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By doing my research for reliable online pharmacies I have found out about Bartell Drugs a pharmacy company which, after doing a big more research about it, found out that this is in fact not an Online pharmacy, although, seemingly, you can still purchase medication here. Bartell Drugs is an US pharmacy company which is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is a family owned chain of pharmacies in the Puget Sound area of the US state of Washington. According to the information that I could find, it has a 67 total number of locations, it primarily serves the Seattle/ King County, however it also has some stores in the neighboring Snohomish and Pierce Counties as well. The company has been founded in 1890 in the same city where it is headquartered by George Bartell. The official website of this pharmacy company is an online pharmacy which seems to be really well done, as it was expected. It is user friendly and you can easily navigate through the website where everything is clear and easily navigable. While online, you can search for a shop near you by entering the zip code, you can see that the pharmacy is offering saving up to 40 % off select items, they are offering *one stop shop for travel needs* and plus to all of this there is a lot much more which you can access from their website. The pharmacy is having social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Plus to that, they are also having application for smartphones where people can easily access whatever they need from their phones. You can see the pharmacy’s story on the website for those who are interested. As I said, there are a lot of other things which people can access in case they are interested. so far, everything things looks fine. Selection of medications and prices for them

This is not an online pharmacy but a pharmacy with multiple stores across some US cities. Most of such pharmacies are not sharing a list of medications with a price list for them online and this pharmacy is not an exception. For getting any prescription medications you need to enter the prescription number on the website and you’re going to be sent the medications according to the prescription as you can’t buy prescription drugs otherwise. I can assume the following: the selection of medications should be very wide here but also, the prices are, usually, a lot much more higher than online pharmacies as this is the reason why people (including myself) are searching for online pharmacies instead of going to local pharmacies like Bartell Drugs or any other pharmacy. in the end, there’s not a price list to comment or selection of medications, nevertheless, I guess we all know how big prices are on these pharmacies. Except for prescription meds the pharmacy offers: beauty aisle, food and beverages, loving local, natural + eco friendly, pets and vitamins. Shipping and payment methods

I was trying to find information about shipping and payment methods on their website, FAQ or anywhere else, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about shipping or about payments. Not sure if they are offering shipping at all, but usually pharmacies does offering home delivery. Even if they do, I am not able to comment on their shipping details as there is no information. I just can assume that even if they ship then I have big doubts they offer shipping outside USA and in fact, I doubt that they are offering shipping to all US states (but it might be so). Not able to comment on payment methods but one obvious thing is that if you go to their stores you can obviously pay cash. Customer Support Service

Except for obvious things such as going to one of their stores or directly to their headquarters for asking questions in case you have some, you can also call them by their phone number, I can assume that you can write them on their social media pages, maybe you would get responses either, you can use the mailing system as well or lastly, as much as I found, you can use the contact form online on their website. There does not seem to be a live chat function available on their website.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I was not able to find any coupon codes being offered to customers on their websites. In fact, I couldn’t find anything that can make people save some money purchasing here as there is no free pills, free shipping or any kind of discounts. As I said, I have found the pharmacy is offering discounts but seemingly not for prescription products but only for food and other grocery products. Reviews

Except for the employee reviews that I have found on sites such as glassdoor and, I have also found some customer reviews on nevertheless, I barely found some reviews on yelp and seemingly, there are few reviews elsewhere such as and the problem is that most of these reviews are negative. On there are 2 negative reviews, some more negative on measuredup and although there are very few positive reviews on, most of them are still negative with words from customers such as: *worst pharmacy in the world*, *horrible customer service*, *rude staff* and many others. In short, people complained on a lot of things including high prices, ignorant pharmacists and many others. Very and very few positive reviews, compared to negatives. This pharmacy is 100% reliable as it has multiple stores etc. but it still fails to make their customers happy as much as it seems.


Since nearly all customer reviews are negative and since the prices here for medications compared to online pharmacies should be extremely expensive I cannot rate this pharmacy with more than 2 out of 5. And I am only rating it with 2 due to the fact that it is reliable as there are scam online pharmacies that might take your money and not sending you anything.

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