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There’s an online pharmacy that I have found and I am going to review it right now named Absorb Health and people can find it at the domain address AbsorbYourHealth.com. as much as it seemed to me by entering their main page and reading a little bit of information there, they seem to be offering customers Supplements, Skin Care and Essential Oils. Also, they are recommending to *live naturally* there are 2 things that this online pharmacy claims to offer that I noticed as soon as I entered their site and it includes free shipping and money back *satisfaction guarantee*. Their website is well done, is user friendly and you can easily understand it all and navigate through it which, to my opinion, is very important. People can also register an account here and login on the site. There’s information suggesting that Absorb Health started to operate in 2011 being run by John Fulton. They claim that the passion to help bring the highest quality of health to the most people is their motivation and therefore they strive for excellent customer service. There’s also important information to mention that I could find in their website which includes that their corporate headquarters of Absorb Health LCC, is located 106 Countryside, St., Supply, NC and there’s another address in Orlando, FL. Another very important information to mention here is that this pharmacy is selling natural products and so, on their site there’s a disclaimer stating: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. Those interested can follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

AbsorbYourHealth.com Selection of medications and prices

I have tried to find how much and what kind of products they are offering here and on their main page you can notice: health and fitness (including weight management, men’s and women’s health, immune and digestive health and sports performance), mind (including mood and cognition), body and skin care (including body and skin as well as joint and circulation health), essential oils and liposomals. As much as it seems, these seem to be all the products (including sexual health) that you can find here. I am not sure if they are having a big variety of such drugs but it seems there are some categories that you can find on their site. So either there are a lot of such products I cannot comment. I also cannot comment on what kind of prices they are offering, but at least I am able to give an example of prices and by taking a random product named Pramiracetam (found in Cognitive category) I can say that 100 capsules of 300 mg would cost you 59 USD. Either is that a good price or not I am not very sure. Due to the fact that they are not selling FDA approved medications, the pharmacy doesn’t have any products for which to require a prescription.

AbsorbYourHealth.com Shipping and payment methods

On their Returns and Shipping page, I found information suggesting that they are offering international shipping and due to the fact that I couldn’t find information to which countries they ship (or to which they do not ship) I assume they ship world wide. I couldn’t find information suggesting what are the shipping fees but I did found information that they are offering a single shipping method which is USPS First Class and although they said that they are not responsible for how quickly they deliver packages, usually it takes anywhere within 3 business days to arrive and within 2 weeks for international orders to arrive. The accepted payments include only major credit cards and that’s it.

AbsorbyourHealth.com Customer Support Service

To get in touch with this online pharmacy can be done by the phone number which is listed on the site as soon as you enter their main page. Except for calling them you’re also able to use the mailing system at their headquarters. It seems that these are all the methods to get in touch which to my opinion is not enough, only if excluding the fact that you, assumingly, could write them on social media pages and there they might answer you.

AbsorbYourHealth.com Coupon Codes

Upon *proceed to checkout* I found out that you can click *on coupon* and a coupon code take5 is going to be added and therefore, you are going to receive a 5 % discount off your total order sum. That’s very good! except for the coupon code, the pharmacy claims that if you’re going to order in time, your order is going to get shipped today! One last thing is that this pharmacy claims to be offering free USA shipping for orders over 75 USD! By subscribing to their newsletter you also can get special loyalty coupons and others.

AbsorbYourHealth.com Reviews

Absorb Health seems to be good by analyzing only their website, but that’s what it goes for nearly all pharmacies and that’s why customer reviews are so important as they often make us realize that by far not all those *good looking pharmacies* are reliable. By searching for customer reviews, I only re confirmed this. in fact, the customer reviews did because I found a few reviews on facebook, nootropedia and a reddit discussion. Although there are more positive reviews than negative on facebook, everyone else on other sites confirm that *Absorb Health is a shady waste of time*. Another person said that he ordered a product Pramiracetam and another product with Ginseng. None of them had Pramiracetam nor Ginseng. Thanks to good customer reviews I would guess the pharmacy is sending products, but they are not always good and not to everyone.


I am going to rate AbsorbYourHealth.com with a rate of 2 out of 5 and that’s because there are some positive reviews, otherwise I would have rated it with the lowest rate possible since most customer reviews recommend to stay away from it. Those who want to risk with their health and money can order here, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so and I definitely will not.

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