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According to the name of the online pharmacy that I have found and I want to write a review determining if the pharmacy is worth it or not – they are oriented in selling generic types of medications. Or that’s what it seems from its name – All Day Generic with the domain address – and motto *my online generic store*. I have accessed their website and I noticed a really well done site, user friendly, information well arranged and generally I do think that this is a good looking website which is very important as I often find pharmacies that have sites with information chaotically arranged on the site or having a cheap looking site. There’s information on the site suggesting that they are McAfee Secured which is very good as you can safely browse through the site without getting viruses or getting your card information stolen. They claim that people can shop here with 100% assurance because of their SSL Security. Plus, they claim to have 100% satisfaction guarantee as All Day Generic is always supplying the exact products you have ordered online. They are offering Genuine Products; FDA/ EMA approved medications; Long Expiration dates and lastly – Discreet shipping box. They claim that All Day Generic is the number one choice for quality generic and OTC products by people all over the world and they claim to be the leading pharmacy on the Internet for distributing of generic drugs and OTC healthcare items since 2014! They have also offered information with reasons of why it is so good to choose their pharmacy as your favorite pharmacy with some of them including: 100% delivery guarantee and 100% mone back guarantee with no questions asked. They also offer professional team, hassle free service and others. Sadly, I could not find an exact address of the pharmacy being offered on their pharmacy meaning that we don’t know where this pharmacy’s headquarters is located. Selection of medications and prices

Searching for medications on this online pharmacy is very easy as you can do so by search function using the keyword or you could check the categories of medications. Plus to that, they are offering people the option to check what’s the equivalent of brand to the generics for those interested. according to the categories of medications on their website, they are offering medications for: men’s health, women’s health, HCG Injections, Hepatitis, asthma, anti cancer, HIV and Herpes, diabetes, weight loss and many other categories. With this being said, this online pharmacy, as much as it seems, has a very wide selection of medications for a lot of different needs and health conditions including both brands and generic medications. I was not able to find brand Viagra on their site but I have found sildenafil products. There are prices for generic sildenafil starting with 0.70 USD to anywhere like 1.20 USD per pill. With this being said, I would say that the prices are fairly good at this online pharmacy, compared to other pharmacies, to be honest. This pharmacy claims that most of the products on their website require a prescription from a licensed doctor so without offering one you won’t be able to purchase prescription drugs here. Shipping and payment methods

There’s information suggesting that they do offer international shipping, however as much as it seems, they by far do not offer world wide shipping as there is a list of countries to which they do not ship medications and that seems to be a fairly long list. Some countries to which they DO NOT ship are: Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico etc. you can see the full list on their site. They claim that the shipping is done within 2 business weeks. Unfortunately, no information suggesting they are offering multiple shipping options or what are the shipping charges. The pharmacy Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check/ Money Orders Or You Can Pay By ECheck (For USA Customers Only) & Online Banking (For 34 Countries) For Larger Orders (More Than $500 USD), They Also Consider The Use Of A Wire Transfer/ Check/ Money Order. Customer Support Service

As much as I have noticed by checking the contact page on their website, there are only 2 methods available to get in touch with them and it include: email or contact form, both of which are pretty much the same. Unfortunately, no live chat function, phone number or any other method to talk with them.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

There’s a page on their site named *offer zone* and by accessing it I have seen there are 5 different products. As much as I noticed there, by purchasing those medications there in bulk, they are offering a special price. Like for example, Cenforce 100 mg pills (sildenafil citrate) for 500 tablets would be 276 USD and to be honest, that’s a very good price. Except for this, I noticed that this pharmacy is offering free bonus pills either. Seemingly, no other things are being offered. Reviews

I did have found customer reviews but what’s really strange is that I found 200+ reviews on but I couldn’t find any other reviews anywhere else. Anyway, the good news is that most of those reviews were positive but there were negative reviews as well which to my opinion shouldn’t be ignored. I have checked the information on when I found out that the owner of the site is using a service to hide their identity and the website is only one year old and therefore, doesn’t really have too much trust in this pharmacy: 62 % only. They also suggest that the site is not very popular as it has very few visitors.


The pharmacy offers good prices for medications and seemingly, good deals either (although there could be much better deals to my opinion). Plus to that, most of the reviews are positive and that’s really good. However we cannot ignore the fact that doesn’t really have trust due to the reasons I mentioned earlier and we cannot ignore the negative customer reviews. Seemingly, this pharmacy is fairly good, but there are many other things they have to work on. Therefore, I rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5 stars.

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