| AWC Drugstore Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that I am going to write a review today since it seems a good looking pharmacy which seem to have good claims and promises, all of which is very good and to my opinion is worth writing a review. This pharmacy claims to have *global meds which helps for your health*. According to the information on their website, the pharmacy is having the following reasons as they claim which makes it a pharmacy worth purchasing medications from: fast worldwide shipping, FDA approved medications, no prescription required, 100% confidential! Plus to all of this, the pharmacy claims that *their drug prices are 70% less than your local pharmacy* and if that’s true this is extremely good. plus to this, the pharmacy claims to offer free shipping and they are also offering free bonus Viagra pills as well. All of this sounds extremely good but hopefully this is a pharmacy which keeps their promises a swell. The website if this pharmacy looks very good, it is user friendly, everything is easily accessible and you can navigate through it with ease. Plus to that, there are super helpful website’s option for foreign customers where people can change the language and the currency on the website. What’s even more important is the fact that this pharmacy claims to be CPA approved pharmacy, CIPA approve pharmacy, MIPA approved pharmacy and they are on with 5 stars! I went on official website and I found out, unfortunately, that all of this was only a lie. Or at least they are, in fact, NOT a CIPA approved pharmacy and I doubt that they haven’t lied about other accreditations. This is very sad. When the pharmacy lies. The pharmacy haven’t shared where their headquarters is located but according to copyright info, the pharmacy has been around since 2004. Selection of medications and prices

According to the information that I was able to find on their website (the categories of medications), there is a very wide selection of medications. There are medications for: arthritis, anxiety, asthma, cancer, cholesterol, blood pressure, hair loss, allergies, depression, weight loss, quit smoking, pain relief and a lot of other different medications treating different conditions. With this being said, I can assume with ease that the selection of medications is wide here. I have then checked the ED medications to see what kind of prices they are offering here as I can assume that all prices for all medications here are the same as the ED medications. As much as can say, the medications are having quite a good price but I’ve seen pharmacies with lower prices. For example, 50 mg of generic Viagra 90 pills would cost you 1.17 USD and that would be 105 USD for those pills. As I have already mentioned this a bit earlier, this online pharmacy is not requiring their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering here prescription drugs and while this sounds good for some people, this is usually a sign of illegal activity of the pharmacy. Shipping and payment methods

From the information on their website, I have found out that this online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping to everyone living in any country around the world. So that’s very good since everyone can order medications here. I have managed to find out the pharmacy is offering 2 different shipping methods which include standard airmail that has a fee of 10 USD per order, has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 3 weeks and does not have online tracking. The second option which is faster – EMS (express mail service) cannot be used world wide and costs 20 USD, however has a delivery time of up to 14 days and it can be tracked online. This pharmacy is accepting the following types of payment: Visa, American Express and eCheck. Customer Support Service

As soon as I have entered the website I have noticed there are listed 2 different phone numbers (one of which is US and the other one is UK phone number). However, except for calling them, the pharmacy is offering their customers the contact form available on the website, but except for the contact form and phone numbers, I couldn’t find anything else.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Instead of coupon codes, this online pharmacy is offering *discount number* which you can validate and get a discount. But since I couldn’t find this number anywhere, I assume that only people who previously ordered can get this number. Except for this, the pharmacy is offering free bonus ED pills, they are offering savings by purchasing meds in bulk, they offer 10% discounts for orders above 200 USD as well as free shipping for orders more than 200 USD. Plus to all of this, the pharmacy seems to have some special offers as well including Viagra and Cialis pills. Reviews

The claims and the promises made by the pharmacy are all extremely good, but there’s a big problem – the pharmacy lies about their accreditation, therefore they could easily lie about anything else as well. That’s why customer reviews are so important. According to the information that I could find online (there’s even a youtube video about this pharmacy), is not reliable and we should find alternatives. In fact, I have even found a review suggesting the same – the person never received the products and never received a refund either. It is considered rogue internet pharmacy, and it has no trust from any scam warning websites. It is involved in a high risk country and there’s a long list of notes of why this pharmacy is risky to use.


With negative customer reviews, with a youtube video made by a person suggesting the same and with absolutely no trust from any scam warning websites and a lot of notes of why this pharmacy is risky to purchase medications from I guess there’s no doubt left – the pharmacy is scam and it should be avoided at all costs! I am going to rate with 1 out of 5 and I will avoid purchasing medications here!

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