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A pretty good looking online pharmacy that I found by doing my pharmacy research is Or at least, the fact that this is a good looking website was my first impression as soon as I have entered their domain address. The design of the site is user friendly, the information seem to be well arranged so people can easily navigate through the site. plus to that, this site of this pharmacy seems to have some very good options, especially for foreign customers and it includes the fact that people are able to change the currency and the language on the site. Also, I found out that they website is SSL Secured site by Comodo which means that people can purchase medications at this online pharmacy without being afraid that fraudulent actions would be performed in regards to their credit cards. The information on their site suggests that by using Atlantic Drugs, you have healthcare at your fingertips and what’s more important is their claim to be the number one online portal for quality healthcare products. I really hope this is true because being a number one meaning offering good products at good price, being very popular (having people’s trust) and generally being reliable. Plus to that, the pharmacy claims that every day they are delivering more than 500,000 products to their satisfied customers around the globe. That’s a really big number which I hope it is true. I also noticed they are offering coupon codes and all of this makes millions of people around the world to rely on them for their daily healthcare requirements. This all sounds good but I’ve often found pharmacies that do not keep their promises and I hope that Atlantic Drugs Online is not such a pharmacy. I just could not find information suggesting where their headquarters is located and for how long they were in the pharmaceutical business and that’s something I don’t really like very much. Selection of medications and prices

I was not able to find an exact number of drugs that are found in their drugstores, however I could see the list of *product categories* where I found out a lot of categories of medications and assume that each category has at least a few medications then the pharmacy already can be considered to have a wide selection of medications. There are medications which are able to treat the following conditions: erectile dysfunction, anti acidity, skin care, pain relief, antibiotics, sleeping aid, weight loss, blood pressure and a lot of other medications. Since I can say that they offer a wide selection of drugs it is more important to check the prices for those medications and by analyzing the prices for ED drugs (the drugs I’m familiar with), I would say that the prices are really high to my opinion. That’s because, for example, 90 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg would cost you 1.53 USD per pill. Compared to other online pharmacies where you could find same drug at same dosage and quantity for less than 1 USD per pill, that’s a high price. As much as it seems, this online pharmacy does not require a valid prescription, or at least there’s no mention of a prescription requirement. Shipping and payment methods

As stated earlier, this pharmacy claims that they are offering world wide shipping to everybody around the globe and this means that everyone wishing, can order here. but before ordering at this online pharmacy people need to select their preferred shipping which includes: registered airmail that has a delivery timeframe of 7 to 12 days and usually does not have tracking with a shipping fee of 15 USD, or the second shipping options which is EMS that costs 30 USD and not all people living in all countries can choose it. It has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 3 days and it does have tracking. The pharmacy is online offering payment options via credit cards which are: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, JCB. Customer Support Service

As much as it seems, there are only 2 methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy. I personally would say that it would be much better if there would be other methods to get in touch with them but so far, they just include a live assist method: calling them by phone, or for those who does not have urgent inquiries the contact form on their site.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I earlier mentioned, as soon as you enter their online pharmacy you can see that this online pharmacy is offering a coupon code. When you enter their site you can see the message: get 5% off the price with discount coupon ATLANTICSTORE. Except for this I have noticed that the pharmacy offers better price per pill the more pills you order and they also are offering free bonus pills as well as free shipping (both EMS or registered mail) but it depends on how many drugs you’re purchasing. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews and to be honest, the information that I could read after reading the customer reviews didn’t made me want to purchase anything here. There are very few reviews online but as much as I noticed, the reviews indicate this online pharmacy is a scam. Checking its authenticity and legitimacy on I saw that indeed the pharmacy is not that worth having trust in since this is a rogue internet pharmacy. In addition to that, a malware report has been detected for this site and it is involved in a high risk country Russia. Therefore does not have trust in the pharmacy either.


As much as we can see, this online pharmacy does not have trust from scam warning engines and there are very few reviews online but they also indicate that the pharmacy is a scam. With such information I doubt that I will ever purchase anything from the site and I recommend everyone else to stay away from this pharmacy as there’s a high risk of it being scam and that’s why my rating is 1!

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