/ Access RX Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to have the trust of tens of thousands of customers and that’s a really big number assuming that this is right. According to the information on the website they are having such a big database of customers because they are providing reliable customer service since 1998 which means they have experience in pleasing customer needs for nearly 20 years now. They claim that absolutely everybody in their team has experience and are licensed physicians and pharmacists in the US and plus to that, this pharmacy provides only FDA approved medications and only brand name medications. By saying this, AccessRX assures all of their customers that all their medications are best of quality and absolutely safe to take! Their medications are manufactured by the best drug manufacturers in the USA and therefore they are having growth in customers since they claim that all their customers are returning back and there are monthly new customers using their services. If that’s true then this pharmacy should have some really amazing services.

AccessRX Drug selection

As it was stated, they do not sell any types of generic medications and that means that absolutely each drug you find on their website to be listed it means that it is brand name. There’s a list of health conditions which their drugs can treat and it goes as this: erectile dysfunction, hair loss, stop smoking, weight loss, sexual health, allergy relief, skin care, acid reflux and lastly sensual lubricant. All of these health categories have anywhere between 1 to 3 drugs except for erectile dysfunction which it has 7 drugs that you can find. That’s why it does seem to me that this online pharmacy is mostly focused on the erectile dysfunction medications. Of course among these medications you can find Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and a few others.

AccessRX Drug prices

If this online pharmacy has a problem then it is surely the prices for the medications and that’s because I’ve went searching for the drugs prices and more specifically for Viagra. They showed the prices that you can find Viagra 100 mg (10ct) at CVS, at Walgreens, at Walmart and at and they had the biggest price. I mean, the has the biggest prices among all these drugstores. You then might be thinking what’s the point in purchasing here then? well, that’s because, as they mentioned on their site, they are saving your time and money from having to visit a doctor, your free medical review and prescription is also included in their price, in addition to that you can get a 7% discount by using a coupon. But the prices are unbelievable high, Viagra 100 mg (as I said earlier, they only sell brand, so this is Viagra by Pfizer) one pill of 100 mg is going to cost you 87 USD and the same price is listed for Viagra 50 mg. but as they imply, 100 mg Viagra can be taken in 2 doses which means that a dose of 100 mg Viagra would cost you 43.50 USD, but a pill still remains one pill.

AccessRX Customer support service

They have absolutely all ways of getting in touch with them listed on their website. That’s because you can choose between using a mailing address, 2 of their phone numbers (one is toll free), by their email address or by using a form in which you can contact them. Plus to that you’re also able to talk with them by their live chat function online. However you need to make sure you’re going to contact them in their business hours to get a response as soon as possible. They are also talking in Spanish for those who better deal with Spanish than English. I did have used the live chat function and I have talk with an operator. It seemed to me that the person with whom I was talking to was knowledgeable and could answer all my problems without any problems.

Do AccessRX require a prescription?

Since they are absolutely all legal, as they implied, it means that they do require prescription for those medications that need a prescription. However this is an online pharmacy that does write you prescriptions for those medications that you need.  You are able to chat with their doctors (free of charge) via online consultation and so they write you a valid prescription and send you the medications that you need.

AccessRX Shipping details

They do not ship world wide to absolutely all countries, however they do ship to Europe, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Switzerland, Japan and obviously to United States. If there are other countries or territories to where they ship to, I am unaware. Absolutely all their shipments are coming with a tracking number. You can choose between 3 shipping options: overnight, 2 days or priority shipping (which is usually taking 3 to 5 days) and the shipping fees depends on the shipping option you choose from.

What about the payment methods?

They accept the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card as well as American Express. There’s no other credit card they accept. Another way that you can pay with this online pharmacy is via money orders and there’s an address to which you can mail it in case you choose to pay via money orders. Sad there’s no bitcoin way of paying, but that’s not a big problem.

AccessRX Coupon codes or discounts?

I have already mentioned this a bit earlier. They do have a coupon code which you can use and that’s going to give you an overall 7% discount. Having coupons that’s really really good because this way you are able to save money without doing any extra work just by using the coupon code. There are different coupon codes and different discounts as well. The company also promises to send a free pill splitters for their new customers as an encouragement and a good bonus. Plus to that, it does seems that the more pills you purchase the less you pay. Like for example Viagra 100 mg is (per dose which is double per pill -43.50 USD) but if you purchase the maximum number of pills of 90 pills then you pay 36.13 USD per pill and they say that you save 1327.50 USD. That’s fairly good.

Is AccessRX legit or is a fake?

According to a big number of reviewers and to a big number of other scam adviser sites – this is a legit pharmacy. The fact that it has big prices and maybe some other issues is another question, but the fact that it is legit there are nearly no doubts.,, and others have trust in this online pharmacy.

AccessRX Reviews

Customers’ reviews do shows that this is indeed a very popular online pharmacy. There are a lot of customer reviews and what shocked me is that they are nearly all positive. There doesn’t seem to be any customer review implying that they are thieves or that they steal your money. There are very few people saying that their delivery has been delayed or anything in this matter. There were some unhappy customers of course, but most of them were saying that this online pharmacy has an awesome service. Of course, most of the reviewers were complaining on the price.


When I personally am purchasing medications I’m mainly looking at 3 things: to get the medications in general (because there are situations in which you pay and you don’t get anything), to get good quality medications (so the meds won’t be under dosed or something else at all in those medications that you got) and lastly I want to save money on those medications. does seem to be a good online pharmacy as it fulfills the first 2 criteria, however the money is a big problem here. So paying more than I would pay at CVS, Walmart or anywhere else isn’t a good idea at all, even if they promise me to save my time. That’s why 3 out of 5 and I think there are other pharmacies which sell same medications but at MUCH more better prices!

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