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There’s an online pharmacy that I have managed to find named and later I am going to try to determine what this online pharmacy means by *all three meds* and which are they. By doing so, of course, I would need to carefully check their website and that’s what I have done. I have accessed their main page where I saw a site with, to my opinion, not so good design of the site since it seems that half of the page is empty and generally it doesn’t seem to be very user friendly, although the information on the site seems to be well arranged which is making me easier navigate through the site and that’s already very good. As soon as I have entered their website I’ve read their question: *are you ready to enjoy a more exciting sexual lifestyle?* and that was the moment when I realized that *all three meds* stands for: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, the most famous ED treating medications and therefore this is an online pharmacy mostly oriented in selling ED drugs., is the site of the pharmacy that claims to offer their customers: incredible treatments for erectile dysfunction. They claim that they are making the process faster than waiting at your doctor’s office and they are providing a secure high quality service that you can trust, for over 2 years now. They’re also claiming that they offer high quality medication and exceptions service, service that is offered by licensed US physicians that will approve or decline your order after reviewing the information and medical questionnaire. They claim that meds are shipped from US pharmacy, nevertheless, there’s no exact address given and with this being said, we don’t know where this online pharmacy is located. They claim to offer: a real US pharmacy owned and operated by a US licensed pharmacy; a licensed US medical doctor (real doctor) and a secure order site with a proper security certificate. I do think that there needs to be more information about the pharmacy but there’s still more to check. Selection of medications and prices

I was trying to find out information about whether or not this online pharmacy is offering any other medications than Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and it seems that the only other medication (the fourth drug) is Cialis daily. Seemingly, they are not offering any other medications than these 4 all of which are branded medications and they have no generic forms of these drugs and no other types of drugs either. However when I tried to go on checkout page, I have seen they have some *new drugs* with some *soft* pills added and *generic Viagra* as well. in short, like 5 other ED drugs are added either. I tried to find out the prices for meds and I saw that 10 Viagra 100 mg tablet would cost you 1000+ USD as the price per pill is more than 100 USD. That’s the highest ever price that I have seen at online pharmacies. There’s no information if you need to have an legitimate prescription but there’s information suggesting that you can get one from their physician if they approve it. Shipping and payment methods

As much as it seems, this online pharmacy is only offering medications to US customers as they are not shipping abroad the US territories. Anyway, those people who are living in USA can choose one of the 3 different shipping options which are: USPS that is required for PO Boxes and costs 18.95 USD and delivery up to 5 business days. There’s also second shipping option: UPS 2nd Day Air that costs 28.60 USD and UPS Next day that costs 45.60 USD. Then I have tried to find out what are the payment methods but you cannot seem them unless you fill up the medical questionnaire. Unfortunately, I can’t say what are the payment methods accepted here. Customer Support Service

There might be a lot of questions that people might want to ask before ordering here (if there’s any point in ordering at this online pharmacy with such prices) and for doing so, they do not really have many options to choose from if they want to get in touch with this pharmacy. That’s because you’re only able to use the contact form on their website and the email address, both of which are pretty much the same. No live chat function, phone number or anything else that you could use to talk with this pharmacy’s customer support service.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

It is obvious that when an online pharmacy has such big prices, it would be nice if they would have some coupon codes that could give you some discounts, or at least free shipping or anything that could make you save at least a bit of money. There’s nothing. No coupon codes, no discounts, no free pills, free shipping – anything. Reviews

I’ve been doing my research for customer reviews about this online pharmacy and then I got even more disappointed: this online pharmacy has only 3 customer reviews, they were written back in 2011 and 2012 and worst news is that all 3 of them were negative. A person said his order never arrived after 2 months, another said that he got the products after 3 months but they are not real Viagra he ordered and the last said that the site used to be functional, now he is not. What’s even strange – suggests the site has been online for 12 years, the reviews are written 6-7 years ago but the pharmacy claims to be online for 2 years. This means nobody updates the info on site meaning there’s nobody who cares.


I personally won’t ever try to purchase anything from this online pharmacy and there’s not only one but there are several reasons why: I wouldn’t purchase from an online pharmacy where *nobody cares*, I wouldn’t purchase from an online pharmacy with the biggest ever prices online and no ways to get a discount, I wouldn’t purchase from a site with negative customer reviews (suggesting the site is scam), I wouldn’t purchase from a site with no trust from scam warning engines (again suggesting the site is a scam). has all three reasons why not to order here and therefore I rate it with 1 star out of 5.

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