| Anon Pharma Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that I have found by doing my pharmacy research and that’s the pharmacy I will be reviewing right now. as soon as I have entered the main page of the pharmacy I have seen the following message: *Welcome to ANON PHRMA – No Prescription Online Pharmacy* so, as much as it seems, this is an online pharmacy which doesn’t require a prescription for order prescription medications and although this is a very good thing for some people, this is the sign that this is an illegal activity of the pharmacy. as much as they claimed, ANON Pharma is a multi national no prescription online pharmacy which has warehouses in USA, Canada, Australia, Italy and more. The information on the website suggesting that the website is run by a single person as he kept on using terms such as *I have huge variety*; *all my medications*; *when you buy medications from me* and etc. with this being said, this pharmacy seems to be illegal and run by a single person and the person seemed to be named Eric. This person said that his main aim is to keep himself, all his customers and their personal data safe. With this being said, it is obvious I won’t find any information about him or his pharmacy. at least I can say that this person has made a quite good website which is user friendly and easy to navigate and access the pages that you might need. You can also create an account here and login to it if you need. Selection of medications and prices for them

You’re able to browse your needed medications on this website by using the search function available on the website, but except for the search function there’s also categories of medications. I cannot say that there’s a very wide selection of medications and that’s due to the fact that, according to categories of medications I found here, there are only medications for: ADHD, Anxiety, Erectile dysfunction, Insomnia, Pain killers and weight loss. In fact, I can say that there’s a total of only 22 medications since there’s a page with *all products* being listed. So the selection of medications is definitely not very big. Among ED drugs there’s only Viagra and claimable it is brand Viagra 100 mg by Pfizer. You can buy a minimum quantity of 30 pills at once and one pill would cost you 3 USD. If that’s true then I would say that this is a very very good price as usually, pharmacies have higher prices for a pill of generic Viagra than brand Viagra here. as I said earlier, this online pharmacy is not requiring anyone a prescription so if you want to purchase, the pharmacy (or that person) claims you would get your drugs simply by paying money. Shipping and payment methods

As much as I could find from the list of countries on the checkout page of this website, this pharmacy is offering world wide shipping. Or at least there’s a really long list of countries to which this pharmacy is accepting orders to. As much as it seems, this pharmacy does not offer multiple shipping options as it seems that they have one shipping method available which is Express mail. Shipping time depends on location which is 15 to 25 business days with the best time to US, UK and AU is 12 days. Orders that exceed 500 USD gets a free shipping through registered mail. Not sure if there’s online tracking offered. As in terms of payment methods the pharmacy is accepting bitcoin, western union, visa/ master card, iTune Gif Cards, Paypal (but this option is only available for returning customers only) and debit/credit card (but accepted only for benzos). Payments with credit cards will make you pay 20% extra but with bitcoin less 10%. customer support

As it was previously mentioned, this person is trying hard to keep his identity in secret and therefore, I do not except many contact forms. What surprised me is that he does offer a phone number! However he said that no phone calls or sms are accepted. The phone number is only for whatsapp talk. There are also 2 emails listed as well. No other ways to get in touch except for email and whatsapp.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I was not able to find any coupon codes being offered by this pharmacy (or better said by that person), however I have already mentioned the things I mentioned which saves you money by ordering here. This includes: paying with bitcoin would make you receive a 10% discount and ordering more than 500 USD will make you receive a free shipping. It is obvious that it could have been better if more offers would be available. Reviews

I was not having big hopes to receive good and positive customer reviews from a pharmacy that is run by a single person who tries so hard to hide its identity. There are customer reviews on different websites who are supporting the fact that this is in fact a scam website/ pharmacy that is going to take away your money and won’t send you anything in return. This is quite possible to happen knowing the fact that this pharmacy is run by a single person. I have checked the information on (but it wasn’t so important to do when there are customer reviews on different sites supporting the idea that this is a scam pharmacy) which also suggested that this is a scam website. With such customer reviews and information from scam adviser, I guess my conclusion is going to be quite obvious. People lost money and I doubt that someone could think that I could recommend anything else than staying away.


In the end, this online pharmacy is only going to scam people after sending your money there. This is the idea supported by different people on different websites who said that they have lost money by trying to order from that pharmacy. it is obvious that such a pharmacy gets a rate of 1 out of 5.

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