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The website is an online store which manufactures nutritional supplements and some advanced natural formulas that are being prepared and manufactured by Formulation Technology, Inc. Or this is what the information on the website suggests. This is a company that has its location in USA and people known to stand behind all this online store are: Frank Shallenberger, MD, Janet Zand O.M.D., Steve Kroening, ND as well as Issac Eliaz MD. This is not an online store which sells medications of other manufacturers, instead Advanced Bionutritionals it is a brand name which is offering a variety of Nutraceuticals & Nutritional Supplements. This online store promises that all their products are made exclusively from fresh and quality ingredients (from globally sourced ingredients). Advanced Bionutritionals seem to have quite a good popularity on some social media platforms such as Facebook with more than 45000 people following. Even though the company is located in USA, its headquarters seem to be located in Norcross, Georgia.

AdvancedBioNutritionals Drug selection

Since this is not a regular online pharmacy that sells regular medications, I wasn’t able to find erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra or Cialis. In fact, they don’t seem to have anything that would help with impotence or inability to get or maintain an erection during sexual stimuli. Instead of such medications, they are having quite a big spectrum of other medications that are categorized by health conditions. There’s a big list of health conditions under which you can find their proposed medications: Allergy Support, Bladder Function, Blood Pressure Support, Energy Support, Joint Support, Brain and Memory support and many others with a total categories number of 21 that you can shop from this website. They claim that all their products are being manufactured within the United States of America and they are promising that all of the medications are being approved by FDA. It is sad that they don’t have anything for men’s health (except for Prostate Support) but their drug selection is still various and quite big.

AdvancedBioNutritionals Drug prices

Since I’m not an expert in other medications than ED medications, I can’t actually say too much about their prices. To my observation, they are selling their products in ‘bottles’ and all their bottles are anywhere between 19 USD to 49 USD with only a few of their products getting over 49 USD per bottle. You can purchase most type of their medications in 1 bottle, 3 bottles and 6 bottles. Most of their medication is offering a discount if you purchase 3 or 6 bottles with 6 bottles having free shipping policy. One of their bottle is believed to be taken during a month which means that 6 bottles would last you half a year. I’ve checked their sleep support medications and there are 2 types of medications that they offer. One of them is worth 39.95 USD per bottle with a price of 199.50 USD if you purchase 6 bottles and you save 40.20 USD as their website suggest. There’s another one which suggests that 1 bottle is 29.95 USD but if you get 6 bottles then they are going to give you a discount of 30 USD per total and that means you would have to pay 149.70 USD. Therefore, as much as I can understand, you either pay 150 USD or 200 USD depending on which one you decide to buy, and half a year you wouldn’t need to pay for anything else and you’re going to have good sleep. If that’s true, then that’s an extremely low.

AdvancedBioNutritionals Customer Support

I’ve checked their ‘contact us’ page to see what methods do their customers have to talk with their personnel in event that the customer has questions. Here’s what information I’ve got: For questions about shipment and delivery of your supplement order (including returns), please contact: 800-613-5721 (Toll Free); 678-987-5891 (Local) or by fax 770-399-0815 (Fax). They also have an email [email protected] and lately they have the old fashioned way: mail at P.O. Box 8051 Norcross, GA 30091-8051. Unfortunately there’s no live chat. I prefer to live chat with their customer support but since I wasn’t given this option I haven’t contacted them.

Do Advanced Bionutritionals require a prescription?

I’ve searched all over their website in a mention of a prescription and I couldn’t find anything. This means that they simply do not require a prescription and therefore, absolutely everyone can order their medications without any law issues.

AdvancedBioNutritionals Shipping details

From the *country selection* on checkout I can say that they have a world wide shipping. Or at least there was a very long list of countries to where you can ship your Advanced Bionutriotionals medications. the shipping charges is 6.95 USD but they seem to have an special offering now making it free of charge regardless of what and how much you order. They also have Money Back Guarantee which means that the company promises a *90 day 100% Money Back Guarantee so you can try it at NO RISK!*I couldn’t find any information on delivery times though and also I couldn’t find whether do they have an express mail shipping or not.

AdvancedBioNutritionals Payment options is offering their customers different and multiple options to pay with. The customers can pay via all major credit cards as well as there are some other few payment options which is fine. I doubt that someone who wants to make an order would have a problem here.

Do this website seem to be an legit medication store or not?

To be honest I think that they are legit. The reason why I think this way is that there is BBB which has gave this website a rating of A+ (max rate), there are other sites which suggests that it is not a scam and plus I doubt that a scam site would have more than 45K people following it on facebook. I haven’t had an order myself with this site so there’s nothing I can say from experience. But all external links seem to suggest it is legit and not a scam. But one thing I’ve learned from experience is that any legit online store today might become a scam tomorrow.

Do they have some special offers or coupons?

As I mentioned it a bit earlier, is offering discounts to everyone who decides to purchase more than just one bottle. They offer discounts for people ordering 3 or 6 bottles with more savings for 6 bottles. They also seem to offer free shipping for people who are ordering 6 bottles but it seems that there’s currently a limited offer which they offer free shipping to absolutely everyone regardless of what do you order. So they have free shipping and discounts on larger amounts (3 and 6 months’ worth of supply) and that’s amazing. plus they have free EBook where you can get a free book. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have the coupons policy which is something I personally prefer, but that’s not n big problem.

AdvancedBioNutritionals Reviews

As expected, when I checked for the reviews, most of them were positive. I expected that because again, a site with 45K likes on facebook can’t be a scam. Of course there were also less happy customers saying their medications are having side effects which the company haven’t warned about. Most of the complaints seem to be of this type, however there are no feedback implying that they are scammers or thieves, meaning that you just should be careful that their medications would work fine for you.


I’m sure this drugstore deserves 4 out of 5. It could be better if there wouldn’t be those people complaining that they had lots of unexpected side effects from their medications. Also some more shipping details would be welcome as much as a live chat function.

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