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AllDayChemist is a very popular and reliable drugstore with many years of experience in the online drugs market. Their online store is having more than 1500 items and products in their stocks. The standard shipping time it is anywhere between 5 and 15 days, however in the company is promising to send the product once again (for free) or to return the full amount of money in case you don’t get the product within 15 days. In addition to this, all day chemist is claiming that they are having a lot of qualified pharmacists that are able to ensure the good quality of the products that they sell and plus to that they are claiming that their site it is very safely and securely encrypted which means that no information is leaking. All day chemist claims that they are one of the best pharmacies ever found on the market and they promise that their customers are going to be happy.

AllDayChemist Price Comparison

Here’s a price comparison between them all day chemist and other online pharmacies. I personally have decided to try out the generic Viagra 100 mg by Cipla (such as Silagra and Suhagra and other brands of generic Viagra out there) as a reference product for an actual and fair comparison. From the research of reviews online on the web, it suggests that this is a product of a high quality and this pretty much a good opponent in characteristics with the actual brand of Viagra from Pfizer company. So well, all day chemist is offering Suhagra by Cipla at such prices: the minimal packaging and maximum pricing is 10 pills (and they claim to give you 10 more bonus) and that’s gonna be 1.85 dollars per pill (including the shipping). And the maximum packaging and minimum pricing is 264 pills (and the claim to give you 264 more as a bonus) would be 1.07 dollars per pill.

AllDayChemist payment methods

All day chemist is accepting Visa as well as check/money option it is available too, whereas the customers from the US are also able to pay via ECHECK. They also have wire transfers. There used to be a time when they didn’t accepted PayPal, Visa or MasterCard, however this problem got solved. Payment methods can constantly change and that’s why for the best and more information you should better contact their customer support service.

AllDayChemist Customer service

Also, there are real people who can talk with you in AllDayChemist support service. I have been able to talk with them and you can choose either via phone or via chat as you wish. On their site is said that you can reach support operators every day starting from 9:00 Am to 5:00 PM (PST). It seemed to me that the operator was a knowledgeable person who could answer all my questions. It is important for me that the online pharmacy to meet all of my requirements and to get my preference.

AllDayChemist Reviews

Of course I have checked their reviews and they are real (and by real I am talking about authentic customer) reviews. There seemed to be a lot of people leaving good reviews saying that they are happy with this online drugstore – shipping, price, quality of medications etc. I’ve even contacted one reviewer, wanted to find out whether is that a real person and I got pleasantly surprised to see that they answered back, saying that he’s indeed a very happy customer who haven’t had a problem with all day chemist. As conclusion to everything that I read – reviews were real and most of them were good. Those people seemed to be satisfied with the client support.

AllDayChemist selection of medications

All day chemist medicines selection as said earlier is really big. They have over 1500 items and medicines of best known to mostly asked drugs for all types of customers and needs. The drugs that you can find on this online drugstore include medications for both man and woman and you can find drugs that treat various diseases such as allergy, immune system, arthritis, diabetes and a lot others. One of the most commonly found drugs are erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Suhagra, Silagra, Cialis, Kamagra and many others. And one very important moment here is that they are not requiring prescription for a lot of medications. But because of all the legal pressures has started to ask for a valid prescription for some medicines which you can provide through their customer service.

What about AllDayChemist shipping?

Shipping from all day chemist is vast because they are offering world wide shipping, but they require 25 dollars delivery cost. However they are also having discounts and special offers which is a discount of 15 dollars if you have an order of 100 dollars or more. They are also having occasional discounts and sales which you should check it at the moment because they are always changing. There are medications at special prices etc.

Is AllDayChemist a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to / All Day Chemist is a rogue pharmacy: Coupons

One more thing that all day chemist is offering is coupon codes. They are offering coupon codes for loyal customers which can save you some money. I haven’t actually checked how much of favor these coupons do but I saw that they can offer 60 % off (on deals) and from 0.13 dollars.

Conclusion: is legit or scam?

As a conclusion I must say that it is a really good online drugstore. I have received an order of my ED drugs and they were of a high quality. That’s why I say that they have quality medicines at good prices and they are having a timely delivery with good customer support in case something goes wrong or you have some additional problems or questions. The emails sent are replied the same day. So far, I couldn’t find anything showing that is a fraud or a scammy online drugstore and that’s why asking the question is legit or scam? I say that it is legit! They have good prices, good products that are approved by US FDA and they claim to be on market since 2002 and this saying a lot! Overall I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars vote because it is indeed a very good online pharmacy.

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