| Accredo Reviews & Coupons / Accredo Reviews & is the site of the online pharmacy that I am going to write a review today and hopefully, in the end, we would have a clear image whether or not ordering here is worth it. According to the information that I could find, Accredo is providing specialty pharmacy and related services for those patients that are having certain complex and chronic health conditions. They claim to understand the fact that each patient is unique and has different needs so they claim to try to make everything they can to make the best possible treatment for each patient. They claim that in their team there are specialty trained pharmacists, nurses, patient are advocates, social workers as well as insurance coordinators all being there, claimable, to help Accredo’s customers. According to the information that I could find, it has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee and in 1983, Southern Health Systems, Inc. (SHS) has been formed saying that later, Accredo Health, Incorporated, has been organized in 1996 and acquired SHS. While doing a bit more research I’ve also found out that accredo is dispensing more than 300 speciality drugs from more than 30 dispensing pharmacies nationwide. This pharmacy has a seal suggesting they are URAC approved and claimable there are few others accreditations as well. Talking about the website itself it does seems to be a really well made website, with good features and good options such as language change (in Spanish) and user friendly interface. There’s also an Accredo mobile application as well. On the website you can find lots of different articles and information so patients can read health blogs, articles, news etc. etc.

Selection of medications with prices for them, shipping and payment methods at

There’s unfortunately very little I can say about these points and that’s due to the fact that there’s no information on their website about this. There is a page named *drug selection* however by clicking on it there’s not a drug list or anything, only their claim that the focus of their specialty pharmacy is infused, injectable and oral drugs that are doing different things (mentioned on their website). So there’s no drug’s availability and prices for them and I can assume that’s because you need to send them your prescription and they would send the medication according to the prescription. In addition to this, there’s not an about page or checkout page or anything like this and for this reason there’s also not any information in regards to the payment methods or to the shipping options. I am not able to say anything about where do they ship (but I can assume not abroad USA), what shipping options are, delivery times etc.

Customer Support Department

It does seem that before using this company’s services there are a lot of questions that should be asked first. Or at least I personally that’s what I would do, before ordering something I would need to ask lots of questions in order to get answers to all of them. And those people who do have questions to ask they are able to do it by calling the Accredo’s phone number, by using their exact address for writing an mail (which would require a lot of time to get you a response back) and lastly you can use the contact form on the contact page for writing your enquires and they claim that would response you back in your email as soon as possible.

Is Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything here, I wasn’t able to find any coupon codes offered by Accredo and nothing at all like special offers, some kind of discounts or something. It does seems that Accredo doesn’t offer anything to their customers which would make them save money and that’s really sad, however it also might be the fact that I haven’t found such information so contacting the customer care department first might be a good idea either (but as we can see, there are even more questions to ask them). Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important to read before actually doing business with any online pharmacy or pharmacy related services and that’s why, whoever thinks to use Accredo’s services you should better search for customer reviews first. They are so important because by reading them you can get a clearer and better idea of the pharmacy’s services, a real image of how they are working, and not only their own claims *to be the best* and so on as most pharmacies do. And it does seems that I was right in saying that most of the claims remain only claims and most of promises remain nothing more than words and that’s because I did have found a lot of customer reviews about Accredo (on yelp, BBB, consumer affairs and lastly on pissed consumer) and while it was expected that the reviews on pissed consumer to be bad – they were bad everywhere else! Average rate on yelp was 1.5, on BBB there were only negative reviews. And if on yelp there were a few positive reviews, you can’t find any more positive reviews anywhere else. On pissed consumer people claimed to lose money and while there are 117 cases, 0 of those issues were resolved and that’s a very big problem. Accredo it is an all safe and all legit pharmacy so there’s no risk to scam you around, nevertheless people still seemed to lose money here. Here’s a quote from a accredo customer: *’Accredo’ is the worst specialty pharmacy in the land*, *they won’t give you medications on time*, *first experience was horrible* and these were all the words from different people.


The fact that this online pharmacy and pharmacy service provider company is all legit is very good, but as much as we can see that’s definitely not enough. There are people losing money and complaining on a lot of different things and there are only around less than 10% of all 100% of reviews to be positive. Most people are unhappy and that’s a big problem and for this reason I rate Accredo with 2 out of 5!

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