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The online pharmacy which seems to be worth it at the first sight is and the reason why I said that it seems worth it because of their seals which are the first things that I have noticed when entering their front page. There are seals suggesting that this pharmacy is CIPA accredited and approved and top rated pharmacy. As much as we can understand from its name, this is an online pharmacy for pets and while you’re not going to be able to find any drugs for yourself, you can find some medications for your little friend. According to the information on about page, they claim to be offering the lowest prices for the medicines that your pet needs so you can save money while purchasing drugs for your pet. They assume that all these pet medications are FDA approved drugs so there is no need for you to worry about its safeness. They claim to have more than 10 years of experience in the online pharmacy industry and if that’s good that’s indeed a good thing. You can find them on their Twitter page but the exact address of the pharmacy is in Canada, Surrey, BC. We could conclude that it is a Canadian pharmacy since it is a CIPA approved pharmacy (I went on and I saw that this is indeed true). Plus I saw another seal suggesting that they are a IPABC approved pharmacy either. This is all very good.

Selection of medications and prices at

Unfortunately, I am not able to comment on the prices for drugs for pets as I am not familiar with these drugs or with their prices, however I will try to just give you some example of prices so I hope that this would be helpful. As in regards to the selection of medications I see they are offering meds categorized for: dogs, cats, farm animals and small animals. As much as it seems, in any of these categories there seems to be a lot of different drugs and on there’s information suggesting there are over 500 drugs which all means that the selection of drugs is really wide. There seems to be generic and brand forms and there seems to be medications which can be obtained only with a prescription. Just to give example of prices: prednisone for dogs 20 mg 90 tablets (generic) would cost you 35 USD. There’s also brand Mobic (seemingly for cats) where 90 tablets of 15 mg per tablet would cost 137 USD but 90 tablets of 7.5 mg per tablet would cost you 106 USD. As I have already mentioned, I am not sure if these are cheap/ expensive prices for these medications.

Shipping and payment methods

There’s a shipping fee of 5 USD for each order (but additional charges can apply for overweight or for refrigerated packages). The delivery shipping timeframe is anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks for your items. They are only offering a single shipping option as there are not any other methods to choose from and they are also not offering shipping outside of Canada and USA. I couldn’t find information suggesting if they do offer online tracking or not. On their Frequently Asked Questions page there is information suggesting that they are accepting the following payment methods: personal checks, echecks, certified cheques as well as international money orders and, obviously, via credit cards as well.

Customer Support Department

As I have mentioned it a little bit earlier, you can follow them on their Twitter account (which I can assume that if you’re going to write them there you’re still going to get a response) and plus to that, I also mentioned that they have shared an exact address where you can write a mail if you would want to. But for faster/ traditional ways of talking with them you could use their toll free phone number (they talk only English), you could use their fax number, their email or contact form (both of which are technically the same). There’s another phone number of people wishing to speak in Spanish. Make sure to call them in the business hours.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

To be honest, I got seriously disappointed by seeing the fact that there are no coupon codes offered by the pharmacy and generally there doesn’t seem to be anything offered by the pharmacy at all except for the fact that the shipping is offered for free for orders which exceeds the sum of 99 USD. But except for this free shipping policy there doesn’t seem to be anything else at all like coupon codes, free pills, discounts for returning customers or anything in this matter. Reviews

Although I have found only 2 customer reviews and another person simply rating the pharmacy on Facebook without writing anything, this is all enough for me to have a conclusion about this pharmacy. On BBB (Better Business Bureau) there’s a customer review which is negative with Catherine saying that had an extremely unpleasant experience with the pharmacy and will never use them because they are moving extremely slow and said that they have taken her money and after that said that they cannot send medications and will refund her (which takes even more time). On there’s another customer review by Jason who said that the customer service is extremely poor and lastly, on Facebook there’s Daniel who, without saying anything, rated this pharmacy with 1 out of 5. With such reviews and such rates I guess that this is all enough to make a conclusion (not mentioning the fact that on there are more problems such as: owner uses a service to hide their identity, a malware has been detected for this website and it is unapproved internet pharmacy by


Scam warning websites like and both recommend to stay away from this online pharmacy because they have noticed there’s something wrong with the pharmacy, but except for these, the people who already had experiences with this pharmacy also recommends to stay away from it. Why would I recommend otherwise? I also think that stay away from might be a good idea and the reason I rate it with 2 and not 1 out of 5 is because it is a CIPA and approved pharmacy.

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