/ Atlantic Drugs Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore which seems to have lots of different drugs that claimable can help with a lot of human health conditions. Because of the reason that I’m a person who is interested in finding a reliable online pharmacy I’ve started to do a research about this online pharmacy and I’m going to post here what I have found trying to help people knowing if it’s worth shopping your medications here or not. I’ve tried to find out where this online pharmacy is located but there isn’t a *about us* page on the website, or anything in this matter like *our company*, *our pharmacy* or anything in this matter. What I did found is at the bottom of their website the Copyright information implying: *© Copyright 2010-2012* and so I got the conclusion that the website has been opened back in 2010 which is 7 years ago. However what does 2012 stands for? Is the pharmacy not working anymore or what? Anyway, I continued doing my research. Their website has 2 other currencies except for USA $: EURO and GBP and I has a number of different languages that it supports. The website seem to be pretty understandable and with user friendly features. And so I went further researching more.

Atlantic Drugs Selection of Medications with the Prices for medications

The pharmaceutical products found in this drugstore are categorized by health condition and there are drug treating the following: asthma, diabetes, skin case, cholesterol, arthritis, blood pressure, antibiotics and many others and of course, including erectile dysfunction medications. In fact, their bestsellers are erectile dysfunction medications such as generic Viagra that is priced $ 0.64 per pill, generic Cialis that is priced with $ 1.10 per pill and generic Levitra that is priced $ 1.30 per pill. They are only focused in selling generic medications (and claimable all their generics are top quality) as there are no branded names for these medications. The prices for medications that I mentioned so far are pretty good, but they aren’t the best. I would say that they are a little bit less than average prices for same medications per pill that you can find compared to all other online pharmacies. But their erectile dysfunction selection of medications doesn’t stop at these 3 meds as there are a lot others exactly as there are a lot of other medications for different health conditions. They do not require their customers to show a valid prescription for getting any medications, however they recommend their customers to go and talk with a doctor before taking any drugs.

Atlantic Drugs Customer Support

As soon as you enter their front page you can see there is a Toll free US number: +1 877 217 0116 that you can call and get the answers to your questions in case you have some. It is very important for an online pharmacy to have a good and caring customer support team otherwise the pharmacy isn’t worth it because as soon as there are some questions or problems with your order/ payment processing then the customer support team are those who are there to help you. Except for that phone number there is their contact us page on the site and as usual you can fill a form. No online live chat function or phone European number. Payment and Shipping methods

Near to their copyright information on the bottom of the website you can find some small images that are suggesting this online pharmacy is accepting the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. On checkout on *choose your payment method* I was given the same options and there is no other payment method than credit card. As for the shipping method you can choose between the standard 2 shipping methods: registered and express and according to the information I found on checkout page the registered shipping option costs: $ 15 and has a delivery time of 15 to 30 days but express costs $ 30 and has a delivery time of 10 to 15 days. Need to mention that usually registered doesn’t have tracking and express does have tracking (not sure how about this online pharmacy) and express isn’t available in all countries. But if you choose registered as a shipping method then can ship your order all around the globe in all countries. They do offer a refund/reship policy!

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? discounts, bonuses and coupon codes

The website does offer a number of ways and methods that can save people’s money and that’s by giving them 5% discounts on all orders as well by offering 15 % discounts on your second and further orders. You can get the 5% discount if you’re going to enter a coupon number and then Click on Apply Coupon Discount and therefore you’re going to avail the discount. Coupon codes are something that I really love because this way you can save pretty good amount of money without any hassle. In addition to the re order discounts and coupon codes, they are also offering free bonus pills that you would get if you order a certain number of pills. In addition to all of this, the pharmacy is offering free shipping to everybody who is ordering above a certain sum. They offer free express shipping as well as free regular shipping.  So they have free bonus pills, free shipping, discounts from coupon codes and discounts from re ordering. To be honest, these are some very good deals (and that’s except for the fact that if you buy more pills then you have extra discounts that save you some $$$). I do like such kind of offers and deals but they are not worth anything if the pharmacy isn’t reliable and finding out whether it is or not, customer reviews would help us. Customer Reviews

This pharmacy offers all site visitors to read the customer reviews about the pharmacy itself and also the reviews about each medication in particular. Like for example when I clicked on purchasing Viagra I was offered to read the reviews written by so called customers named George from Montreal and Steve from New York, both of which said that the results from taking their medications were *more than they expected*. That wasn’t a surprise for me to see that the customer reviews on the website are all extremely positive, the problem is that I don’t believe them. What I do believe in is reviews written somewhere else than the website itself and unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any! I reached the google’s page 6 while searching for reviews entering site by site without finding a single customer review about this website. Instead, what I did have found is the information saying that the website is Russian Federation based and I tend not to believe online pharmacies from that region because usually all the online pharmacies from there are scams and fakes. The website is rated very poorly by all the rest scam warning websites (including The online pharmacy’s domain age seem to be 6 years and no customer reviews with such a low trust rate suggests that staying away from such an online pharmacy, even with all their good offers, is a good idea.


I do realize that it can be tempting to use this online pharmacy because it has good cheap prices for medications and it has a lot of good offers and deals like bonuses and discounts, nevertheless ordering here might be very risky. I haven’t found people saying that it is a scam/ fake pharmacy or someone saying that they never received their orders. However I also haven’t found good reviews. But due to the fact that this pharmacy is Russian Federation based the risks that it is a scam is simply too high and that’s why I am rating it with 2 out of 5 and I won’t risk with my money. But if there is somebody brave enough and tempted enough by prices and deals to try it out then go and try it, however I would recommend against it.

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