/ Assert Meds Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to be an *trusted online pharmacy to buy generic Viagra, Levitra generic and other OTC medications* or what I’ve just said here is what they claim it to be. This pharmacy indeed seems to be focused in mostly selling medications treating ED condition as the medications they seem to recommend and advertise are Viagra, Kamagra and so on and so forth. went further trying to find out more information about the pharmacy and I found out their claim about the fact that this company is dealing in branded product at an evenhanded price with their aim being customer desired needs. However there’s nothing more in regards to the pharmacy as where their office is established and for how long they are in the pharmaceutical game. Tried to find if they have some accreditations or something and I couldn’t find either which means that we cannot be sure where this pharmacy is located, whether does it have some license or not and for how long they are doing it. All I can say that this pharmacy is claiming to be *trusted and approved* and selling quality medications at lowest prices. This is all the information that I could get by analyzing the website which seems to be easy to understand and user friendly.

Selection of drugs and prices for drugs on

This is an online pharmacy which seems to sell only 3 types of medications: men’s sexual health, women’s sexual health and eye drops. That’s strange, they are selling medications for sexual health of both sexes – and eye drops. That’s really strange in my opinion. But anyway, in men’s sexual health I could find generic Viagra and generic Levitra, however there is no generic Cialis and in fact, there’s no form of Cialis at all. and this pharmacy doesn’t seem to have brands. In man’s sexual health they have a total number of like 20 drugs or so, but none of them seem to be brands – all only generics. In women’s sexual health there seems to be only a single drug: Lovegra and that’s it. While in eye drops there are a total number of 5 medications. This is pretty much all the medications that you can find in this online pharmacy with no other types of medications. Talking about the prices I can say that generic Viagra comes in a single strength of 100 mg and the dosage per pill is anywhere between 0.69 USD and 2.5 USD depending on the quantity of pills mostly, but also on either are you an existing customer or new customer. For generic Levitra, as usual, you would need to pay a bit more, it also comes in a single strength of 20 mg and for a pill you would need to pay anywhere between 1.30 USD and 4 USD, exactly as for Viagra depending on the quantity of pills you order and either are you an existing customer or new customer. Those medications that require a prescription (but I assume that most medications you can find in this drugstore are requiring a prescription) cannot be obtain without showing them a valid prescription from a licensed doctor so make sure you have one before you order.

Shipping and payment methods on

This online pharmacy doesn’t differentiate with anything from the most other online pharmacies that I have reviewed so far, that’s because this pharmacy is offering 2 standard shipping options and 2 standard payment options. In terms of shipping: post registered and express shipping options, registered costs 18 USD and express costs 25 USD but it seems that both of them can be tracked. There’s nowhere on the website any kind of information showing what are the delivery times and analyzing the number of countries where to ship, they do not ship world wide, however there still does seem to be like around 30 or so countries you can choose from. It seems that they have some mistakes on their website as they mentioned that orders above 250 USD are getting free regular shipping and near that they also said that orders above, again, 250 USD are getting free express shipping so I am not very sure. By the way, by reading through the sites I found other mistakes (like grammatical or others) – that’s not actually a good sign. Payment methods include: credit cards only visa and master card and for US customers: e check. The pharmacy offers 10% bonus pill for free and this offer is time limited by choosing echeck payment method. Customer Support

I had a few questions to ask this pharmacy and the only way that I wanted to do so is by live chat support and although they seemed to have this option available I found this: Live Help Offline meaning that they were currently not available. Not sure if they would ever be. If they would have been online I wanted to ask them about where they are located, what’s about those mistakes on their website and a couple other questions. Anyhow, I could do that if I would have called them by their toll free number, but I am not a talkative number and I also could go on their contact us page and write them an email at either one of the 2 emails listed, one of customer support and the other one for information. So you can write them emails, call them by toll free number or wait for the live help to get online and ask questions. Again, since they were offline I didn’t contacted them – the reason why I cannot comment on quality of service.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

I have already mentioned a couple of special offers this online pharmacy provides to customers, some of which are free regular and express shipping, but I still haven’t understood what kind of order sum you need to reach to get each one for free. There are also 10% bonus free pills if you decide to pay via echeck and the discounted prices per pill if you decide to buy a larger quantity of pills at once. But it seems that free bonus pills (if you choose echeck as payment) and free shipping are all the offers given by this pharmacy. There are no coupon codes or anything else that can make you save money. that’s good that they have at least something but since echeck is only for US customers, foreigners can’t benefit from this bonus.

Customer reviews about

This online pharmacy does seem to enjoy a little bit of popularity and that’s the conclusion I’ve made by analyzing the number of mentions and customer reviews on other foreign websites. Although I can’t say that it is super popular or anything in this matter, it is still a little bit more popular than most of pharmacies that I reviewed so far. What’s most important is the customer reviews’ opinions in order to make a conclusion and yet – the reviews are very different. There are people who seem to be happy with the services of this pharmacy but there are other people with other opinions. According to reviews on facebook this pharmacy has a rate of less than 4 out of 5 with many people simply rating it without saying a word. On other websites, there are 3 customer reviews and all 3 are negative. For example, a person named galina said that has gotten *cheated of 10 BTC* and I’m not very sure how is that possible unless she gave them their Bitcoin account but if that’s true 10 BTC, with the current exchange (the review was written in October this year), it means she got scammed of around 70,000 USD (since in October 1 BTC was around 7,000 USD. I’m not very sure if that’s actually true, but if that’s is then the pharmacy scammed really good money. Another person named alu said that they have poor customer support. And the third person with nickname scam, obviously, said that this is a scam website that did not provide the delivery after the person made the payment.


There are is a good number of customer reviews all over the internet on different websites and all those reviews are very different with many people being happy with the services and others calling them scammers. With this being said, I surely can’t call this online pharmacy to be an reliable online pharmacy. I personally wouldn’t want to order from an online pharmacy that I would need to guess whether would they send the medications that I paid for or I’ve got scammed. Due to the fact that there are an approximate equal number of positive and negative reviews I would rate it in the middle. But since I can rate it on a scale from 1 to 5 only I rate it with 2 because as I said, I won’t be recommending or ordering from an online pharmacy that might or might not send me the medications I paid for.

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