| Benzer Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons | Benzer Pharmacy Reviews & CouponsThe best online pharmacy claimable it is or at least that’s their claim and I really hope that I’ve finally met the *best online pharmacy*. As soon as I have accessed I have seen a well done website with user friendly interface and many different options/ services/ pages etc. On the website, however due to the well done website and user friendly interface etc. everything was clear and understandable with no problems to navigate through the website and to my opinion that’s very important. The pharmacy recommends people to register their account on the website and to login to it and this pharmacy claims that those people who register are going to receive 15% off for pet medications. According to the information that I was able to find on about us page, the first Benzer pharmacy has been opened back in 2009 in Flint, Michigan and it is currently having over 65 locations through a lot of different states such as: Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Iowa, Arkansas and many other states either. Also according to the information I could find there, Benzer Pharmacy is a chain of independent retail pharmacies that are specialized in specialty drugs and also has their focuses on medication management programs for those people that are having complex chronic disease such as: Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), HV, Hepatitis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and also Dermatological conditions and Gastrointestinal Disorders (GI). Their headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida but then again, as said, they have different locations in different states. This online pharmacy has some seals suggesting they have different accreditations with the most important accreditation: URAC accredited but there are also others as well. This pharmacy has social media pages where you can follow their needs.

Selection of medications and prices

Clicking on their *medication* page you are going to be given the list of: compound medication, specialty medication, pet medication, DME products, OTC medication and generic medication. The problem is that by clicking on any of them you’re not going to be given a list of medications with a price lists for them but instead some information about each of these kind of products. With this being said, I am not going to be able to talk about drug availability or price availability. Unfortunately. I guess for finding out more information about drug availability and prices for them you would need to call customer support department.

Shipping and payment methods Benzer Pharmacy

There is a seal on the website suggesting *free shipping* however I am not sure if there needs to be a minimal order sum in order. Except for that seal suggesting that their shipping is free, I couldn’t find any information about the shipping options and I also couldn’t find any information about payment methods. I just found out about that the shipping is free and that’s it. However, I can only assume the fact that they do not offer shipping abroad the USA territory. However whether they have multiple shipping options I couldn’t find out as much as I couldn’t find out what payment methods are they offering. Exactly as with the drugs availability and prices for them, I suggest to talk with customer care department to find out more information about it.

Customer Support Department Benzer Pharmacy

This online pharmacy does have a phone number listed on the website and there’s also a fax number where you can send your prescriptions to. They have shared the addressed of their locations or if you don’t like any of the methods mentioned above then you are able to use the contact form for your enquiry and therefore you’re going to get an answer back in your email. I can assume that you can use the mail as well but this would require some time to get a response back. There’s no live chat function, unfortunately.

Is Benzer Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Benzer Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

It doesn’t seem that this online pharmacy is offering any coupon codes, in fact, this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to offer anything in this matter, anything that might make you save some money. I would say that this is a very big problem when this online pharmacy doesn’t offer any coupon codes or any kind of special offers. They just claim to offer free shipping, as I mentioned earlier, but to my opinion that’s not enough. Reviews

I did have found some customer reviews on different independent websites. I have managed to find 3 customer reviews on yelp and out of those 3 only a person rated it with 4 out of 5 while 2 other people rated it with maximum rate. On BBB (better business bureau) it has a single review and although this is not a BBB accredited business, it still has a positive review there (but it seems that the review was mostly addressed to a single pharmacists). On Facebook it has 89 5 out of 5 stars rates and only 3 people rating it with 1 out of 5. However what posed a little bit more of a problem is the fact that there are some reviews about benzer pharmacy where people said that working there isn’t good at all. In fact, I have also found some employee reviews on such as and however I just don’t need to know what’s like to work for Benzer Pharmacy as I rather need to know what it is like to be a customer of this pharmacy. And to be honest, as much as it seems, most of the people seem to be happy with their services only except for some who had unpleasant experiences.


The fact that most people are happy with this online pharmacy is very good and that should be taken in consideration. However I also think that what should be taken in consideration is the prices here, most likely, aren’t by far as good as those you can find at other online pharmacies, in addition to this, they do not offer coupon codes or anything and there still are negative customer reviews. Taking all of this in consideration I rate with 3 out of 5!

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