/ Best Cialis Viagra Online Reviews & Coupons is an online Canadian, as they claim, pharmacy which, as the name suggests is a pharmacy that is focused in selling drugs lie Cialis and Viagra. They claim to have free shipping for orders above 200 USD, free pills (Viagra) with every order, and low prices that are 70% less than in your local pharmacy. On the bottom of the website I found information implying that the pharmacy has been accredited by CPA, CIPA and by MIPA as well as 5 stars rating by either this is real or that’s only their claims and nothing more we’re going to find out later. Also the information I found on their Copyright suggests that the pharmacy has been opened back in 2004. An old pharmacy is much easier to have trust in than to have trust in an old pharmacy.

Selection of drugs with their prices on Best Cialis Viagra Online

I guess there’s no need to mention that they have the medications with the names in their domain address like Viagra and Cialis, but they also have a big number of other ED treating medications. But besides ED treating medications they have meds for: diabetes, Heart Disease, Anxiety, Antibiotics, asthma as well as others. You can find the generic forms of medications and they brands but they mostly seem to have generics. Viagra is offered for 0.36 USD for a pill, Cialis for 0.76 USD for a pill and Levitra for 1.2 USD for a pill. All of these are the absolute lowest prices and, of course, these are prices for their generics. All products claimable are FDA approved and what’s interesting is that they don’t require their customers to have a valid prescription in order to process their orders.

Payment and shipping details on

There’s not very much I can say about payment methods because there’s just one: credit card. And they accept only VISA and Master Card as viable credit cards you can use here. there’s also not very much I can say about shipping details because there’s nothing new: standard shipping which costs 10 USD, is available world wide, shipping delivery time is 2 to 4 weeks and doesn’t have tracking. The second option is EMS that is available only within USA, shipping delivery time is 3 to 8 business days and does come with a tracking. It costs 20 USD. They do have a refund and insurance of your package costs 5 USD which ensures you a full refund or free reshipment in case the delivery fails to arrive for whatever the reason. customer support

Although there is no online live chat function available on this online pharmacy, you can still get in touch with their team by calling one of their 2 phone numbers, depending on where you live as there’s one US and one UK number. If you don’t like the *talk on phone* option then you can also fill a form and wait for a response in your email that you need to indicate when filling a form, as well as your name and of course, the message. Sadly but there are no other options to talk with their customer support.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? discounts and coupon codes

There are discounts but there are no coupon codes, unfortunately. There is a discount number instead which you are going to get after your first order and you would be able to validate on your next orders. As I said earlier, they offer free standard shipping for orders above 200 USD and free Viagra pills for free with every order as well. They also claim that the prices are up to 70% less than your local pharmacy. Orders that reach the sum of 200 USD also get an additional 10% discount. Customer reviews

The fact that they have testimonials on the website don’t mean anything to me as those, in my opinion, are most likely fake customer reviews that are written to make customers believe that this is an pharmacy that actually works. However customer reviews that actually prove that this is an online pharmacy works are those on other websites. However writing in google and reviews won’t even give you 2 pages of google search results which mean that the pharmacy is extremely unpopular! There’s no need to mention that I haven’t been able to find a single customer review as much as I guess there’s no need to mention that scam warning websites all recommended to stay away from this pharmacy. However, what’s interested is that says this domain has been created less than 2 months ago, that’s not a surprise while google couldn’t even find 2 pages of researching this domain address.


I definitely cannot recommend an online pharmacy that has been opened less than 2 months ago where google barely found any information at all about this website. An *baby* pharmacy nowadays is usually created just to scam people and rip off their money. I sure hope that I’m wrong, but unfortunately that’s rarely the case. So because the pharmacy is brand new and it is just SO hard to have trust in it I rate it with 1 out of 5 recommending people to stay away from it because is most likely a fake pharmacy, or the risk it being so is simply too high to try out!

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