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Usually, when people are trying to save money while purchasing medications they are resorting to generic medications since we all know that generic medications are usually much cheaper compared to brand medications. Nevertheless, people are still trying to search for generic medications at online pharmacies instead of local pharmacies and that’s because usually local pharmacies might not have generics of a medication or the prices are still too high. today I have come along the online pharmacy, a pharmacy which, as much as we can see from its name, sells generic medications. As soon as I have entered the online pharmacy I have noticed a really well done website, it is user friendly, it seems to be easily to navigate and access the pages that you need. Also, customers of this online pharmacy can register and sign in here. Later I would find out if this is something mandatory to do or not. On their website there is also *currency converter*. The website also claims to be SSL secured and also verified and secured by GODADDY. The pharmacy claims to be around since 2009 and in case it is true, that’s really good. They claim to have heavily discount prescription drugs as well as over the counter drugs too. I was not able to find information about where this pharmacy is located but I hope that scam warning websites would help with this. But until then I would try to find out some more details about the pharmacy. Selection of medications and prices

As soon as you enter the website you can see that you’re able to search for medications via the search box function but except for that, there are categories of medications that you can see as soon as you enter the website. There are medications such as mens health, pain relief, antibiotics medicine, digestive system, herbal medicine, medicine for asthma and many others. With all of this being mentioned I can assume the fact that this pharmacy is offering a very wide selection of medications, or at least that what it seems by checking their categories where you can find lots of them. I have then checked the *mens health* to check the prices. generally this online pharmacy seems to offer a few brand medications as well, but there are no brands in ED medications. There are only generics of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Generic sildenafil 100 mg 100 tablets would be 1 USD per item and that’s a good price in case that’s true. I mean *in case that’s true* because the pharmacy said: 100 pills + 100 free pills and that means 200 pills for 100 USD. That would be too good to be true. There is no information about a prescription requirement and for this reason I can assume that this online pharmacy is not requiring a valid prescription anybody. Shipping and payment methods

As much as I could find information on their checkout page, by *select shipping*, you can only select Internationa by speed post usps which costs 17.50 USD, however on delivery information page they claim that they are offering delivery only to US, UK and few other countries and people are able to choose among express shipping which has a delivery timeframe of 10 to 12 business days and the second: international airmail which has a delivery timeframe of 15 to 20 business days. None of these shipping options are having a shipping fee shared and not sure if both of them are having online tracking available or no. as in terms of payment methods this pharmacy claims to accept VISA, Master Card, Visa Electron, Maestro, JCB and echeck. Other than these payments I am not sure if they are accepting. Customer Support Service

If you want to ask some questions or give them your feedback upon their products/ services then you can do it by a few different methods. One of them includes the fact that they are having a lot of social media pages such as facebook, twitter and others. But except for that, you can use their toll free phone number, you’re able to use their email address and lastly, they have shared their skype name as well. Except for these they claim to have live chat function but they are currently offline.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I have said a bit earlier, this online pharmacy claims to offer free pills but I am not sure if that’s real and that’s because by choosing generic sildenafil 100 mg 100 tablets they claim to offer 100 more for free. But except for free pills I found that by entering the code BMY#2017 when purchasing with echeck you would get discounts either. Lastly, they claim that by subscribing to their newsletter they are going to send to you their special offers and promotions as well. Reviews

I have been able to find some customer reviews while I was searching for reviews about all generic medicine pharmacy and to be honest those reviews were not encouraging at all to purchase medications here. that’s because, even though I found some positive reviews as well, I have found lots of negative reviews either with people describing that they have paid for medications and never received anything, therefore saying they were ripped off money and now they call this pharmacy a scam. There are positive reviews as well suggesting that some people have received their needed medications, but there are too many of those who said that haven’t received anything. doesn’t have trust in this pharmacy either which only confirms my thoughts that ordering here is too risky.


Taking in consideration there are positive reviews and the fact that they seem to have good prices are all good. But the 100 tabs + 100 free tabs leads me thinking this is impossible and the big number of negative reviewers who said they got ripped off are making me think that is too risky to use so I rate it with 2 out of 5.

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