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Trying to review one site got harder than I thought that it can ever be. The reason is that I have tried to review an online pharmacy review that is called Apte4ka and it is believed to be a Russian online pharmacy based in US. Either they are indeed in US, or they run their business from Russia or maybe whatever other country – I just don’t know. But as much as you can see, it was so hard for me to review apte4ka.com because everything written there is in Russian and since I don’t know any other words in Russian than just *privet* I couldn’t do it without the help of my friend who knows Russian and agreed in translating me. He told me that the word *apte4ka* in Russian means *little pharmacy* and that’s how I understood that apte4ka.com is actually an online pharmacy and not something else. I am quite sure that I am not the only person who found it hard to understand this site so I’m quite sure lots of their customers find it hard to understand anything in their site. Good thing nowadays we have intelligent browsers and intelligent google machine that could translate a part too, but that’s just not enough. Anyhow, I couldn’t find any information by whom this pharmacy is run, where they are located and in which year it started its business. The only thing I found is: * Apte4ka.com 2009-2013 © * and then I think, ok it opened in 2009, but why 2013? It stopped their activity? Then why the site is still open? And searching further I discovered them claiming that they are Russian order drugs in the United States and that they have started their pharmaceutical market business of American in 2008. Why then there’s written 2009? There are generally lots of questions without no answers, at least so far.

Anyway, what is the Apte4ka selection?

They claim to be *little pharmacy* as my friend told me that *apte4ka* means, however they don’t seem to sell medications. I mean, they don’t seem to sell medications, however to a certain extend they are selling some other types of medications but not only medications they have there socks, they even sell binoculars and candles, soaps, oils and others. There are things that is ‘similar’ to medications such as medical cosmetics, hair care, medical equipment, syrups and something for weight loss. However no actual medications that, in my opinion, an actual online pharmacy should have. At very least, an online pharmacy definitely shouldn’t have binoculars in their so called *drug* store. As usually I’ve started to search for Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. There’s none. I just couldn’t find any information about their drugs as of general, by whom their drugs are manufactured and what are the chances that if I take a drug from their store, I won’t die the next day?

What are the drug prices?

Usually, I’m searching for prices of ED medications as I just don’t know anything about other drugs and medications and since there are no erectile dysfunction drugs then I just can’t say anything about drug prices. In addition to that, I found it very hard to understand anything and by this moment I already asked my friend thousands of questions asking him to translate me this site. To be honest I think that’s a huge problem since it is extremely hard for the clients to know the values, to understand what’s going on in that site, and especially for clients who just don’t understand Russian, like me.

Apte4ka Payments options

Went further and tried to find out what are the payment options and I did. As much as I’ve seen apte4ka.com is accepting payments through Discover, VISA, Master Card, Pay Pal and American Express.

Apte4ka Shipping options

Unfortunately here, I couldn’t find any information. I just don’t have any ideas what are their shipping fees, do they ship world wide or only in Russia, or maybe only in USA, or maybe only in Russia and USA. On the shipping part, lots of questions were unanswered for me.

Do Apte4ka require a prescription?

I’ve asked my friend to translate nearly everything on that site for me and there were no mention of prescriptions. But that’s not a surprise since there are no actual medications. In fact, it would have been a shock for me to see that they do require a prescription.

Apte4ka Customer support

The only ways that you could get in touch with them are by writing them an email on [email protected] or submitting a request via the contact form which is quite the same. And lastly there’s also phone number for urgent communications 917-2923912 as they shared on their site. There is no live chat function, which is not a big surprise. In fact, I got shocked I saw a phone number. Thought about calling them, but since I don’t know Russian, what should I ask?

Apte4ka Coupons and promotions

Since I barely understood what are their prices (I mean, I got information about how much do their soap or candles costs, but since I have no idea what are their actual price I just couldn’t comment on that) I couldn’t understand whether do they have any promotions. But seemingly there were no promotions, coupons or discounts. At least I didn’t found any.

Is Apte4ka a scam or legit?

The fact that there are so so any questions that are unanswered makes me wanna say that it is a scam site. The fact that they do not support any other languages than Russian also makes me wanna say that it is a scam. And lately the fact that they don’t even have actual medications also raises a big question (not even sure if that make me think either it is scam or legit). however I have tried to search about what do other sites say about it and I got shocked to see that scamadviser has a 94% trust rate. However this still doesn’t mean that it is not a scam. But it still doesn’t mean that it is a scam. That’s why I just can’t answer this question for now. There are also some reviews I found online which supported the idea that it is legit.

Apte4ka Reviews

I very much wanted to find out reviews about this site and I did.  It was a big surprise for me to see that there were positive reviews about this online pharmacy. Those positive online feedbacks, by the clients made me think that maybe this means that the site may be indeed a good intentioned venture even though they use only Russian language? So the site had positive reviews online and that’s a very big plus for me.

What’s the conclusion?

Working with this site was extremely hard. They have something going on as the site was extremely slow. It takes me like 5 minutes (literally) to open a page. This was super annoying. It was super annoying to translate every single word I found. I couldn’t find a lot of information and biggest problem is that they didn’t even had actual medication in there. but the fact that there are positive reviews is a good thing and that’s why I just can’t say that it is 1 out of 5 so I guess that 2 out of 5 is well deserved by apte4ka.com meaning that this online pharmacy has a lot of things to work up in order to deserve a better rate.

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