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Your pharmacy can be at your fingertips, or at least that’s the online pharmacy that I will review today is claiming. The pharmacy is named Assured Rx and it can be found at the domain address name Also, as soon as I have entered the online pharmacy’s front page I have seen that they are claiming to be *proud to be the preferred home delivery pharmacy for freedom health, optimum healthcare, America’s first Choice NC, and America’s first Choice SC. Or at least that’s their claim. They claim that their mission is to take of their patients by optimizing drug therapy and ensuring medication safety therefore, they guarantee a fast delivery of services. All these claims are good but hopefully they are keeping their promises a well as I’ve often come along lying online pharmacies. The website seems to be quite well done with ease to navigate through it and understand everything. What’s more important is the fact that this pharmacy claims to be having some certifications and accreditations. They claim to be PCCA proud member, URAC accredited as well as VIPPS accredited pharmacy and this means that they should be an all legitimate and registered pharmacy in the USA. People are able to register with this online pharmacy if they wish to, but there’s a chance that this is mandatory to do for ordering here, that’s something we’re going to find out later. The site doesn’t seem to be fully functional which is not a very good thing. There’s a webpage on their site *compounding* and *careers* however by accessing them I was given an error. There’s not information about how long this pharmacy has been online, but there is information about where they are located with exact address in Clearwater, Florida. Selection of medications and prices for them

This is an online pharmacy that’s really strange to my opinion, there is not an list of medications and I have no idea how to check them. there’s not a search function either. It might be the fact that the medications are listed in the pages that give an error when trying to access them but I am not sure. or there is also a change that for checking the selection of medications and their prices you need to register first, I am not sure. Whatever the case, I am not able to find a selection of medications here or prices for them and that’s why I am not able to comment on any. All I see is a non fully functional website of an pharmacy with no products or price list to check and that’s not a good impression I made based on these to be honest. As for prescription, this online seems to be a VIPPS and URAC accredited pharmacy and therefore, they are not allowed to sell prescription meds without a prescription. Shipping and payments details

Due to the fact that I am not able to see a list of medications it is obvious that I cannot go to checkout page either, if they have one. With this being said, all the information about these points can be found exclusively on FAQ page so hopefully they have some. Since this is a VIPPS and URAC accredited pharmacy, they do not ship medications outside USA. There is standard shipping, overnight shipping and second day delivery. Standard is free to all orders, but overnight and second day delivery require additional charge that is not listed. Medications for standard shipping needs to be received in 10 days. Unfortunately, no mention about payment methods so I cannot comment on this part. Customer Support Service

It is obvious that when an online pharmacy doesn’t have working pages on their website, doesn’t share a list of medications and prices and doesn’t share so many information, people would have questions to ask. They can do it by email, by the toll free phone number or local number or toll free fax number, you can also use the contact form available on their website to get in touch with them or using the mailing address is also available as well. There is no live chat function available, unfortunately.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

It is very nice to know that you’re saving money when purchasing medications online so you can do it with the help of coupon codes offered by pharmacies or their special offers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any being offered by pharmacy as there doesn’t seem to be any coupon code or special offer. All I can say here is the fact they claim all medications shipped through standard shipping are free of shipping charge. Other than this there’s nothing, either because they do not have a list of medications either there are indeed none. Customer support service can be helpful in finding out more info here. Reviews

While I was searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy I have found some employee reviews on sites like indeed and but I am not interested in such reviews. I’m interested in customer reviews which I have found only 3 of them on the internet. That’s already not a good thing but checking them was even worse: 2 of them rated it with 1 out of 5 and only one reviewer reviewed it with 5 out of 5. All 3 reviews are on facebook. Worst is that the reviewers rating it with 1 out of 5 wrote an actual review while the one who rated 5 out of 5 never said anything. Plus, Assured RX never replied to those who rated it with 1 out of 5. They explained that people there are rude, they don’t care about their customers and the delays are unacceptable and plus, they seem to have incompetent people working as well.


This pharmacy indeed seems to be legit and reliable with low chances of this pharmacy to scam people, nevertheless, they still seem to fail in making people writing a review about them and those who do write bad things. There’s not a price list or a medications list, no coupon codes and the site is non fully functional. I cannot rate such a pharmacy with more than 2 out of 5.

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