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365WorldStoreRXs.com | 365 World Store RXs Reviews & CouponsAnother online pharmacy which seems to be very familiar to me is 365worldstorerxs.com and this online pharmacy seems so familiar to me due to the fact that I have previously seen the design of this website somewhere else on other online pharmacy (or maybe on even multiple pharmacies). And although this is a user friendly interface where everything is easily accessible and can easily navigate through it, the fact that it is used somewhere else might not be a good sign. Anyway, you can change the language and the currency here so this function is really good in my opinion for foreign customers. Some important things to mention here is the online pharmacy’s promises which are: safe and all secure payments, money back guaranteed in case something goes wrong, safe and highest quality of generic drugs, fast and free delivery as well as free pills with every single order. Also they claim to have the best prices on the internet. These are extremely good claims which I just hope that they are true. This online pharmacy claims to be headquartered in Czech Republic, or at least the company which runs this pharmacy seems to be located there. They also claims to have 7 years in the business and that’s very good because it is quite hard to have trust in new online pharmacies that just have opened up their doors due to high number of scam pharmacies out there.

365wolrdstorerxs.com Selection of Medications with their Prices

This pharmacy seems to be focused in selling erectile dysfunction medications, that’s what I could conclude by browsing the website a little bit. This is because of a number of things and I can say one of them: it is among their bestsellers. The erectile dysfunction category of drugs seems to be very wide with many medications including the Viagra both generic and brand and the same thing goes for Cialis and Levitra with many other forms including many other medications. But there are overall other types of drugs, drugs for: sleep aid, pain relief, heart disease, asthma, anxiety, depression etc. When an online pharmacy has a wide selection of drugs that a very good thing, in my opinion. But it is also important if the prices are good and they do seem to be so as you can get generic Viagra 90 pills 50 mg pill for 130 USD which is 1.45 USD per pill. Although that’s not the best price for generic Viagra 90 pills 50 mg per pill compared to other online pharmacies, that’s still fine. The prices are similar to all other drugs. 365worldstorerxs.com seems to require a prescription before ordering prescription drugs.

Shipping and payment methods 365worldstorerxs.com

Although there are 2 shipping options available, only the airmail option is available world wide. The second shipping option which is EMS is only available in certain countries. The Airmail option costs 15 USD, it doesn’t have online tracking and has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 4 weeks. The second option which is EMS, as I mentioned, has a delivery timeframe of up to 14 days and it does have online tracking, however it costs 10 USD more than airmail – 25 USD. If you want delivery insurance that’s going to be having an added fee. They are accepting 2 payment methods: credit cards (American express, visa and master card) and bitcoin. These seem to be all the payment methods available.

Customer Support Department 365worldstorerxs.com

As most other online pharmacies you can get in touch with customer support by going to their checkout page and writing your enquiry indicating your email where they promise to contact you back. Except for contact form on their website you can use their phone numbers (either US or EU number) for calling them and talking on phone. You can call them 24/7 as they claim to be online without business hours. It would be amazing if they would also have live chat function which unfortunately it is not.

Coupon Codes 365worldstorerxs.com

You are able to get savings by ordering more pills as the prices per pill is getting lower if you buy more pills here. Besides saving money by ordering pills in bulk, you can also save money by ordering more than 200 USD or 300 USD because the shipping is offered for free this way (airmail for more than 200 USD and EMS for more than 300 USD). Plus to these 2, the pharmacy offers free bonus pills (ed pills) with every order. One last thing is the discount code which you can apply and therefore you would get a discount on your order sum, but I can assume that this discount code is offered to those people who have previously ordered from this pharmacy.

365worldstorerxs.com Reviews

There is a page on the website with testimonials from, claimable, people who have already ordered from this pharmacy and they have an experience with it. However, to be honest, I don’t trust those testimonials, firstly because most testimonials are fakes written to manipulate with people’s opinions and beliefs and secondly because those testimonials are familiar to me, meaning they are copied from somewhere else. I checked for customer reviews on independent websites as they are much more trustworthy, however I was not able to find a single one. Going to scamadviser.com to get some advises, I realized why. The website has been created less than a month ago, how can a less than month old site have so many customer reviews? Except for it being a brand new website, the website involves a high risk country: Russian Federation, it has a high number of suspicious websites on the server and plus the owner uses a service to hide their identity.


Having trust in an online pharmacy with so many alarming factors would most likely end you up in having your money stolen and no medications sent. I don’t trust pharmacies with no customer reviews on independent websites and especially when owners are hiding their identities all along with all the reasons I previously mentioned here. Therefore I am going to rate it with 1 out of 5.

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