| Best Buy Meds Reviews & Coupons is the name of the online pharmacy I’ve found and will be reviewing now. Best Buy Meds claims to be a Canadian Drug store with high quality medications and by analyzing the *bestsellers* medications it seems that this online pharmacy is mostly focused on selling erectile dysfunction medications. Now the problem is that this is an online pharmacy with a website design that is super familiar to me and therefore I can assume that this online pharmacy has a design of site that either has been stolen from other online pharmacy or something in this matter. Whatever the case, in the end, I’ve seen this design somewhere else and to be honest, that usually isn’t a good sign. Anyway, I’ve bene searching more about the pharmacy and the website’s options where I found that customers are able to change the website’s language and currency – a very good option for foreign customers (such kind of options was very helpful personally for me when I was reviewing online pharmacies that were not originally in English). Trying to find out more info about the pharmacy itself I found the claim that they are in business for more than 7 years and that’s really really good if true. Also, according to the information that I could find they are run by EuroPharm Group Inc. which has the headquarters located in Czech Republic, Praha, so I am not very sure what does this has to do with the Canadian pharmacy.

Selection of medications and prices

The selection of medications include a very big variety of drugs for different needs such as: anxiety, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, depression, weight loss, hair loss, cholesterol and a big number of other drugs and for this reason I can conclude that selection of medications is really wide here. What’s interesting is that each category of medication has a number near it which indicates how many medications are found in the certain category. Like for example in erectile dysfunction there are 45 meds, in depression 28, anxiety 15, weight loss 10, heart disease 29 and so on and so forth. All in all that’s very good. Comparing the prices for medications here with other online pharmacies I would say that they are fairly good here. That’s because the price for generic Viagra 50 mg per pill goes anywhere between 3.57 USD and 0.89 USD per pill, the price depending on the quantity of pills you purchase, if you buy 10 – 360 pills. So that’s quite a good price. This online pharmacy doesn’t seem to require a valid prescription for ordering such medications and this can be a sign of illegal activity of the website.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy shared information on their website which suggests that they are offering world wide shipping to all countries which means that whoever needs medications, regardless of their locations, can order on when you are ordering and before checking out you can chose between 2 shipping methods and as usual they are: regular airmail and EMS (express) options. The regular airmail costs 15 USD, can be used world wide, doesn’t have online tracking and has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks. The EMS, although it costs 25 USD, it has a delivery time of up to 2 weeks maximum, does have online tracking but not all countries can use this service. Talking about the payment methods I can mention here that they are accepting credit cards such as visa, master card and American express and bitcoin. Except for these payment methods there aren’t any other available.

Customer Support

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done, unfortunately, only via 2 methods: via the contact form on their own website and via the phone numbers which they have listed on the website. so you either write them via contact form or call them – or you don’t get in touch with them at all.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Except for the fact that ordering in bulk medications is going to give you savings as the prices drop down, the pharmacy claims to offer free bonus pills of ED medications. But there are also other bonuses such as: 5 % discount for second order and 7% discount for third and further orders. Plus to that, they claim to have free airmail delivery for orders more than 200 USD and free traceable delivery for orders that are more than 300 USD. So that’s all quite good. Reviews

While there are testimonials on the website and while many people might have trust in them, I do not. The testimonials in 99% of cases are fakes written to manipulate with people into making them believe in the site’s authenticity. The testimonials here are super familiar to me which means that I have most likely read them somewhere else. I don’t believe in them but I do believe in reviews on third party websites. Now the problem is that there are no customer reviews anywhere online regardless of how much I searched. No customer reviews is a big problem for me but I still went on checking what would say. There are 3 main problems: the website is less than a year ago created, a high number of suspicious websites on the server and it involves a high risk country: Russian Federation. With no customer reviews and such a combination of alarming things, it is hard to have trust in


This online pharmacy claims to be Canadian, but it is most likely being run from Russia so that’s quite a problem. found few other problems either and in addition to that, no customer reviews anywhere online to confirm its authenticity are all big problems which makes me stay away from it, or at least, to my opinion, ordering here is too risky. I will rate with 2 out of 5 and say that I doubt it is the *best* buy meds.

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