy is offering best medications and I hope that they are also offering best prices since I’m searching for online pharmacies because I want to save money and I’m quite sure that most other people are looking for the same. Although the pharmacy offers a user friendly interface of the site, information here is well arranged which means that you can easily find the information that you need, the problem is that the site is very familiar to me (the design of site) which means that I have already reviewed one or maybe even multiple pharmacies with same design, but different names. Although this doesn’t automatically means that the pharmacy is scam or anything in this matter, sometimes this is not a very good thing because this could mean that the pharmacy has taken the site design from other sites. Soon after entering their main site I was contacted via live chat by their consultant April which offered to help me. I have noticed that people can change the currency on the site as well which could be good for other people. Tried to find out more information about the pharmacy from their about us page but it seems the page is unavailable which means the site isn’t fully workable. I could not find information on the site suggesting where the pharmacy is located or for how long it has been online serving its customers. Again that’s not a big problem, but usually, legitimate online pharmacies does share such type of information. Selection of Medications and Prices

You can search for the medications needed on this pharmacy by using the search function available on the website or you can also search for the medications by the categories of medications as the medications here are being categorized by health conditions they can treat. Therefore, the medications here on the site are being categorized in: skin care, weight loss, men’s health, arthritis, stop smoking, hair loss and so on and so forth. That’s why I can guess that the online pharmacy is offering a wide selection of medications where people could choose from a lot of different needed products and that’s very good in case the pharmacy turns out to be reliable. What I have noticed is that this online pharmacy, as much as it seems, does not offer brand medications, or at least I couldn’t find any brands here, only generic medications. I have then checked the prices for medications and I saw that generic Viagra (sildenafil professional) 100 mg would cost you 1.22 USD if you buy 90 pills. Compared to other online pharmacies that’s a fairly good price. I would call it moderate. I have found out information on the site suggesting that they are not requiring any prescriptions for ordering prescription medications and this might be a sign of illegal activity of the site. Shipping and payment methods

As much as I have noticed from the information on this online pharmacy, they are offering world wide shipping to everyone around the globe and people, before ordering, need to choose from 2 shipping options which are: express delivery service that has a delivery timeframe of 7 to 14 working days and it costs 30 USD and there’s also regular delivery service which costs 15 to 25 working days which costs 20 USD. Usually, the express shipping does come with online tracking but the regular shipping doesn’t have online tracking. I have noticed that the online pharmacy is accepting credit cards such as visa and master card, but they only accept these payment options. Customer Support Service

The first thing that I need to mention here, as I already said, as soon as I entered the website, I have been contacted by one of their consultant via live chat function and that’s a very good thing as you can get the help that you need by using their services and by talking with the via live chat. Except for the live chat function the pharmacy is also offering the phone number which you can call or lastly, there is the contact form available on their website.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Prior to go on the checkout page, this online pharmacy is asking their customers if they are having a coupon code and by applying it you could get a discount, I guess. The pharmacy claims that all people who come back re ordering will get 30% extra more pills. Maybe by applying the coupon code you will receive these extra pills. It seems that this online pharmacy does not offer anything else than the extra pills as much as I could find on their website. Reviews

The customer reviews are essential when it comes in determining if the pharmacy is worth ordering from or not, the problem is that I couldn’t find any customer reviews anywhere online on external sources. With no customer reviews that’s a very big problem, but at very least, I do have which can really help me in determining if the pharmacy is worth it or not. has 0 % trust due to the fact that: the site is involved in high risk country named Russia, the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity, a high number of suspicious websites on the server and the site has been created less than a year ago. No reviews and bad information detected by scam warning engines is a bad sign.

Conclusion seem to be an online pharmacy that’s very risky to use according to which has no trust in it. plus, the site has no customer reviews which could be a very big problem and lastly, they share no information about where they are located and they sell prescription drugs without asking for prescriptions which are signs of illegal pharmacy. with all of this being said, the site has a way too much chance of being scam, therefore I rate it with 1 out of 5.

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