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The online pharmacy that I found which also seems to be a pharmacy that’s being oriented in selling a single type of drug is Or at least that’s my conclusion I thought about when I read the pharmacy’s name. So, as much as we can think, this online pharmacy seems to be mostly oriented in selling anti estrogens, however I’m going to determine if this offers other types of drugs as well or not. I have accessed the site when I found a user friendly interfaced site, a good design of site and all the information on the site seems to be well arranged, as much as it seems. I think so because people can easily access the information needed as the info is not chaotically arranged on the site as on some other online stores I’ve reviewed so far. The motto of the pharmacy is: the pharmacy you can trust for all your needs! They claim to ship to US, Canada, UK, Australia and to Europe as well. Then I found some information on the site suggesting that this pharmacy is worth using because they are offering Express Shipping, Cheap Prices, US and Worldwide Shipping! On their main page there is more information about anti estrogens so people who are not very familiar with the drugs could read more information. There is also a list of medications on their main page either. According to the copyright information, the online pharmacy is operating for 2 years since 2016, however there is no information about where this online pharmacy is being located. To be honest, I do not really like this type of *mysteriousness* however scam warning engines can usually help with this information. There’s information on site suggesting that there are 5 things that differentiate this pharmacy from others making it more worth using: their customer service is better; the quality of medicines is better (no low quality meds made in India); they claim that no surprises would follow as what you buy is what you get; they are offering mostly brand names but even generics are high quality and lastly they offer quick dispatch. Selection of medications and prices

As much as I found information on their site, they are not actually selling only anti estrogens, although they seem to be mostly oriented in selling such kind of drugs. There’s information (that you can check right from their main page) that they are also offering drugs as: anti estrogens; anti aromatase, dopamine agonist, fat loss. Anti hair loss and prostate protection; heart health and beta blockers, bone health and osteoporosis and lastly: Pain relief. As much as it seems these are all the types of medication you can find on their site, however there’s information suggesting that if you do not see what you’re looking for you could contact them as they have hundreds of medications available. This means that the selection of medications should be pretty wide here as much as it seems. Since I’m not an expert in these types of medications, I can only give example of price and say that, a random product called Actonel 75 mg (18 tablets) would cost you 339 USD. This is a drug for osteoporosis. Not sure how good of a price is that. They claim that you can buy drugs only with a valid prescription. Shipping and payment methods

There’s information suggesting that they are offering world wide shipping but before ordering you need to select shipping. There seem to be 2 shipping options, however the EMS option doesn’t seem to be available at the moment. It has a delivery timeframe of 5 to 12 business days and costs 50 USD. However, right now, everyone can only ship through air mail that costs 9 USD and usually has no tracking option online. It may take up to maximum 28 business days for delivery. This pharmacy is only accepting payments through Visa credit card. Customer Support Service

I could not find a FAQ page on this online pharmacy’s website and that’s a problem because people might have a lot of questions that are not being answered. With no FAQ page, the pharmacy should have an even better customer support service but I got disappointed seeing that the only way to get in touch with the pharmacy is through the contact form. There’s no way to get a live assist help from the pharmacy’s consultants.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are very important because, with the help of the coupon codes you can easily save some money. There does seem to be a *discount code* available on the site which you can apply, however I couldn’t find those codes on the site. Except for this, all I could find is that some products on their website seem to be on a sale as they are being offered for less of a price than they used to be in the past. Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important when judging a pharmacy and the lack of customer reviews is also a sign and indeed, the pharmacy lacks customer reviews which is a big problem because it means that it is not popular among buyers and therefore having full trust in the pharmacy could be a big mistake. I did found online people asking if there was anyone who has ever used this pharmacy but unfortunately nobody responded. Therefore, I checked information on where I found out that the site could be unsafe. That’s because the site is not being approved by (rogue internet pharmacy), a malware report has been detected for the site and lastly – the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity.


I do think that having trust in this online pharmacy could be a big mistake and that’s because it could end up in you getting scammed, losing money by not getting anything at all or getting fake products. There are no customer reviews which is a problem and the pharmacy is not being trusted by scam warning engines. I will rate with 2 stars out of maximum 5 stars.

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