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Afinil Express is the name of the online pharmacy that I am reviewing today and those people who are interested in checking the website itself they can do it by the following domain address: The website claims to offer uncompromising Modafinil delivery and as soon as you enter the website you can see some of the reasons why the pharmacy claims to be so good and worth using: free EMS shipping, Low Prices, Reshipments, refunds as well as a team that’s friendly and caring. After all of these reasons the pharmacy even asks: *what more could you want?* Well, if all of those points are indeed true then you indeed might not have what else to ask for, however I’ve often met online pharmacies which were lying so hopefully, Afinil Express is not among them. They are claiming to be a crew of ordinary guys trying to make an extraordinary mark on the world of modafinil shipping. They claim that they are already having over a 100,000 satisfied customers and that’s really good in case it is true. The pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling only modafinil and modafinil based products. Unfortunately, I was not able to find out more information about the pharmacy itself as like where it is located or for how long it has been online. Some other reasons why the pharmacy claims to be so good are: 100 % authentic pills, best on market, friendly and caring, reshipments and refunds and many others. In case this is true, that’s all very good.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

There’s not very much I can talk about selection of medications since they are not having a wide selection of medications at all. In fact, there are only 4 different products you can find at this online pharmacy and they include: modalert – modafinil 200 mg by sun pharma; modvigil- modafinil 200 mg by hab pharma; waklert- armodafinil 150 mg by sun pharma; artvigil – armodafinil 150 mg by hab pharma. There is not a single mention about a prescription or anything in this matter and for that reason I can think that the pharmacy is not requiring any of their customers to show a valid prescription or something in this matter. In order to talk about the prices I will just give example of prices about one of these medications. But I cannot comment either are the prices good or no since I am not an expert. The prices go from 2.8 USD for 20 pills until the lowest price per pill of 0.98 USD per pill for 300 USD. For anything in between this quantity of pills the prices are also in between 2.8 USD and 0.98 USD per pill. As much as we can see the prices greatly depend on the quantity of pills ordered here.

Shipping and payment methods at

This online pharmacy is selling medications to a big number of countries world wide but still there are a lot of countries to which they claim they cannot sell medications due to these countries strict import regulations. There’s a list of countries to which this online pharmacy cannot ship medications to and some big countries among them are: Brazil, Canada, Russia and there are a lot of European Countries as well. To see if they are selling drugs in your country you might want to talk with customer support. There’s a single shipping option they use: EMS but there’s no mention of how much it costs. They just shared that it can be offered for free in some cases. Everyone who orders is offered online tracking option. In terms of payment methods this online pharmacy is accepting credit and debit cards (only visa and master card) as well as bitcoin. They offer discounts to people choosing to pay with bitcoins.

Customer Support Service

Unfortunately this online pharmacy does not offer a lot of customer support methods to get in touch with them as they are only having a single method: via email. There are no phone numbers or live chat function or something in this matter. There are 2 emails, one for marketing and affiliates and the second one is for customers (support).

Is Afinil Express a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Afinil Express a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Sadly but does not offer coupon codes to their customers. The things that I can mention here which saves you money, as I said earlier – purchasing in bulk would make you have bigger savings. One more thing I also mentioned is the fact that this online pharmacy might offer their customers free shipping. The last thing worth mentioning here is that those people paying with bitcoins are getting additional discounts as well. Reviews

By searching for reviews about this online pharmacy I did have found quite a good number of them online and that’s really good because customer reviews are greatly helping us having a good idea about the pharmacy’s authenticity and whether or not is it worth using. As much as I could read from those reviews (some on reddit, others on trust pilot and different others on different reviewers) were suggesting that this pharmacy is worth using. I did have found some customer reviews who were not happy with the pharmacy’s services saying that they have got delayed deliveries or that the products they have got were most likely fake since they were not working for them. Other people said that this pharmacy forces you to use bitcoin because the person used 4 different credit cards and none of them worked and in the end he got a message that he should try bitcoin. There are also other problems that they are not accepting returns, the pharmacy does not offer certificate of analysis and many countries cannot buy drugs here.


As much as we can see, most people are happy using this online pharmacy, but there are some other people who said that problems are still going around this pharmacy and they are disappointed. I cannot recommend this online pharmacy due to some problems going around it and due to negative reviews, but I also cannot recommend against it due to high number of positive customer reviews and that’s why I rate it with 4 out of 5.

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