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Another Grocery Store company that I am going to be reviewing today is Albertsons with its full name: Albertsons Companies LLC, it is an USA grocery company that has been both founded and currently having its headquarters located in Boise, Idaho. This company is privately owned and operated by investors, or at least this is the information suggested by Wikipedia information. Its total number of locations includes 2,206 (as of 2015) and it has been founded 78 years ago on July 21, 1939. The official website of this company is and as it was expected, I’ve entered a very well made, user friendly designed website by accessing that domain address. Exactly as most of other supermarket chain companies that I have reviewed so far, the owners of this website suggest their customers to register and to sign in to their own websites, they suggest customers to download the mobile application for both iOS and Android devices exactly as they can be found on different social media platforms with the most known ones like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – obviously, being there. On the website of this company you can do a lot of different things like checking weekly ad, checking some recipes, blog, check their stores and many others. You can also access the pharmacy page either and that’s what I have done. On this page you can see some other things such as: online prescription refill, immunizations, travel health, specialty care and others too like finding information etc. etc. it seems that there are some benefits by checking this company’s website if you’re a customer of Albertsons pharmacy.

Selection of medications, prices, shipping and payment options at Albertsons pharmacy

As it was expected, there is not a selection of medications list nor do they have a price list on their website and it is expected because all other grocery store chain companies don’t have it either. With this being said I can, as usual, only assume that the selection of medications should be quite a lot with nearly all FDA approved medications (whatever the case I assume you would find there meds for all needs) exactly as I can assume that the prices are high, as it is at any other local stores, and I say they are high because I compare to the prices at online pharmacies. There’s very little information I can say about payment methods as well but I can only say that payments, most likely, are done via credit/ debit card by ordering online. An obvious thing is you can pay cash by going to one of their stores in person. No information on shipping but assumingly they are only shipping through US territory (and not sure if in all states). Unfortunately, I cannot give any more information (and yet most of what I said are only assumptions) about these points but for getting more info about each and all of these points you would need to contact customer care department.

Customer care department Albertsons

As usual, I doubt that there are going to be any problems getting in touch with this company since this is a very big US company that surely would have a hard time hiding from their customers. by clicking on *customer support* I’ve been redirected on Safeway page meaning that this company Albertsons is run by Safeway, which is another US company. Anyhow, they suggest you can use their online forms if you have questions, you are able to call them in case you are having questions and lastly you’re able to contact them by mail at their exact address. If you decide to call them make sure that you call the right phone number as each number responds for different things. I can assume that you’re also able to contact them via social media pages too or something that would surely work: go to one of their stores in person for getting answers.

Is Albertsons Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Albertsons Pharmacy Coupon codes

There are coupon codes, all other supermarket chain companies offer them, but exactly as all other supermarket chain companies – the coupon codes are only offered for grocery stores as they do not give you any privileges/ discounts for pharmaceutical products, unfortunately. In fact, I am not seeing anything that might make you save some money by purchasing medications at Albertsons pharmacy. Not even if you’re going to purchase meds in bulk. It could be simply the fact that they haven’t shared it and for finding out more information about whether or not they offer something you would need to call customer support.

Albertsons Reviews

Among those reviews that I could find in google about Albertsons company pharmacy reviews a lot of them were written by employees of this company and I am not very sure why there are actually more reviews written by employees and not about the customers. Anyhow, I did have found some customer reviews (although much less than I expected) but they were not very encouraging. On yelp there are only 4 customer reviews (and they are addressed to one of their specific store) 2 of which are negative written by people who said that it is not worth buying here (pharmacist completely dismissive etc.) on consumer affairs there are more reviews but the overall satisfaction rating is less than 2 out of 5.


Most of the reviews in regards to Albertsons company are negative. There are positive reviews but they are fewer, plus to that, Albertsons is run by Safeway and that’s why presuming the prices are the same and they are – high. This is all a problem and for these reasons Albertsons receives a rate of 2 out of 5 which is not satisfactory.

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