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Abeewell.com is an online pharmacy which claims to sell generic drugs online and because, as they mentioned on their website, the *generics allow all people to get affordable treatment*. This is indeed sometimes true. Anyway, I’ve tried to find more information about the pharmacy itself and I didn’t find when they have started their business, but the information on copyright there’s *2016* so I am not sure if that means they have opened a year ago or not. As for the pharmacy’s location: Charkop, Kandivali, Mumai, India and an exact address listed on their website. So this seems to be an Indian online pharmacy and the company name is: Partner(s) of Ghevarsha International. The website itself seems to be well made and user friendly, or at least that what it seems like.

Selection of medications and prices on Abeewell.net

As soon as you enter the website you can see the following categories of medications: antibiotics, men’s health and women’s health and there also *more* when you can see a big list of other health categories like anti depressants, hair loss, gastrointestinal, diabetes and many others. So selection of drugs doesn’t seem to have any problems with many drugs that you can find here. Clicking on Men’s Health category I’ve been given a list of 8 products, none of which is brand, therefore I assume that all the medication you can find here are generics only. But I am not sure if this applies to all drugs in other health categories. In Men’s health you can see generic Cialis, generic Levitra, generic Viagra and some others like Kamagra, generic Flomax, Propecia and Proscar which are also generics. According to the information I can see on this website, the lowest prices per pill for the most famous ones are: 1.33 USD for Cialis, 1.56 USD for Levitra and 0.72 USD for Viagra. To be honest there are not the best prices compared to other online pharmacies, nevertheless they are still pretty good. Abeewell.net needs you to send a valid prescription for them to start sending your prescription medications you find on this website.

ABeeWell.net shipping and payment options

There are, as usual, 2 shipping options: regular which costs $0 and I am not sure if that’s a current offer or anything, but it has a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks and usually it cannot be tracked. This option is used to ship orders world wide, they do not ship only to some Asian countries. The second option is Courier service (EMS) which usually can be tracked, it costs 20 USD and has a delivery time of 5 to 8 days, but this service isn’t available world wide. As in regards to the payment methods, this online pharmacy seems to accept bank card and Bitcoin. The best thing is that they accept any given bank card so you can use whatever bank card you want, not only visa and master card and plus you can use bitcoin as well.

Customer Support on abeewell.net

This online pharmacy has a toll free number shown as soon as you enter the website so you could call that number in case you have questions. I went on their contact us page and I saw there some other methods to get in touch with the pharmacy: except for US toll free number, there are 2 other phone numbers and even a third one which you would contact the pharmacy’s office. Except for calling you can get in touch with them by email and my favorite way: via live chat.

Is Abeewell.net a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Abeewell.net Coupon codes

As I said earlier, the regular shipping was offered for free although my shopping cart was only 45 USD and I am not sure if that’s offered to everyone or there’s something that you need to do to get free shipping. Except this, they have discounts the more you order so you get discounts by ordering more. One last thing that I have noticed is the fact that they are offering a coupon code that you can use on the checkout page in order to get 5% off any purchase. Except for this I have not seen any other facilities that can make you save money, maybe only except for the fact that they are accepting refunds in case there’s something wrong with the medications or you simply don’t like how they work for you.

Abeewell.net Customer Reviews

I’ve tried to check for what other people say about this online pharmacy because they are the ones who can actually judge the pharmacy at its real rate. However I have failed to find any. There are absolutely no customer reviews anywhere online and this makes me wonder if there are actually people who have ever ordered something? What I appreciate about this online pharmacy is the fact that they DO NOT have testimonials on the website. Other people might think that I am crazy for saying this, however for me those testimonials are nothing more than lies and compared to this online pharmacy, so far I haven’t seen any lies about this pharmacy. According to scamadviser.com it indeed has less than a year which means their copyright information was right and since the pharmacy might be new, that’s why it has no customer reviews. But not lying about testimonials and the time when they have been opened doesn’t mean, of course, that we can have full trust in this pharmacy, and that’s especially taking in consideration the fact that the site is Russia based and that’s a high risk involving country.


This online pharmacy seems to be new on the market and I guess this is the reason why it doesn’t actually have customer reviews anywhere online. It has moderate prices with moderately good deals but since it has no customer reviews I wouldn’t want to risk with my money to be the first one. Plus to that, site is in a high risk involving country. So far I rate it with 2 out of 5 but I might change my rate if customer reviews would appear!

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