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Another online pharmacy which claims to have medications at affordable prices (from its name) is, an online pharmacy which has a user friendly interface of the website, has an application for smartphones running on iOS and Android and what’s more important, claims to have prices that can be as much as 40% to even 80% less than at your local pharmacy which is very good. According to the information which I was able to find right on their front page, this online pharmacy Affordable Rx Meds is being located in Miami, Florida, USA and there’s an exact address offered. Customers of this online pharmacy are offered to sign up to their accounts and to login to those accounts. According to the seal on the bottom of their website I saw that this online pharmacy is a top rated pharmacy by so I went on this website to find out if this is true and seemingly this is indeed a approved pharmacy. Although this doesn’t automatically mean that it is worth purchasing here drugs, that’s a good sign. According to the information on, Affordable Rx Meds Inc. has been founded in 2015. In addition to all of this, the pharmacy seems to have social media pages so you could follow them on Facebook and on LinkedIn. So far so good, but we have to check it all further.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

I’m going to find out if their meds are indeed affordable or not, but firstly I decided to check what’s the selection of drugs and unfortunately there’s not a list of medications categorized by health condition and for this reason I am not sure exactly what kind of meds they have and there’s no information about how much drugs there are in their stores. I could only find that their products have 2 categories: prescription and non prescription drugs. With this being said it is clear that the pharmacy won’t be sending any kind of drugs from the first category without the customers showing a valid prescription for them. According to there are over 500 drugs and this means that selection of drugs is pretty wide. I have used the search function to search for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and I did found Viagra and Cialis in both generic and brand, but no Levitra in whatever form. Anyhow, I still checked the prices for all these drugs which were pretty much around the same: moderate. To give example I can say that generic Viagra 50 mg 56 pills would cost you 85 USD and although I’ve much higher prices, I’ve also seen much lower so this is a *moderate price* to my opinion.

Shipping and payment methods

As much as it seems, you cannot purchase medications here without creating an account and logging in to it. I still could find information suggesting that they are having world wide shipping to all countries, but it seems they are offering a single shipping option which is 10 USD for US customers and it has a minimum (but it can be more expensive) fee of 20 USD for all other countries. They are offering online tracking and as much as they claim, the expected delivery timeframe is anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks. They are not accepting returns so if your order has its way to you – it’s yours. I have noticed the seals on their website suggesting that the only payment methods available here via credit cards like VISA, Master Card and American Express and one last payment method is eCheck which is available only for US customers.

Customer Support Service

As much as I could find information on their contact us page, the expected response time from their customer support department is one business day for whichever method to get in touch with them you decide to use as there are few different methods such as email, contact form on their website, fax and voicemail. There’s also mailing address if you wish to use this form. If you do get a response while calling them then I assume the response time is faster. Make sure to get in touch with them in their business hours.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

The only thing that I was able to find here is that, claimable, occasionally they are promoting some coupons and promotional codes which people can use and get discounts. Unfortunately, at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any. But they are also offering Referral Program – referring a friend would result in you getting 10 $ for your next order. You receive the money on your account only after your referred friend has his/her first order and the money cannot be cashed out – only used for next orders. Reviews

To be honest I got shocked to see that a approved and top rated pharmacy has no customer reviews anywhere online. Regardless of how much or where I was searching, I simply couldn’t find out at least one single customer review about this online pharmacy and this makes me doubt the fact that this pharmacy has ever had at least a single customer at all. This is really suspicious and to my opinion lack of customer reviews is a big problem. Since I’ve got this problem I went further to see, at least, what would say about it and according to the information there, the website might be *unsafe* and when I see no customer reviews I totally agree with this. According to the information on scamadviser, the website looks like it is being hosted on a compromised server and an even worse thing is that the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity!


I cannot and I will not recommend a pharmacy which does not have customer reviews and in addition to lack of customer reviews, the site is hosted on a compromised server where the owner is trying to hide their identity and I doubt that this is done without a reason. In the end I will rate with 3 out of 5.

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