| Baran Trading Reviews & Coupons is the internet address of the company Baran Trading, a company which claims to offer great health and beauty deals. They claim that by using their services and products you can stay well and beautiful with their huge selection of health and beauty products, including skincare and hair care. They claim to offer great health and beauty offers at great prices, something we really hope. According to the information on their website the full name of this company is Ufuk BARAN Goldopax Import Export Co., and there’s an exact address shared which is located in Bogazliyan, Turkey. As soon as I have entered their main page I have noticed their claim that they are shipping world wide to any addresses from Turkey and besides the fact that they sell beauty and health products, according to their categories of products, they seem to offers many other things as well such as fragrances, depilation products, beach towels, jewellery, and products for pets and veterinary. These categories are having their own subcategories which I am going to talk about later. As for now I can say that this company seem to have quite a user friendly interfaced website where you can easily reach the information that you need here. I was not able to find information for how long this pharmacy has been operating, however, on copyright there’s information *2017-2018* and that’s why I can assume that they were operating for just one year. People can create an account on their website and login to their accounts. I could not find any accreditations being offered to this company but at least I noticed they are offering 100% money back guarantee policy which is good, but I hope that it is true either as I often found companies lying about these things. Selection of products and prices

As I have earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is offering categories of products and their categories are having different sub categories of products so you can easier find whatever you need. Except for their products being found by categories, you can also use the search function by writing the keyword and get the desired product. As I said earlier, there’s information on their website suggesting they are offering a huge selection of health and beauty products. There are hair care, skin care, oral care, personal care, sexual remedies products, vitamins as well as over the counter medicine. Since OTC medicines are under a different categories I can assume that there are prescription products and the company, as much as I can assume, requires a valid prescription for them. Although there are sexual remedies products, there is no Viagra, Cialis or Levitra or such products. There are only: Sahmerdan Epimedium Ginseng Herbal Aphrodisiac Paste which costs 15 USD. I have no idea if the price for such a product is good or not so I am not able to comment on this. All I know is that for 15 USD people could get around 15 generic Viagra pills. shipping and payment methods

As u have earlier mentioned, there is information on their website suggesting that they can ship to virtually any address in the world meaning that everyone can order products from this website. As much as I have seen from their shipping and returns page, there are 2 shipping options: registered economy mail that has a dispatch time of 1 to 3 working days and a delivery time of 13 to 21 working days. It comes with a tracking number. The second shipping option is UPS Express Mail that has a delivery time of 4 to 10 working days by UPS Express. This option, I can assume, also has tracking. The shipping rates may vary depending on where you want your shipping to be delivered and based on its weight. This company, as much as it seems, is accepting only Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. customer support service

I have noticed there are 3 different ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy and it includes: contact form on their website where you need to indicate your email, using their location for writing a mail (maybe you could visit them as well) and lastly, an live assist – calling by the phone number on their site. Sadly, no live chat function. Coupon Codes

There are vouchers on their website meaning that people can give you a voucher depending on the amount they want to gift you, however I couldn’t call this an offer given by the company. Another thing is the coupon codes which this online pharmacy does seem to offer to their customers, but since I couldn’t see one anywhere on the site I can assume that they are only given to those who already ordered here. the pharmacy claims to have *rewards points* which you can use to get some discounts too. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews but I could not find any anywhere and that’s a big problem as I think that this is a sign that there’s no one who actually uses their services. With no customer reviews anywhere online I can say with certitude that this is a problem, but I continued doing my research on where I found some notes offered by them: the website is just one year old (as I assumed) the site is involved in a risk country: Turkey (but we knew this) and the only problem we didn’t know about is their email addresses are free. Overall it has a trust rate of 68 % and recommends to use caution if you want to use this company’s services. Well, the information found on isn’t that bad after all.


I will not recommend Baran Trading to anyone due to the fact that it has no customer reviews and that’s a big problem for me, plus this is a new company that I can’t vouch it is safe to use. Nevertheless, they seemed to be honest about their location and about how much time they have been online and these are the only things making me rate with 3 out of 5.

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