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365worldstorerxd.com is an online pharmacy which I have found in the time I was searching for a reliable place where I can get my erectile dysfunction medications. Since the website and its design seemed to be worth taking a look at, I decided I would write a review about this pharmacy today in hopes it will help both me and everyone else reading this finding out whether is it worth purchasing here your medications or not. The pharmacy claims to have safe and high quality medications, a customer support that works 24/7, their payments are claimed to be safe and secure, they have money back guarantee policy and few deals and special offers. All of this is good and so I tried to find out more information about the pharmacy. According to the information I could find, the pharmacy is having over 7 years of experience online and therefore they are offering a 100% delivery guarantee. Plus to that, according to the information on contact page, the pharmacy is run by Europharm Group Inc. with headquarters in Czech Republic. The pharmacy claims to offer shipment world wide of the best quality medications at the lowest prices.

Selection of medications and what are the prices for those medications on 365WorldStoreRXD.com

According to the categories of medications this pharmacy has, there should be a lot of different medications and that’s because analyzing those categories, some of the medications are: anxiety, allergies, birth control, blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, antibiotics and a big number of other products as well. Although I couldn’t find what’s the number of medications they have in the drugstore, I assume there should be a lot of them. A lot of medications are also found in Erectile Dysfunction category of medications with a number of 30+ medications. Among them I can mention that they have Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in both generic and brand forms. Besides those there are a lot of other medications and forms such as: Viagra jelly, Cialis professional, tadalis, kamagra, zenegra and many many other medications. In order to give an example of prices: Cialis 20 mg generic would be anywhere between 1.42 USD and 3.55 USD per pill depending on the quantity with the highest – 360 pills and lowest 10 pills. Honestly, these aren’t the best prices, but they are still really good. Same thing goes for all other medications out there, or at least those in ED category, that’s why I assume the prices, are pretty much the same for all medications you can find in their drugstore. This pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription.

Shipping and payment details 365worldstorerxd.com

There’s absolutely nothing new on the shipping methods as there are 2 standard options: standard airmail which has a flat fee of 15 USD, they accept orders worldwide via this shipping methods, but it has a shipping time of 2 to 4 weeks and it doesn’t have an online tracking. The second option as usual is EMS (express) shipping which cannot be used in all countries world wide and it costs more – 25 USD, however this shipping does have an online tracking and delivery time is up to 10 days. Delivery insurance has an extra fee. Payments, again, as usual – credit cards and only the most famous ones like VISA, Master Card and American Express.  Another payment method is Bitcoin.

365worldstorerxd.com customer support

What I like about this pharmacy’s customer support is that, as I mentioned it a bit earlier, their customer support is believed to be there for you 24/7, or at least that’s the pharmacy’s claim. With this being said, it should be easy to get in touch with the pharmacy in case you have questions or anything that might make you need getting in touch with them. you can do it by calling on one of the 2 phone numbers listed on the website or by filling up the contact form. There’s no live chat function.

Is 365worldstorerxd.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

365worldstorerxd.com coupon codes

When I’ve started this review, I said that this pharmacy is offering a couple of deals and special offers, that’s what I have seen as soon as I have entered this website’s main page: fast and what’s more importantly FREE delivery as well as free pill with every order. So well, the pharmacy offers 2 pills of generic ED medications, they are offering free shipping for orders more than 200 USD as well as free traceable shipping for orders more than 300 USD. In addition to that, people who ordered from them should receive a discount code which should give them a discount for their further orders. One last thing that I can mention is, as I said, ordering in bunk, would give you discounts. That’s pretty much it as they do not have coupon codes.

Customer reviews about 365worldstorerxd.com

I’ve tried to find for customer reviews on foreign/ independent websites and yet, I haven’t found a single customer review anywhere online. To be honest, that’s something really strange for me to see that there are no customer reviews about this online pharmacy and that’s due to the fact that according to both scamner.com and according to scamadviser.com – 365worldstorerxd.com has a decent popularity meaning that it has lots of visitors. And yet, the pharmacy failed to obtain at least a single customer review anywhere online and that’s really strange, an online pharmacy with lots of visitors – no reviews. The pharmacy’s website offers their testimonials but since I don’t believe in the testimonials’ authenticity I didn’t even wanted to read them. What’s making me wary about this website are 3 different things: no customer reviews, no trust from scam warning engines (scamner gave it a trust of 0% and scamadviser = 12%) and site may be from Russia – I high risk involving country.


There are no customer reviews but the website has good prices and good offers and deals so I’m tempted to buy, but not sure if it’s worth it. But due to the fact that scam warning engines have not trust in this online pharmacy and due to the fact that the site may be based from a high risk involving country – Russia, I would say that buying here is simply too risky. For these reasons I rate it with 2 out of 5 and the only reason why I don’t rate it with 1 is because there are no customer reviews confirming that it is a scam online pharmacy.

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