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Another Canadian pharmacy is which claims to have some reasons why people should choose them and those are: high quality products, low prices, professional assistance, bonuses and discounts as well as affordability and availability. Or at least that’s the information that I have got by entering their *About Us* page on the website as that was the best thing that I’ve done as soon as I entered this pharmacy’s website. They have also made a claim that they have only high quality medications in their drugstore and that’s because they are operating exclusively with certified, licensed and authoritative drug manufacturers. Since they claim to be a Canadian pharmacy, I think that the pharmacy should be based there, and when I went on their Contact Us page that seemed to be true as they mentioned that the headquarters of Canadian Pharmacy is being located in Mississauga, ON, Canada with an exact address given and a photo of their headquarters shared. I also tried to find out when this pharmacy has been established and there’s no information in this matter only except for the information on their Copyright – *© Copyright, 2002-2017. All Rights Reserved* and by this I can assume that the pharmacy has been established 15 years ago. As for the website itself, it doesn’t seem to have any other languages than English but it does have other currencies people can choose from. Although it is a Canadian pharmacy, they don’t seem to be accredited by CPA, CIPA or MIPA and that’s not a really good thing.

Ann Pharmacy Selection of drugs and prices

Although they are having a lot of different medications treating various conditions, their best sellers seem to be ED treating medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and those are generic types of medications. But this doesn’t mean that they do not have the branded names for those medications. So to my opinion they don’t lack any kind of drugs. They have a lot of drugs treating very much health conditions (such as pain relief, insomnia, stop smoking and many others) and they are having a lot of different drugs in Erectile Dysfunction catalogue of drugs such as both generic and brand Cialis, Viagra, Levitra and other things like Gold Viagra, Kamagra, Caverta, Sildalis and many others. The prices for some of these medications seems to be *discounted* as the pharmacy implies and that’s because there is an old price for generic Viagra which is 0.96 USD per pill but the current deal is 0.86 USD per pill. The Brand Viagra doesn’t seem to have a deal with a price of 3.95 USD per pill. However these are prices per pill that you can get if buying a big quantity of pills. The exact same thing goes for Cialis with an old price of 1.77 USD for a pill of generic Cialis and the new deal is 1.59 USD with the brand Cialis having a price of 5.45 USD. Even with the new deals, compared to some other online pharmacies that I have seen, the prices aren’t the best. They are fairly good compared to all online pharmacies out there and they are extremely good compared to the prices for medications on your local pharmacies. But yet, they aren’t the best prices you can find. Shipping details and Payment Methods

This pharmacy is currently offering 2 shipping methods that are available at the moment and they are: international unregistered airmail and unfortunately, there’s no information about it (not the price mentioned and no delivery time mentioned) and it doesn’t have tracking. The second option is trackable courier service. This option, of course, does have a tracking number so the customers can track it, however then again, there’s no information about the delivery time and shipping fee. That’s why I had to actually go to checkout and there I found out that the regular airmail costs 15 USD with a delivery time of 10 to 21 days and express shipping costs 25 USD with a delivery time of 8 to 14 days, however this shipping method is only available for US customers. The shipping can be free if you purchase more than 150 USD (regular) and if you go above 300 USD per order then you get express shipping for free. Orders above 200 USD get free insurance. There are 4 payment options: VISA, Master Card, American Express and eCheck but since the first 3 methods are pretty much the same: credit card then I can say that there are only 2 payment options. And since eCheck is only available for US customers, all the rest of the world have only one payment option: credit card, so you can’t choose any other payment method if you don’t live in US. Customer Support Service

Unless you are going to go yourself in person to their headquarters, there is just a single method to get in touch with their customer support service and that’s by filling a form and then waiting for their back response in your email or by phone number if you would indicate one and if they decide that it is worth contacting you by phone. There is no phone number that you can call this pharmacy and there is no live chat function. To be honest, in my opinion, this is by far not enough contacting methods, but seemingly they think otherwise.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Ann Pharmacy Coupons and discounts

The pharmacy seem to have deals on Men’s Erection Powerpack as they are giving a special price for it. Besides this deal, as I mentioned earlier, they are giving free shipping and free insurance depending on the order sum  – (150 USD regular shipping, 300 USD Express shipping and 200 USD free insurance). In addition to that, they seem to encourage their customers to order big quantities of pills because the pills are getting a lower price the more you buy. Lastly, you’re also getting free pills: 4 pills of Viagra 100 mg OR 4 pills of Cialis 20 mg. Those are pretty good and enough facilities for customers, even though there is no coupon codes unfortunately which would be even better because you could save a couple of extra dollars. Reviews

I’ve checked all over the Google but all my trying was without any good results – didn’t had any customer reviews outside their own website where they have testimonials, which, of course, those are extremely good reviews, but testimonials I do not believe so they are worth nothing for me. Customer reviews written on independent websites are of my interest but I wasn’t able to find absolutely any of them. What has surprised me is that did have some of a trust in this online pharmacy giving it a trust score of 55% and in addition to that, according to the domain age is 9 years old. I am not sure why this pharmacy failed to get at least a bit of popularity since it has absolutely no customer reviews all over the internet in all this time but I would put my trust much more if it would have customer reviews.


An online pharmacy that is on the market for a lot of years is a lot much more easier to have trust in compared to an online pharmacy that just has been opened. However, it is also much more easier to have trust in an online pharmacy that has customer reviews on independent websites rather than one that doesn’t have any. doesn’t have any customer reviews, but it does seem to be on the market for quite a while. Plus to that,, unlike many other online pharmacies, has more than 50% of trust in this website which still means that it could be unsafe to use, but that’s still a bit better. With all of this being said I rate it with 3 out of 5 and I think that still browsing and purchasing here might be unsafe to use so I can’t recommend doing it to anyone.

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