| Aetna Reviews & Coupons is the website that I am going to review today, this is the website of the Aetna Inc. company, an US company which is oriented in helping people with Health Plans and Dental Coverage. This company claims that *whatever your health goals are, we’ll help you get there*. This seems to be an extremely big insurance company in USA, or at least that’s what it seems by checking the number of *revenue* on Wikipedia. According to the information there, the *revenue* of this company as of 2016 it was 63.18 billion USD. So that’s a multibillionaire company which seems to be extremely big. This is a managed health care company that it is selling traditional as well as consumer directed health care insurance plans and related services, such as medical, pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health, long term care as well as disability plans either. This company has its headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut, United States and according to the information online, the history of this company comes from the early 1800’s so that’s a company that has been around for a very very long time. Currently, Aetna is a member of the Fortune 500 and being such a big company, it is obvious you could find a lot of other information online on Wikipedia or many other informational websites. It is obvious that you could also find their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and many other social medias if you would like to. By going to their website and analyzing it for a little bit, I have seen a very well site, user friendly and good options and features, which was expected from such a big company. Online you’re able to register and to log in to your account, you’re able to change the website language to Spanish if you wish you, you’re able to find a doctor, shop for plans and many other different things. Their website is full with informational articles, news and so on and so forth. You could search for individuals and families plans, or for plans for employers and organizations. You could read information about health care professionals, about their company and many other things. So, Aetna is an insurance company which can help you find the perfect insurance plan for you and each individual therefore helping them deal with the health needs.

Overview of Aetna Inc.

Due to the fact that, we are not dealing with an online pharmacy there, unfortunately, is nothing I can say about selection of drugs or prices for them. unfortunately, there’s also nothing I could say about plans prices and that’s due to the fact that every plan is individual depending on each person’s needs and that’s why there’s nothing I could comment on either drug’s availability or drugs/plans prices. Very often, even with health insurances, people still resort to online pharmacies due to lower prices for drugs. However, CVS Health is going to acquire all outstanding shares of Aetna for a combination of cash and stock and therefore Aetna is going to be owned by CVS Health. With this being said, medications could be found at CVS Health Pharmacies and we all know that medications there are a lot but they are very expensive. Also there’s no information I could say about shipping or payment methods since this is not a pharmacy. They do not ship anything. About payment methods, not sure which one they are accepting but I can only assume that they could accept credit cards and cash by going to their offices.

Customer Support Service at

This is an extremely big American company so I have big doubts that they are going to even be able to hide from their customers even if they would want to. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that customer support service is at the top. There are a lot of ways getting in touch with this company – fax and phone numbers, mailing, email, via social media, going to their stores yourself and many others. But then again, what’s important is the customer support service to actually be helpful as I’ve often heard people complaining on a lot of companies on the fact that their customer support service is simply non existent. Hopefully that’s not the same with Aetna.

Is Aetna a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Aetna a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Aetna Coupon Codes

No coupon codes seem to be available offered by Aetna. Although this is an insurance company, coupon codes still might make you save some money but not with this company. in fact, besides no coupon codes – there’s nothing at all which could save you money, or at least that’s what it seems. Seemingly, by having insurance here the company thinks that you’re already saving lots of money which is not always like that, sadly.

Aetna Reviews

While I was searching for customer reviews it is obvious that I have also found a lot of employee reviews and that’s since, according to Wikipedia, there are 40,000+ employees of Aetna as of 2017. Anyway, employee reviews aren’t what I was looking for so I searched exclusively only for customer reviews and I got super disappointed reading them. there are a lot of customer reviews online on a lot of different websites but they nearly all negative. On yelp there are 46 reviews – rate of 1 out of 5. On BBB there are 586 complaints and only 37 reviews. On ExpertInsuranceReviews there are 18 reviews most of which are also negative. On pissed consumer – 353 reviews and only 2 issues got resolved. On – 100 reviews in the last year and overall satisfaction – 1.5 out of 5. A lot of people were complaining on way too many things. Those people even called Aetna a scam, fraud, no customer support, horrible company, people are paying more with insurance than without it, a company which doesn’t pay for what they should, asking to pay additional fees even if was the company’s fault and many, many other things!


Although this is a multibillionaire 100% trustworthy American insurance company I still cannot recommend to use their services and that’s due to the customer reviews. There are way too many reviews and nearly all of them (around 95% out of 100%) are all negative. With all of this being said I will rate Aetna with 2 out of 5!

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