/ Affordable Drugs Reviews & Coupons is another online pharmacy which claims to have the best prices for the medications they are selling and I personally would really like to find an online pharmacy that can be trusted and indeed has low prices, for this reason is the online pharmacy I am going to be reviewing and hoping this will help other people as well. Analyzing the front page for a little while here’s what I can say: the pharmacy claims to have over 2000 medications and all of them are at the lowest prices. Plus to this, the pharmacy offers both Canadian and International Medications, they have low price guarantee, they have free refill reminders and lastly they claim to have fast delivery of 7 to 10 business days on average. Again, these are all claims made by the pharmacy which are really good but as we all know, not all pharmacies keep their promises. The pharmacy is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as they listed the full address. I saw the pharmacy claiming to be a CIPA approved member so I went on to check it out if it’s true and the information there suggested that indeed, is an approved CIPA member. Unfortunately I haven’t found information in regards to when they have started their business.

Selection of medications and prices on

As I said it a bit earlier, the pharmacy claims to have more than 2000 medications in their drugstore and that’s why I assume their drug selection should be extremely big. Unfortunately you cannot check what kind of medications they have as they are not categorized or anything, you can only find the medication that you need by searching for it. That’s what I have done in order to check for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and I have found all 3 of them in both generic and brand names and in different doses. So I assume this is an online pharmacy carrying lots of different medications for lots of different health conditions with generic and brands medications. As for the prices, I will give you an example for one of the most famous ED medication: Cialis prices. The price for generic tadalafil (Cialis) usual dosage of 20 mg and the lowest cost country – India (Cipla manufacturer) would cost you 204 USD for 88 tablets and to be honest, that’s a very big price. For lowest quantity of 4 tablets that would cost you 15 USD. These are really big prices and not to mention the prices for the branded medications. Viagra and Levitra are the same, that’s why I assume that all medications found here carry a big price. requires all their customers to show a valid prescription before ordering prescription medications.

Customer Support on

You can see a phone number (toll free) that is on their website as soon as you enter this online pharmacy’s website. But there’s also a *contact us* page where I have accessed to check if there are other methods to get in touch with them. Except for the phone number there is also toll free fax number where I can assume you need to send your prescriptions. Except for fax and phone call, the only other way to contact them is by filling out the form they have on the contact us page. There is no live chat function or any other methods to talk with them.

Shipping and payment methods on

According to the information I found on their website here’s what the payment methods are: Affordable Drugs accepts credit cards, automatic bank withdrawals, personal checks and international money orders. As in regards to the shipping details, those orders that exceed 100 USD get free shipping as al the rest have a shipping fee of 10 USD. The average delivery time they claim to be is 7 to 10 business days but it might be different but not more than 21 days. They seem to have a world wide delivery  with no other shipping  method than standard.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes

As sad as it sounds but the only thing that can make you save you money is ordering more than 100 USD from this pharmacy and this will save you 10 USD because the shipping is given for free. Except for saving 10 USD from the shipping there’s nothing else, unfortunately, because there are no coupon codes, there are no discounts offered or free pills. In short nothing except for free shipping for orders above 100 USD. Reviews

There are only 2 customer reviews on all the internet about this pharmacy, however, reading those customer reviews I am not even sure if those reviews where actually referred to and since I am not sure what’s going on with those customer reviews and there are no other customer reviews absolutely nowhere else and there’s not a third customer review – I have wanted to check out what does the scam warning engines would recommend me and I found the following: according to, this online pharmacy is being UNAPPROVED and in my opinion, although that’s better than rogue, it still remain unapproved. Scamner don’t have any trust in it at all and recommends people to stay away from it. And lately, also don’t have any trust in it at all (0%) and suggests: *A Malware report has been detected for this website*. What’s good is that they have no hidden their location and plus to that, the domain age is 18 years and that’s good.


Unfortunately, I haven’t found a perfect online pharmacy today and that’s due to the fact that has big prices for their medications, they do not offer any discounts for them, they had a Malware reported from the website and besides the fact that none of scam warning engines have trust in it – there are only 2 customer reviews all over the internet. Even though those were positive customer reviews I am not sure if they are addressed to With all of this being said I rate I with 3 out of 5. A star is removed because of big prices and no coupon codes and the other one because of lack of customer reviews and lack of trust from scam warning sites.

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