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Acme Markets is a supermarket chain company located in the Delaware Valley and New York City metropolitan areas in the United States. It has its headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States, its total number of locations is 175 and has been founded in 1891 or at least that’s all according to Wikipedia information. Although this is a supermarket chain company, they are also having pharmacy stores and for this reason I decided to write a review about this company here. For finding out more information you can search in google. The company has developed mobile applications for both iOS and Android mobile devices and they are also having social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Talking the fact that this company has lots of stores and locations and it is a big company in the United States, there are no doubts that it is a legit pharmacy meaning that they are surely not going to scam people, however it doesn’t actually mean that they are all perfect around. By entering their website you can see a user friendly designed website which was expectable but I was mostly interested in their Pharmacy and wellness department. While you’re online here is what you can do in regards to the pharmacy: online prescription refill, pharmacy mobile app, immunizations, specialty care, travel health, health screenings, healthy living, eating healthy with diabetes, pet medications as well as worker’s comp.

Selection of medications and prices at Acme company

Since they have multiple stores and they are all 100% legit, I can assume that they have all approved drugs in their stores. So selection of medications should be really big. By searching for Viagra or sildenafil on their website I’m only given information about this product, however no prices. There’s also no prices online. But usually, such companies have quite big prices for medications – the reason why many people start searching for online pharmacies since the prices there are much lower compared to local pharmacy stores prices. The fact that they are all legal also means that you need to show a valid prescription for getting any prescription medications from their pharmacies.

Shipping and payment methods at Acme company

On their official website there’s a *delivery* button meaning that they do offer home delivery services, however I couldn’t find information about delivery times, tracking availability, delivery fees or where they deliver. But I can only assume that they only ship within USA. All I could find is that people can get free delivery on their first order. I also couldn’t find information on payment methods but I can assume the following: paying cash if going to their stores or paying with credit/ debit cards both online and by going to their stores. Not sure if there are any others.

Customer Care Department Acme company

This is a big company and therefore it is hard for such a company to hide from their customers. I’m quite sure you can get in touch with the via lots of methods and some of them are: there are different phone numbers listed on their website. Contacting them via mail address (in Phoenix, AZ) or by using their online forms. There’s no live chat function on their website but I can assume that via their social media platforms you can talk with them which is pretty much the same. I personally never contacted them and I am not sure if their customer care department is actually of any help but I hope we would find it out by searching through the customer reviews.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Acme company Coupon codes

As I’ve mentioned a bit earlier, the first shipping delivery is offered for free. The company is also offering coupons which you can get a discount by showing them at their stores. However I can see coupons only for grocery goods, not for pharmaceutical product and I’m not sure if that means that there are none for pharmaceutical products. On the website I’ve also found that they are offering pet medications savings. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything else other than that.

Acme company Reviews

By searching for customer reviews I have found a lot of review from people who are working or were working for Acme company and they were sharing what are the pros and what are the cons of working for this company. However those are employee reviews but I am currently searching for customer reviews to see what do they tell about this company and I did found some. On different websites like and Unfortunately I found few reviews specifically about their pharmacy stores, like for example on yelp there’s a single customer review specifically about their pharmacy and unfortunately that’s negative. On it has a rate of 2 out of 5 based on 38 reviews with some people writing positive reviews but most of them being negative and with some words like for example: * Their prices are ridiculously higher than any competitor in my area… Shoprite, Ideal, Stop & Shop, Walmart.* meaning that the prices here are by far not the best. Others said that purchased 7 items and found 4 overcharges on the receipt. On yelp it had a rate of 3.5 out of 5 based on 351 reviews. Many people were writing reviews about their grocery stores or restaurants but those talking about the pharmacy said that the pharmacists were rude. Others said that customer care department doesn’t actually care about the customers and stuff like this.


I personally think that there are many other pharmacies that are better than Acme even though this is a 100% legit company which surely won’t scam you. The reason for that being the fact that as much as we can see, the company is offering high prices, has rude pharmacists, no customer care department (or worthless) and seemingly they barely have any special offers. For all these reasons I think that Acme pharmacy deserves the rate of 3 out of 5.

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