| BCG Meds Reviews & Coupons is the domain address name of the online pharmacy which I am going to review right now. This seems to be a good online pharmacy which claims to be offering 5% discount for those people deciding to pay for their medications with eCheck and I surely like pharmacies offering discounts. The pharmacy also has a user friendly interface which is really good and something that I really appreciate since it is easy to navigate through it. I also noticed that there is a possibility to create an account on the website and log in to it. There is a possibility that this is a necessary thing to do for ordering drugs here. Also, as soon as I have entered the website’s front page I noticed few other claims like coupon offers and free shipping. This is all very good. I also noticed that they are a approved pharmacy so I checked if this is true on and it does seems to be so. According to the information that I could find on their website, they are located in Sanford and according to the company name is Blue Cross Group Inc. and the year this company has been founded was in 2016 which means it has been around for 2 years. The pharmacy claims to work exclusively only with licensed pharmacies. Lastly, reasons why the pharmacy claims to be among the best are: save money, free and efficient delivery, great customer service and; safe and secure!

Selection of drugs and prices at

Seemingly this online pharmacy is only having prescription drugs (no over the counter or pets or any other types of drugs) here. These products are not categorized by health condition or anything so for searching for the product that you need, you’ve got to use the search box function. With this being said I cannot say which kind of drugs you can find here, I can only say that on they claim to have over 500 drugs so, selection of drugs, as much as I can assume, is quite wide. As in terms of prices, I’ve seen they are offering both generic and brand Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Not sure if they have any other ED drugs. In order to give example of prices I can say here that generic Viagra 50 mg 88 tablets would cost you 0.34 USD and that’s going to be 30.10 USD for all 88 tablets. To be honest, that’s some extremely good price, I guess the best I’ve seen in a long run. The prices are around the same for each product, this online pharmacy won’t send any products you find in their drugstore without showing a valid prescription first, so make sure you have one before placing your order.

Shipping and payment methods

As I have mentioned earlier, before ordering drugs here is necessary to have an account here so FAQ page comes of a great help. They are offering international shipping and there seems to be a single shipping option but it seems for an extra fee you can add an online tracking option. The delivery time frame, as they claim, is 2 to 4 weeks. Unfortunately, I could not find information about what is the shipping fee and that’s, I guess, because it depends on country where the products are shipped to. They do not accept returns or insurances. As in terms of payment methods, they do not accept credit cards or anything else except for checks or echeck (echeck is only available for US customers). Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy seems to have a number of different special offers making you save money. like for example, as I said, people paying with echeck get 5% discount, also people can use a coupon code on their first order by writing the coupon code: FIRST and get another 5% off. One more thing is the fact that they are offering free shipping to ALL orders to US and Canada. Last thing that I can mention here is the fact that ordering in bulk medications here would get you additional savings. This is all pretty good.

Customer Support Service

You can get in touch with this online pharmacy by their contact form or email address (both of which are pretty much the same). Except for this you can use their mailing address or the fax number as well. There is also the telephone number too but make sure to call them in the business hours. There is also live chat function but it is currently offline. Reviews

The only reviews I could find on third party/ independent sites about is on as there are no customer reviews anywhere online on other websites. Plus to that, there are only 2 customer reviews (feedbacks) on and with this being said, there are only 2 reviews about this website in general. The problem is that these reviews are very different from each other. One reviewer said that he is extremely satisfied (5 out of 5 rate) while the other said that he is extremely dissatisfied (0 out of 5 rate). The positive reviewer said that the pharmacy is the best he ever used. The negative one said that after one month after placing an order nothing came and tried to resend and one more month and still nothing. So now he tries to get a refund but with no luck. said that the website is only one year old and plus to that, the owner is using a service to hide their identity – something which isn’t a good thing at all.


I will not recommend an online pharmacy which has only 2 customer reviews and one of them is extremely dissatisfied all along with the fact that the pharmacy is pretty new and the owner uses a service to hide their identity. The things which elevates the rate of the pharmacy is the fact that it has a good customer review and it is approved by, but that’s not enough so I rate it with 3 out of 5.

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