BCBSGA.com / Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Georgia Reviews & Coupons

Bcbsga.com is the website of a company that I am going to be reviewing today and bcbsga stands for: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, that’s the name of the Insurance company which, according to Wikipedia, has been founded in 1985 and has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. I’ve went on this website to find out more information about the company and they are offering their customers simple terms and straightforward answers about health insurance from someone who gets it. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia’s website supports Spanish language so those people who have a better understanding of Spanish than English might benefit from this option. While on the website, you’re able to register there and to login to your account. Analyzing the website more, they are offering *popular tasks* which you can do on their website and they are: contact us, request ID card, Check claim, Manage prescriptions, Estimate your cost and lately, Find a doctor. To make a better idea of this company, bcbsga is an insurance plan provider company and therefore the company is offering their customers simple solutions on how to find out more information and how to easily understand the insurance as of general. They claim to help their customers to find out what are their own best insurance plan and so the company recommends to *see how easy it can be with BCBSGa by shopping for plans below.* By checking below here’s what kind of insurance plans I’ve seen: Medicare plans, employer group plans and lately individual and family plans. Due to the fact that today I’m not reviewing an pharmacy I am not able to talk about selection of medications since there are none and I am not able to talk about prices for medications since there are no medications sold here. Unfortunately, I am also not able to talk about the prices for those medical health plans due to the fact that they all depend on multiple things for each individual so there’s no *exact* price. For getting information on prices for yourself I can assume that you would need to call them and I can assume that they would give you an answer after asking you a few questions. And since talking about their customer care department…

Customer Care on bcbsga.com

This is an insurance health plan company and that’s why I think that getting in touch with their customer care department should be very easy. Except for the fact that you can find them on some social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook where I can assume that you might write them there and you would get a response too. Except for social media, they are reachable by phone numbers or by going to their offices yourself in case you live somewhere nearby. Depending on what you actually need there are different phone numbers.

BCBSGa Coupon codes

Coupon codes are the nicest and easiest way to save some money because without doing anything just by writing down a code you’re getting a discount which saves you money. I personally really love coupon codes and I’m always trying to use them as much as I can and anywhere I can because saving money is always a good idea, at least for me. This is the reason why I think that those companies, regardless if they are insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies or whatever other type of companies that are offering coupon codes are those who are actually caring about their customers. Unfortunately, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia doesn’t seem to offer any kind of coupon codes. Maybe because the prices are already super low or maybe because they simply do not care about their customers, I am not very sure, what I do know is that I couldn’t find any coupon codes or any other special offers. Maybe they do have some but for finding this out you need to call them and ask, exactly as with the prices.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia Reviews

I think that there is very little I can say about this company since I’ve never had experience with this company myself and I never knew of someone who ever had. For this reason the customer reviews are in fact the only things which can actually give us a general idea of what this company is about and whether is it worth to have any type of business with it or not. So I started searching for BCBSGa customer reviews. While searching for them I found some website suggesting to read what people working for BCBSGA tell about the company, but I was more interested in actual reviews and I found some on different websites. Although on each of those website weren’t a lot of customer reviews (anywhere like 10 – 20 customer reviews on each) what was disappointing was what those people were saying about this company: terrible, disappointing, worst customer service, worst company ever and things like that. People mostly complained on the fact that the company covered very little or nothing at all of the medications that the customers had to get although they always paid as should without problems. Or there were other people saying that they had to get medications as fast as possible because of their health needs and yet, although the company had everything they need, they didn’t approved to pay for those medications and that’s although more than 30 days passed. Or at least, that’s according to one of the customer reviews. According to BBB.org this business is not BBB accredited and on the website they have 9 total customer reviews all of which are negative. Out of a total of around 100 customer reviews or so that I found everywhere online, less than 10 of them were positive.


As I said, I’m not actually able to say anything about this company since I’ve never had any kind of experience with it and don’t know of anyone who ever had and that’s why I can judge it or rate it at its real *estate*. However there are customer reviews who had experience with this company and an average rate is less than 2 out of 5. I doubt that I have the rights to change anything and that’s why I would rate it 2 out of 5 myself too.

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